Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Mommy Got Here Groove Back

A rule-abiding good girl, Rebecca Undem spent many nights of her youth dreaming of the hustle and exhilaration of a big city, where she would dash to meetings in a sharp business suit, wielding an over-priced coffee and a name-brand briefcase.

Years later, she finds herself returning to her hometown in rural North Dakota (more than seventy miles from the nearest Target) to help with the family business. While juggling a stroller full of kids and a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, Rebecca questions everything she thought she knew about herself.

Personal, endearing and honest, How Mommy Got Her Groove Back takes you on Rebecca’s journey of self-discovery, liberation from the expectations of others, and confidence to redefine success. 
Who knows? You might even stumble upon your own groove.

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