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Books of the Week - July 30, 2017 - Reading is So Hot Right Now

Book of the Week - July 30, 2017

Life wasn't so great when you didn't have much of a relationship with your parents or the ability to play street games while growing up in the fifties. You would rather be secluded in your lonely room, using your imagination to write stories and draw comic books than to be drowned in negativity by your mother or humiliated by your peers. All of this can change for Jimmy Yadenik when he meets Johnny, his soon to be mentor and member of the Vandals, a street gang, and he applies for membership. But the transition won't be easy.

Are you looking at your life through positive thinking? 

After facing a lot of negative relationships and/or being accused of being a negative source, I felt the need to do a thorough selfexamination by looking at myself in the mirror to see where my faults were. I needed to discover how I could include this self-examination in my daily walk without being sidetracked. I needed to stay on a positive track and move to the next level in life. I needed to stop slipping through the cracks of depression, low self-esteem, insecurity, and fear. All of these things threatened my spiritual foundation. By praying, studying God‟s word, and applying it to my everyday life, and its challenges, I am now able to build up my spiritual house and look at myself in the mirror with confidence.

"Sander has written a great novel that is comparable to the action and strength of the Game of Thrones and Hunger Games series but stands on its own for its creativity and execution." - Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

Lizzie is a typical sixteen year old girl whose world is shattered in a terrible car crash in northern Canada.

Senka is a woman with no memories. She endures constant torture in the dungeons of Solias. As her once peaceful and bright mind is twisted and warped with pain, only one thought remains: Vengeance.
Armend is the smooth-talking Head of Peace on the King’s council in Langundo’s capitol city Solias. He wants the ruthless Melanthios tribe, a people who live in the forest, dead. Only with their mass genocide can his dreams for a greater Solias be realized.

Queen Anita finds herself trapped in a life she didn’t want, making sacrifices she was never prepared to make. She’s fighting tooth and nail against the rising tide of violence.

When the worlds of Lizzie, Senka, Armend and the Queen collide, the explosion of violence, betrayal and bloodshed ensures that Langundo will never be the same.

Pulse is a fast-paced novel that continually asks a single question: What would you be willing to die for? 

More great books to check out!

A vow of revenge. A devious plot. Fiery lust. A fate worse than death. Will the King of the Fae Realm survive the Incubus's curse?

Firefighter Gabriel Marshall wants to know two things: why has he agreed to take Sophie Wheeler on a four-day hike, and how will he hide the fact that fate has matched the guy who can’t even read a newspaper with the smartest woman in town?

This semi-satiric erotic novel is based on the true story of a 68-year-old man who can talk a woman into an orgasm without touching her in any way, but evolves far beyond that premise in 14 sex-and-laugh-filled chapters.  Along the lines of Christopher Guest's movie "A Mighty Wind" and his others.

In the Sixties, simple mistakes could have grave consequences. Josh Duffy makes one such mistake and pays an incredible price.

the comic urban fantasy about turkeys that can't be killed!  Follow us on Facebook Twitter:   Visit our web page for a FREE excerpt. To read on Amazon, click here.

A story of a young woman who has had a share of trials and tribulations, she cried tears of sorrow for so many years when she was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1998, gang raped in 2008 and lost the father of her unborn child while she was 6 months pregnant due to suicide.      She couldn't pray anymore because she had lost faith in a prayer. The only strong words she could utter every time she cried were "Oh my God" and these words became her transparent handkerchief.

Twin girls separated at birth by a horrible set of circumstances don't know the other exits, but the reader quickly realizes that they always have had a connection that defies explanation. When fate deems to cross their paths, the death, destruction and destiny of each play out in vivid details. This stories ending will have you crying, screaming and joyous in equal measure. 

The novel explores the cross-cultural experiences of three generations of women: the grandmother as a Canadian missionary in West China, the American-born mother behind bars during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the granddaughter’s reunion with her grandmother in the U.S.

Susan decides to take up pottery classes when one of the pottery shop's owners becomes involved in the local town's crime of jewelry theft. Three potters die for greed when Susan's friend pulls her into his own fight in a land of spirits under the same building where the thieves are meeting. Susan finds herself running from an angry witch, a drug lord, and a murderer only to be saved by the odd mix of spirits who live beneath.

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