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A space opera and thought exercise for the avid science-fiction reader, "Departure" explores mankind's greatest test against an adversary of their own creation: self-replicating drones that threaten humanity's very existence after a malfunction spirals their growth rate out of control. Installation of the first-ever Dyson Sphere goes awry when a world-shattering mistake threatens Corina-189 and its host star, Elnath. Humanity faces an unthinkable terror when the self-replicating drones forming its shell malfunction, tearing away inexorably across the galaxy, devouring all energy in its path. A young commander struggles to lead a fractured civilization in a fight for victory against a new, infinite enemy amidst a brutal war for planetary control. Will they find salvation? Or will mankind run forever through the stars?

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Money Management For Kids


Money Management for Kids:

Learning About Money for Kids #1

....Do you want to bequeath your children the right money management skills and set them up for financial stability and success in adulthood, but do you not know how to go about it without confusing them?

And are you looking for a step-by-step guide that will take the uncertainty away and show you how you can successfully take your kids through prudent money management skills?

If you’ve answered YES,

Let this book show you how you can successfully impart financial literacy skills to your children!

We all know it; our kids are likely to grow up to become the people we teach them to become – at least that’s what every parent/guardian wants. There is one aspect that we are failing as a society, though; teaching our kids about money. Even at school, they don’t teach personal financial management.

Because modern society really revolves around money, failing to teach them money skills is really just setting them up for a life of financial struggles!

You are here means you don’t want your kids to struggle with finances – to learn financial literacy when it is already too late. It means you want to equip your next generation with financial literacy skills for a stable, disciplined, and successful financial life in adulthood and possibly have all manner of questions in your mind…

How early should you start teaching your kids about money matters?

What if, as a parent, you are in a financial mess yourself-will your kids trust you?

Who else can teach children financial literacy apart from parents?

How can you instill confidence and discipline in your kids concerning money matters?

These and other related questions have been exhaustively explored in this book and the other books in this series, “Learning about Money for Kids,” so keep reading to know how to equip your children with financial literacy the right way!

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Available in English, Spanish, German, and French.

Part of a Series that include

Budgeting for Kids

Investing for Kids

Entrepreneurship for Kids

Saving for Kids

Give Save Spend for Kids

Buying Stock for Kids

Making your Dreams a Reality for Kids

Manifesting Money for Kids

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Introduction to TinyML



Introduction to TinyML

Introduction to TinyML (aka Tiny Machine Learning) is ML or AI (aka Artificial Intelligence) running in small devices like a "genie in a bottle". And the fun thing about this book is it talks about fun gadgets like person detection on $20 devices that can be made smart by grandma or a elementary schooler with a FREEly available no-code platform in a few clicks or touch buttons. For instance, a 8 year old can build "hey google" smart speaker (aka keyword spotting) in less than 10 minutes, just by saying "keyword" a few times.

Make no mistake, author is a super technocrat and author of deep tech software like and founder of two companies. He built the AI and ML technology targeted towards devices with small formfactor like microcontrollers, which are part of all sorts of household devices: think appliances, cars, and toys. In fact, there are around 30 billion microcontroller-powered devices produced each year. They're cheap, require very little energy, and are very reliable.

By bringing deep learning models to tiny microcontrollers, we can boost the intelligence of billions of devices that we use in our lives, without relying on expensive hardware or reliable internet connections. Imagine smart appliances that can adapt to your daily routine, intelligent industrial sensors that understand the difference between problems and normal operation, and magical toys that can help kids learn in fun and delightful ways.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

What's So Great About Books Anyway?


What's So Great About Books Anyway?

There is nothing good about books! At least that’s what Sam thinks. Sam has never been a great reader, but a special librarian shows him that doesn’t mean that he should just give up! As Sam’s self-esteem and confidence grow the black and white world of literature opens up to a world bursting with color all because he is trying.

This book is a great tool to show children that if they try they can do many things. This book is also designed to promote acceptance, inclusion, and understanding through the various characters and illustrations. Follow Sam through his journey as he discovers the wonderful world of reading in this wonderfully illustrated story!

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MIND: A Story About Depression And Its Impact On Life



A Story About Depression And Its Impact On Life

A personal development book about taking active steps in overcoming depression.

This is a true story of inspiration, self-discovery, and courage!

In a world where depression and related mental disorder are becoming rampant, author Kai Norton provides a personal, touching and insightful look at its effects, so you can learn from his experiences and get clarity and understanding of the battles, struggles and successes of someone dealing with it every day.

Combining clear narrative and vivid descriptions, this book will help you understand the essential aspects of depression and the mindset that will help you on your journey to prevent, avoid and overcome the devastating effects of depression. It is time to take your life back!

“It was nerve wrecking. I again tried to somehow postpone it. I even waited an hour, maybe I will feel better about it, But nothing.

I woke up at 10am and till like 19:00pm I was postponing it. Then I knew I needed to say it. Tomorrow was not an option because I knew there was no tomorrow for me if I don’t say it.

Then finally I said mom and dad I have something to tell you. They were both sitting and said what is it. We never talked about that stuff and also, I never did something like this so they knew it was something important, but I knew they did not ever imagine something like this. I did not know how to start.

I said like I have something important to tell you and then it was just followed by "aahs" and "hmms" and then I said, “I don’t know how to tell you this” and again when I decided to say it, the words would not come out…”

An eye-opening and captivating story from the very first page, MIND: A Story About Depression and Its Impact on Life.

Kai Norton opens up and shares his personal story, leaving a touching legacy for overcoming depression and live life on your terms.

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Also Available on Kindle Unlimited

Monday, August 15, 2022

Word Search Puzzle for Adults & Teens


Word Search Puzzle for Adults & Teens

2000 words: LARGE PRINT. Free bonus puzzles included.

  • Large-print puzzles & solutions
  • Free extra 25 Bonus Puzzles included
  • Hours of mental stimulation.
  • Stress-relieving word search entertainment.
  • Interesting themes.
  • It's easy to tear out because of the big margins.
  • Never before published puzzles
  • Solutions Included.

Do you love word search puzzles?

We have the perfect word search puzzle for you! This one is compiled with modern themes and has over 2000 different words to find. You won’t be able to put it down!

With a difficulty rating of 3/5, this word search puzzle is perfect for adults and teens who want a challenge. Find all the words in the grid and become a master of word searches.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing


Edinburgh, Scotland the 1980s. Calum Robertson leaves the Isle of Skye to start his nursing course in Edinburgh. With arms wide open he embraced all the temptations the Capital City had to offer. His story is a love letter to Skye, Edinburgh, Music and Nursing. Follow him through the good times, the great times and the high times. Calum had the city in the palm of his hands what could possibly go wrong?

An authentic account of being a twenty something guy in the 80s. Life, love and the music that mattered.