Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Book of Men


The Book Of Men

A war is brewing in the Heavens...

The Archangels were supposed to be the guardians of mankind – but after Lucifer’s infamous fall, the forces of evil began plotting humanity’s downfall. The Archangel Gabriel became the next to succumb to sin, leaving Archangel Michael locked in a devastating war against his brothers.

Brought together by a brewing conflict that threatens the mortal and supernatural realms, Gailen the Holy Knight is thrust into an unlikely partnership with a demon named Relic and a human lawyer named Auriel in a battle against the fallen Archangels and their army of demonic followers. With the weight of humanity resting on their shoulders, the trio must overcome their differences and use their unique talents to outwit the supernatural army and prevent a coming apocalypse.
They began as enemies, but now their survival depends on one another. Can Gailen find it in his heart to trust Relic and Auriel? Or will their suspicion and hostility spell the end of humanity and the Heavens?

As a fascinating supernatural adventure that intertwines religious themes with thrilling action and larger-than-life characters, The Book of Men is a riveting fantasy novel that explores deep themes and timeless questions.

Coleslaw - Poetry


Coleslaw: Poetry

Coleslaw means "side chick." This is a poetry book that expresses the thoughts of Coleslaw. May be used as a self-help book for understanding, coping, growth, and moving forward. Reading Coleslaw will feel like a safe place for many women who have found themselves in a situationship, whether intentional or not. Non-judgmental, erotic, and freeing to read. May you find peace, love, and happiness.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How To Write a Book in 10 Steps


How to write a book in 10 steps:

Guide to writing and publishing a book

(non-fiction) fast and without investing

 ¡You are going to write a book!

If you are reading this, it is because you have already made up your mind. There is no doubt about that, it is a fact. The reasons may be different. Maybe you have that ruminating idea in your head for a long time and it won't leave you alone. It's like something inside of you that needs to come out, to become real, is asking to go from the dimension of the abstract to the concrete.

You probably already have all the information you need and you are not sure how to start writing your book. Well here you have that guide you need, from the idea to the worldwide publication. These 10 steps and other recommendations are offered to you by someone like you who is not a professional writer, but has several successfully published books. So the steps that the author offers you are proven.

Once you publish your book, you will feel different, you will be seen differently, and doors will open. Publishing books is the second most used way to generate passive income in the world of the intangible economy. With this book in hand, you will soon have one with your name on it.

Dr. José Ferrer has published 8 books, including this one. His experiences led him to develop this method that uses 10 steps to achieve the goal of writing a good nonfiction book quickly. He also makes practical recommendations here that will guide you effectively.

Syrup Sandwiches


Choose Not to Give Up!

Syrup Sandwiches is a powerful story about a young black boy who defeats the odds. Anthony Owens shares how he became a successful black man as he had to rise above the expected outcome for a child raised in poverty. Even though he was subjected to neglectful, abusive men, he understood the importance of breaking this cycle to become the caring and responsible father he never had. Anthony Owens is one of the underrepresented voices in America - A black man raised by a single mother struggling to make ends meet; he speaks for voices that so often go unheard. Faced with the odds of poverty, an absentee father, trauma, violence and gang brutality, Anthony gives us a raw look at how he was determined not to be defined by his circumstances and make a way out of no way. Syrup Sandwiches is an inspiring story that gives hope to all children, especially poor children of color, providing a message of hope and success. In a time when society is looking at stories that speak to the black American experience, this is a story that is unapologetically authentic.

Anthony Owens felt compelled to write this memoir because far too many children are facing issues such as poverty, bullying, domestic abuse, single parenting, fatherlessness and a myriad of other issues that he endured. Syrup Sandwiches reveals Anthony’s plight as it uncovers how he was able to choose success. This memory provides hope for those facing similar issues. Anthony believes he is the best person to write this memoir because he has lived through hell, and when giving up was his only option, he chose to look up, tuning out all the naysayers, and charting his way forward. His goal for Syrup Sandwiches is for readers to see that even when life is unpredictable and challenging, giving up is not an option. Entertaining and inspiring Syrup Sandwiches is a must read for everyone.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Hungry and Healthy Alphabet


The Hungry and Healthy Alphabet

The Hungry and Healthy Alphabet provides a playful and fun way to show children, parents, educators and caregivers the healthier side of living. The author intentionally moves away from naming ordinary everyday foods and uses the alphabet as a tool to introduce children to foods that may be new or different. The need to create healthier lives for a healthier world starts with our most prized asset, our children.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lyric Man


Lyric Man

After surviving a near-fatal drowning, Joseph is left damaged in more ways than one. He carries the heavy burden of his little brother’s death in an icy pond. Meaningful song lyrics become his only way to communicate with others. He spends his life rescuing injured animals in the forest behind his cabin. All is well until he mistakenly thinks he is helping and rescuingdistraught women in Nashville.

A teenage girl is found dead in Joseph’s woods, Nashville’s finest detectives, Quiz Fuller and Maggie Bender, are put on the case. A frazzled Joseph becomes their main suspect, causing him to spiral out of control. Other suspects range from talented country singers to Quiz’s own teenage twins, who both hide disturbing secrets concerning the victim. 

Detective Quiz Fuller has a reputation of filtering nothing that comes out of his mouth. His partner, the younger Maggie Bender is determined to keep him in check, so tempers flare, yet sparks fly. Troubling truths arise in music city and also within their own homes. Meanwhile, something sinister and shocking is unraveling in Quiz’s neighborhood …and ncobody knows anything about it.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

Surviving the Mental Health Jungle


Surviving The Mental Health Jungle:

Mental Health Professional Guide for Everyone

Filled with powerful insider tools, strategies, best practices, and real-life lessons, Patrice tackles:

The basics: From mental health counseling 101 to the educational requirements to get the degree, building productive client relationships, cultivating organizational skills, and 5 key concepts to surviving the mental health industry, readers can make their first big steps and take a page out of an expert’s playbook
The specialized: From counseling a person with control issues to learning about CBT, counseling theorists, existentialism, stress management, sales principles to make you stand out, and more, get into the nitty gritty of the concepts and tools to succeed and thrive as a mental health counselor
And so much more!
This book is fullу packaged with strategies on hоw tо ѕurvivе in the mental hеаlth junglе. Enclosed herein is a widе rаngе of insights to hеlр you еxсеl in уоur career аѕ a real problem-solver.
So, what аrе уоu wаiting for?