Thursday, December 9, 2021

Oh, to be Different!


Oh, to be Different! is a children's book inspired by the author's personal story. She grew up with a rare auto-immune condition that limited her physical abilities. This book follows the story of Sally and shows the importance of accepting people for who they are and their flaws. This passion project is a must read for any parent that wants to help their children become kinder and more accepting of other's unique qualities. It shows the power of friendship & love. This a short and impactful read with an activity section at the end to engage your young ones!


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Foundational Black American Race Baiter

Foundational Black American Race Baiter:

My Journey Into Understanding Systematic Racism

Racism is the most powerful system on the planet, yet it is often perceived as the most taboo subject to discuss.

In this book, Foundational Black American Race Baiter, world-renowned influencer Tariq Nasheed gives his honest and sometimes controversial perspective on race relations. Nasheed, was born in Detroit Michigan, and raised as a youth in Birmingham Alabama. But he spent much of his life, including his "truly formative years" in Los Angeles. 

Foundational Black American Race Baiter chronicles his experiences growing up in these different environments, and how these experiences shaped Nasheed's understanding of systematic racism.

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Foundational Black American Race Baiter

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The Diary of a Manic OCD Bookseller


The Diary of a Manic OCD Bookseller

If you like quirky psychology true stories check out my book below. I met Bob Dylan and Pierce Brosnan who bought my book and many other famous Celebs along with the wild and unpredictable homeless and street people during my encounters while plugging my book. All while living in my car. Ended up with a best seller and a movie option. Make a good Christmas present. Ten bucks in books and 99cents on Kindle. Oscar Winner Mel Brooks and actor Larry Hankin (Mr. Heckles on Friends, Seinfeld, etc.) have blurbs on the back cover!

The Pebble Champion


The Pebble Champion: A Novel

This is the story of 15-year-old Chris Elliot who tries to piece his life back together after the death of his mother in a car crash. During the day, as he begins his new life at the coast with his estranged father and makes friends at the new school, Chris puts on a brave face. But at night, when his dreams become more and more unsettling, he finds himself forced to face his grief head on, and has to grapple with some very uncomfortable truths.

The Pebble Champion is a novel about dealing with grief, with guilt, with the pain of not having anyone to tell the truth to. But it is also a story about finding ways to understand what it means to be alive, what it means to have inner strength and why, sometimes, it can be harder to hold on that to let go.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Perfect Penny



In Case I Forget to Tell You

Our children have seen our best and have experienced some of our worse emotions.

We tried to hold it together, but sometime life is too much for us.

Out of habit we pour from an empty cup but here recently, our cup has been too dry to create a single drip of anything.

“Oh my, did I remember to compliment my child today?”

“Did I remember to smile and tell my kiddo how amazing they are before I hurried them off to school?”

In Case I Forget to Tell You is the love letter your child can read daily to affirm their strength, value, and worth. 

Nothing replaces our love, words of affirmation, and voice of confidence,

But in case you’ve lost your footing in affirming the young people in our lives, In Case I Forget to Tell You is a gift reminding your children just how special they are to you.

In Case I Forget to Tell You can be found on Amazon and Kindle stores.

Table Scraps


A phantasmagoric descent into realms supernatural, Daniel King plunges his readers into the inky-black recesses of the human soul, where true horror is born. This dark and deviant werewolf tale spins a web of seduction, lulling readers into its spell before clamping down its jaws with a viciousness impossible to shake loose.

Langley Craft isn’t getting any younger.

Still waiting tables two years after her high school graduation, Langley is desperate to escape her paycheck-to-paycheck grind, hoping to be accepted to an art institute in Los Angeles that would carry her far away from her small town upbringing. And, following the arrival of a mysterious woman hailing from California, it seems Langley’s wish is fated to come true. But there lurks something more sinister in the pair’s fortuitous meeting as Langley begins to realize she may be harboring powers passed on to her at birth.

What begins to emerge is more monstrous than Hell itself.

A devilish fusion of Clive Barker and William S. Burroughs, the gonzo nightmare that is Table Scraps is the audacious debut of novelist Daniel King, the most ruthless sadist to emerge onto the horror scene in decades.


Monday, December 6, 2021

It's Okay to be a Puppy


It's OK to Be a Puppy :

A Children's Book about Loving Who You Are

When a child feels anxious, alone or wonders about being good, read this illustrated book together. This colorful illustrated children's book is a story of a puppy's view of the world through rhyming prose, as the puppy hopes to grow up to be like everyone else. There will be plenty of time for school and chores, but for now, it's OK to be a puppy.<br /> Kids need to be reassured now and again, parents get busy and may not see that things are amiss, or simply want to reassure their young one that he or she is loved just the way they are. <br /> This popular book, It s OK to be a Puppy, sends a message of love and acceptance through illustrations and verse.<br /> A classic bedtime story sure to inspire the imagination, this kid's book features colorfully vibrant illustrations and rhythmic prose that keep the story moving along at a good pace while making each page more delightful than the last. <br /> Perfect for boys and girls of all ages, It s OK to be a Puppy helps encourage kids to learn more about themselves and know that it's only natural to feel a little insecure at times. It s OK!

]Book Details:
Comforting Bedtime Story Book
32-Page Hardcover
Rich and Colorful Illustrations
Ideal for toddlers and children of all ages
Gender Neutral (Boys and Girls)
Easy to Hold Kid Size (8 x 8 )