Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Unicorns Save Christmas


It is a very sad turn of events. Christmas has been called off this year because Santa's elves and reindeer are all sick. My sister and I need to come up with a quick plan to save the holiday for all the good girls and boys. We call our friends the Unicorns and then set off on an incredible adventure to the North Pole and far beyond. Santa is nearly out of time but receives some help he never expected from our magical friends, the Unicorns.


Intelligent Systems


A Unified Intelligence Theory

I wanted to write a book on the basic rules of how all systems work, so I could always remind myself of the rules and never forget them. I approached this by asking, What is intelligence? What are intelligent systems? How do all intelligent systems interact? This book proposes a unified theory of intelligence, where all intelligent systems are unified into a universal philosophical framework. Intelligent Systems: A Unified Intelligence Theory explores Gödel's incompleteness theorems in conjunction with geometric unity to define intelligence. Alexander Ngu provides a completely incomplete explanation for the emergence of intelligence, intelligent systems, and intelligent interactions.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Mom's Guide Applying for Admissions to University of California Campuses

A Mom's Guide Applying for Admission to University of California Campuses (For Gen Z'ers): The Ultimate UC College Application Reference Guide for High Schoolers (and Parents!)

 Do you want to go to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and other UC campuses but are afraid you’ll be rejected because you know people who didn’t get in? Navigating the UC application process is an overwhelming experience for even the brightest of students. As you (or your teen) start applying for admission to UC, it’s easy to be confused by the whole application process, especially because UC campuses receive over 100,000 freshman applications and you only get ONE chance to apply. We’ve heard the competition and horror stories: so-and-so got a 4.0 GPA, president of our class, and she didn’t get into her UC?!

Here’s what this book offers:
  • Why is it so hard to get into a UC? The truth about your UC GPA
  • Why UC no longer requires SAT/ACT scores-- and other factors they look for instead
  • A bulletproof strategy to filling out the Awards/Honors, ECs section so you can stand out from other applicants
  • Why your activities and how you describe them can make or break your application, and how to approach this section best
  • What UC wants to read in your Personal Insight Questions (PIQs)
  • A better understanding of how UC reviews your application so you can fully optimize your chances... and much more!
This Reference Guide is specifically written for Gen Zers and will give you tips on how to approach the UC application. After reading this book, you will get the confidence to increase your chances of getting into a UC. The November filing deadline is approaching soon so get this book! Discover how to give your teen the best shot at applying to UC (and you don’t need to hire that expensive college counselor too!)

Applying to UC schools (University of California, including UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine etc) has been extremely competitive, especially for fall 2021 when UCLA had an admit rate of 10.7%. It's so competitive and hard to get in. Why? Because there is not enough supply for the demand of admission spots. Based on my research, experience as a UC Admissions Reader, College Counselor and Mom, I wrote a book as a reference guide for students applying. I include tips, how to phrase and describe things on your UC application, what UC looks for in your essays and what to say in your application. This is especially geared toward Gen Z, the generation applying to colleges now. From a mom who got all her kids into UC Berkeley, I wanted to help other students navigate the overwhelming UC application process. The online application opens August 1st.

The application process is open online, and you can only submit it Nov. 1-30 before 11:59pm.

A Mom's Guide Applying for Admission to University of California Campuses on Amazon / Kindle 

Jax, Sheba and Velo Make Lunch


Jax, Sheba and Velo Make Lunch 

Jax, the robot, Sheba the cat, and Velo, the dinosaur, are preparing lunch for Velo’s aunty but realise they don't have enough ingredients. So unless they sort something out, there may be no lunch at all!

This children's story explores how to work as a team and that, sometimes, you have to learn how to deal with the unexpected. 

A short, beautifully illustrated picture book designed for ages two to six.

A fun tale to read alone or with others.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Hiding in Plain Sight


Hiding in Plain Sight:

My Life and Adventures Protecting Celebrities

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT – My Life & Adventures Protecting Celebrities is the true story of how a boy with a firm purpose behind his dreams, overcame many personal obstacles, challenges, sacrifices and injuries to forge a life dedicated to ensuring the safety of others When Tom LeBrun was 5 years old he was like most kids his age, full of energy, dreams and imagination galore. But, unlike other kids, young Tom had a stated purpose. He told his Dad that, one-day, like his hero SUPERMAN, "I want to fly around the world protecting people." This purpose and passion created his journey.

Thomas LeBrun has been active within the Executive Protection industry for over 3 decades. often being the advance agent in the world's most dangerous of cities, Mexico City, Johannesburg So. Africa and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil being a few of them. His consistency in his studies both in the physical and academic world has resulted in clientele in the entertainment, corporate and HNW arenas of the highest caliber. The academic element includes subject matter in Anti-Terrorist studies through ATAB (Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board), Maritime Security as it has to do with Anti-piracy issues and Crisis Risk Management as well as various Executive Protection courses. Thomas LeBrun has received Tactical Hall of Fame accolades as the 1999 and 2005 Executive Protection Specialist of the Year.

"Hiding in Plain Sight" is the story of former champion power lifter, Martial arts Hall of Famer, and one of the worlds renowned experts in Executive Close Protection, Tom LeBrun. Learn how he used savvy and dogged persistence to achieve his dream and become a real life Superman.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fish Potatoes?


Lilly, a little girl with a head full of curls and a heart of gold, loves to laugh, play, and spend time with her family and friends. But one thing she absolutely, positively doesn’t like is fish.

No matter how hard her parents try, they can’t convince her to even take a bite.
When Aunt Karie gets word of this, she comes up with a creative solution to encourage Lilly to try.

Follow this fun journey as a loving aunt lends a hand to help her niece try something new in the most wonderful and creative way!


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

20 Life Changing Steps to Transform Your Life


20 Life changing steps to transform your life:

The Secret of Success

You can live an extraordinary life without regrets. This book, reveals a proven strategy to change your life by changing your mindset. 20 easy steps to transform your life this will help you create awareness into your natural state and embrace the uniqueness within you that will restore health, happiness, and abundance in everything you do.