Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Frankenstein meets The Borrowers.

Coriander, a collectible Blythe doll, is brought to life through Frankenstein-ian science and animal guts. She's happy, living a reclusive life inside the walls of batty Moira Cake's house.

But the arrival of a monster, a vicious street cat with a bad reputation, brings pushy outsiders that force Coriander out of her home. Coriander soon discovers there are more dangers lurking within the home she's trying so hard to get back to, than the perils she imagined the outsiders posed.

Flocks of witches, mailmen playing dress up, and fantastical beasts speckle this story with wonder and humor.

Let yourself in on the secret in this highly anticipated debut rife with lovable characters brought to life through a series of odd and charming adventures.

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