Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Amy, The Story of a Coram Founding

Amy is left as a three week-old baby in 1784 in Coram's Foundling Hospital -an institute for unwanted babies in Bloomsbury. She is raised in the harsh and austere conditions until at aged 14 she is sent to work as a servant for the aristocratic Lady Bessborough in Cavendish Square.
She becomes the maid of Lady Bessborough's mentally unstable daughter Lady Caroline Lamb, and she witnesses first hand the opulent and decadent Regancy 'haute ton'.
As Amy grows into a woman, she embarks on many adventures and love affairs, including working for the eccentric poet Lord Byron. Then after years of serving others she finally finds the courage to defy convention and find love and happiness for herself. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

All The Ways You Can Face The Sky

​Farlo Ben Truman is an American author who writes about human connection. After certain high-stress events in his life, he was prescribed anti-anxiety medications—benzos—as are millions of people around the world. Nobody told him it was intended for short-term use only. His central nervous system crashed and he ended up in rehab for detoxification.
 All the Ways You Can Face the Sky is a story inspired by the people he met who, like him, were battling with themselves, not just chemical addiction. In Farlo Ben Truman’s own words, “One of the first things they tell you in rehab is that 90 percent of the addicts—especially young people—are destined to fail and relapse.”
Similar to an actor developing a persona, Truman is a character writer, as opposed to a plot writer. His characters are regular people who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances due to their addictions. The story creates itself around the complex threads that tie everything together.
 All the Ways You Can Face the Sky is about forgiveness of yourself and other people. Truman, like the characters in his novel and millions of people around the world, suffers from loss and grief—whether it’s the breakdown of a marriage, the passing of a loved one, or simply feeling alone. He was disheartened by the high percentage of relapse, especially among young adults, because they either don’t have the proper support system, or know how to utilize it. Everyone can be scared about starting over again and therefore fall back into the darkness they already know. This complex reality is just beginning to be addressed in the United States.
 Farlo Ben Truman reminds us that we’re all just looking for home.
-Miles Rockefeller is a troubled young man—raised in multiple foster homes—with no patience for the folly of other people, surviving from one moment to the next by numbing himself to oblivion. But when he meets another broken in-patient named Sawyer, his life is permanently altered by a senseless crime that shatters not just their own lives, and their unknowing victim, but everyone else in their path.
All the Ways You Can Face the Sky is a Bildungsroman novel, a coming-of-age story about grief, forgiveness, and human connection, which will resonate long after you turn the last page.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Unsold Child

In the murky world where children are bought and sold, what happens to the ones left on the shelf. 
This is just one of the questions that Detective Inspector Mike Deverson has to answer when he is called on to investigate a grisly double murder. The further he delves into the murdered couple lives the more he finds that nothing is as it seems. It looks like someone is playing games. Can he get to the truth and stop the murderer before they can strike again?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Points of Possibility

Points of Possibility: 

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror short stories: A collection of sci-fi, fantasy and horror short stories

A collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and strange stories

Ranked #1 Best Seller in two categories (UK rankings Sept. 2016)

"I bought the book immediately!" - Home Studio (Vine Voice reviewer).
"I'm glad to have discovered another writer to follow!" - Dean. M. Watts.

A collection of nine short stories from the imagination of best selling British author, Norman Turrell, ranging from science fiction, fantasy, horror and purely strange tales.

Science Fiction: Change of Mind - A villainous corporate tycoon undergoes a new nanobot surgery to enhance himself.

Steampunk: Steam Pressure - A steampunk tale of political activists in old London town.

Science Fiction: It Came From Pluto - An unmanned mission to Pluto has strange effects on the research team leader.

Fantasy: Court - Intrigue in a dysfunctional fantasy castle.

Science Fiction: Restart - An online fantasy world brings two gamers together.

Strange: From the Grave to the Grave - The strange tale of a man who spends his life in graveyards.

Strange: Paranoia - Rich has difficulty coping with his world.

Horror: Little Angel - A father believes he is looking after his new born child.

Horror: The Muse - An American writer visits Ireland for inspiration but finds something else.

Bonus material:

Excerpt from 'Alice in Virtuality'
Stories from Andrew Lennon, Leo McBride, and Val Tobin.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Stolen Generation

Between 1972 and 1993 the Global Sector Council forced single mothers to have abortions.When those babies were aborted, their souls were stolen and attached to lab made children. Those children, together with a group known as the Rebellion are now fighting back. Freya 'Freddie' Faith Raner takes us on a whirlwind adventure as she and her soul sister search for their soul mother, look to over throw the global government, and make friends, and enemies, along the way. 

A dystopian novel set in a parallel universe which split from our own timeline in the aftermath of the Second World War. Utopia isn't all that it seems, in a world where religion has been abolished, LGBT people have rights the world over, and food, shelter, and education are taken as given.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Transitions - Nobody's Perfect

“Transitions” is an inspirational book written about forgiveness, divorce, abandonment, loneliness, communication and bonding involving a father-daughter relationship. “Transitions” gives the main characters of Sheldon and Kari full control on expressing their feelings on many topics discussed throughout this novel.