Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jaben's Rift

Jason Bennett never planned on changing the world, his own or anyone else’s.

But sometimes, plans change.

After being transported to Teleria, an extraordinary world of might and magic, Jason becomes the prize in a dangerous tug of war between the ruling Circle of Nine and one of his own ancestors from three hundred years in his past. Adding to his dilemma, his arrival also intensifies a conflict between two of the godlike Altered, one of whom is secretly aiding Jason's ancestor, violating a Covenant that has kept Teleria safe from their influence for over a millennia.
Unable to return home, Jason must learn to use power he isn't convinced he has, keep from triggering a devastating war between the Altered, and most of all…survive.

JABEN’S RIFT takes the reader on a journey of honor and deception, betrayal and self-sacrifice, as Jason tries to figure out who is telling him the truth and who only wants to use him, before Teleria’s fate is sealed forever.

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The Adventures of Boppity Bunny


My book is inspired by the love of animals, of course yes bunnies to which I adore this is about my fifth dutch bunny I rescued from a bunny mill , at almost six weeks old. So I' called he Boppity she weighed less then a pound when I got her, . So this inspired me to write about a dutch bunny that was adopted by a loving family. little did they realize, how much fun and laughter the dutch bunny had made their lives so much fun and happier, The drawings ae done by Ross Webb. Beautiul chid from babies love the book grade school yes n high school. The eldest I know of is a lady that was 89 she loved the book and read it to her high rise apartment friends. This book is also in a few children's hospitals as a gift for children to read when their staying their. The book is basically for all ages all that love bunny.'s This is a series and will be planning the next book in 2021. This book was yes self published of September 3 2020. The Adventures of Boppity Bunny who yes she has her own Facebook sight to. The paintings alone are beautiful the book is a treasure for any child that loves bunny. Hope you will enjoy much love bunny Hugs Boppity n Konnie.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021




Kai was attacked one night, and his little brother Ren, taken, disappeared without a trace... After the incident, Kai could not remember much that happened before or after. Six years later Ren shows up unconscious on his Aunt's doorstep. Once awake, he gives Kai information that is ominous. Confused, Kai tries to figure out what it all means. Was it a part of the trauma Ren had just gone through? Or was this a real warning? What was Kai going to do now? Should he ignore it and shrug it off as a part of the trauma? Or trust the warning and figure out what to do next before it is too late.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Getting Out

Getting Out: 

My Story Plus The Exercises And Experience I Learned That Can Help You Get Out From The Wheelchair

Getting Out has won a Silver Award at Literary Titan and received an Honorary mention at the 2021 New York Book Festival.

Regaining the Ability to Walk: A Proven Guide to Maximize Your Recovery Potential.

Never underestimate your body's ability to heal. If you are having balancing issues, then this book is for you. Getting Out book comes with valuable exercises that every person learning to walk again needs to have. But above all, regaining your inner confidence to face and overcome challenges is an important part of leading a happier and rewarding life. Author Greg Siofer, knows the struggles, he opens up and shares his personal story, experience and the proven exercises that work.

Here’s just some of what we cover in this ground-breaking book! 

• Find support both from a physical and emotional aspect.
• Learn to retrain the brain and body to walk again.
• Includes a simple & practical exercise workbook to get results.
• Trainings are explained in detail and comes with descriptive images.
• Written in a friendly & easy-to-follow style.
• It’s a great gift for yourself or anyone.

And much more!

Learn the critical exercises and mindset that will help you on your journey to stand up and walk again. With the help of this guide, you can start making improvements day after day. Find the training, encouragement and motivation to boost your recovery time, energy and above all, build the confidence you need to leave your wheelchair!

Imagine. Work. Recover.

Start your journey today.

Are you ready?

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Ituy - An Adventure to the End of the World


High in the teal jungle of Luzon Island is Ituy, the Magat River Mountain valley, where the Igorots, the people of Ituy, ended their 70,000-year adventure eastward out of Eden. On an inky moonlit night, in Dupax Del Norte, an Igorot man would share with me the legend of the Ayturi tree, the symbol of the kings of Ituy. A Tuy was the Igorot king who embodied the ideal of the deep-rooted Ayturi tree.

My religion sent me to Ituy to convert the Igorot and Cagayanese people to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, it was my adventure to Ituy that converted me to the way of the Tuy. A phase of child development that is often ignored is the leaving home stage. Unlike other primates, we spread across the globe, inhabiting every part of the planet. Between the ages of 15 to 25, a young adult, particularly a young man, is programmed to go on a hero’s journey. An adventure where he can find his strength to stand strong in the world. The narrative of this journey is so programmed into our psyche that it permeates almost all great epic tales, from Star Wars to the oldest written story, Gilgamesh. My hero’s journey took place in foreign soil rich with experience, a place of high winds, an island where gods and demons fought for my soul.

Mormons are one of the few communities that still practice this rite of passage. Hundreds of years before, Catholic missionaries established Christianity throughout this world through their hero journeys. Those missionaries converted the first Igorot and Cagayanese people sacrificing their whole lives to maintain peace between the Spanish and the native population in the Cagayan Valley. This epic is my incredible adventure to the end of the world, and how it changed me to become what the Igorot called a Tuy.

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Sexual Intimacy Matters - The Ultimate Guide for Women in Long-Term Relationships

in Long-Term Relationships

Has the intimate connection between you and your partner steadily weakened over time? Is your sex life predictable, boring, lifeless, or non-existent? Do you wish to rebuild a strong bond of sexual intimacy but you're unsure how to begin the process?

This must-read guide takes you on an insightful journey of self-discovery to reawaken feelings of freshness and excitement for your partner.

You will learn how to...

• Understand the Relationship Zones: the Bliss Zone, the Comfort Zone, and the Danger Zone
• Tune-in to subtle forms of unspoken communication and enhance sexual communication skills
• Improve self-confidence to feel sexier and discover surefire ways to reconnect with your sexuality
• Reintroduce affectionate and flirtatious behavior to rekindle passion and desire
• Enjoy sexual intimacy on a deeper level be learning how to connect to the present moment
• Explore new and exciting sexual intimacy ideas to take your sex life from ho-hum to hot damn!

Through relatable stories, reflective questions, Sexercise activities, and journaling in My SIM Journal, Dear Em offers women a platform to actively work toward revitalizing the bond of sexual intimacy with their partners. Her light-hearted, conversational tone and warm sisterly advice offers a refreshingly honest, relevant, and engaging approach to sexual intimacy matters for women in long-term relationships.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021


On a seemingly normal Memorial Day, Gabe Blake stumbles upon a girl laying next to a gravestone. He asks her who's buried there, and she tells him a story he can't quite believe. After years of research and interviews, he discovers the story, They's story, is not only true, but inspirational: a story of loss, heartbreak, isolation, and above all, love. He discovers the story must be written, and he must write it. Maybe it'll be his story, too.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Piano Forte Bear

Piano Forte Bear lives with his brother, Presto Lento, and sister Piccolo, in a little cottage on the edge of the woods, near a small town. They are a very musical family, as their names suggest, and one day Piano Forte Bear wakes up to find snow on the ground.

Soon, all three little bears are having a wonderful time building a snowman while Mama Bear prepares a delicious breakfast for them. Later, the young cubs get ready to play a concert for their parents.

But will they play Piano or Forte, or in a way that is completely different?

Piano Forte Bear is a delightfully illustrated, interactive book that will stimulate and excite young children while introducing them to the wonderful world of classical music.

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Doolittle - The Dog Who Yawned Too Much


Doolittle: The Dog Who Yawned Too Much 

Henry saw a cat sitting on a fence. Even the cat began to yawn and the yawning made it fall down. Henry started to smile at the power that Doolittle had to make people yawn and do silly things.”Doolittle, the Dog that Yawned Too Much is a hilarious bedtime story for children that teaches kids a valuable lesson about the importance of family interaction, laughter and friendship. The captivating dog illustrations and funny children’s story will surely make Doolittle your boys’ and girls’ favorite dog book for kids. Doolittle is a sweet dog with a yawning problem. His family tried everything to stop the yawning, because it's contagious. Everywhere Doolittle goes, he yawns and makes others yawn too. One day, it all changes and something miraculous occurs. Doolittle is a wonderful bedtime story for preschool to elementary school aged children filled with laughter, some yawning and heartwarming messages about being a happy family and the power of laughter.Doolittle is available in Kindle, paperback and audio book versions and also has a CD and dog coloring book and activity book available.Adorable video clip below.Page Up and Order Now.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

My Toxic Husband


My Toxic Husband: 

Loving and Breaking Up with a Narcissistic Man: Symptoms of a narcissistic person. How to Start Your Psychopath-free Life Now! Based ... of narcissists

(Narcissist Survivor Book 1)

Do you suspect that your partner is a narcissist? YOUR STORY is my story!

Let me draw for you a portrait of a narcissistic monster. In the beginning, narcissistic partners are usually very captivating. They seem to be the men with this “big,” strong personality. They shine. They’re charming, and they can easily make you feel special, adored, and super attractive.

So, where’s the hook?

With time, you discover the truth. Just like I did.
With time, your partner - the one who was supposed to be THE ONE - turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are horrible partners.

They act as if they are always right and their partner is wrong or incompetent. 
They’re extremely concentrated on themselves, and they require a lot of attention and appreciation. 
They will perceive their partner as a source of satisfying their own needs. 
Highly critical of others but hypersensitive to the slightest form of criticism or rejection.
They have trouble with really loving someone because they don’t love themselves. 

How does it feel for a woman to be with a narcissistic man?

Narcissist’s moods swing wildly, from smothering you with love to hurling insults.
He will provide you with a daily, emotionally draining rollercoaster. 
Narcissist’s ideal prey is a person who is self-sacrificing; one who suppresses their needs, who do not openly and assertively express them. 
With time, a narcissist will successively create a relationship based on toxic emotional codependency.

This book will help you understand mental abuse techniques (like gaslighting, projection, and others) that are traits of narcissistic personality disorder. It will describe what a narcissistic person is like, the signs of mental abuse, and much more.

I know all about loving a narcissistic man because I went through it. This book tells the story of my relationship (and my divorce) with my narcissistic husband. 

I understand how difficult it is to come to terms with being in a toxic relationship. How heartbreaking it feels when someone you thought you would grow old with turned out to be extremely selfish, manipulative, devoid of empathy, and jealous.

Just like you, I experienced being in a relationship in which you feel inferior, criticized, manipulated, and lonely, but you can’t find the strength to draw back and stand for yourself. You blame yourself and begin to lose trust in your own judgments.

In this book, you will discover the following about toxic relationships:

  • How the charming narcissist can fool you into believing you’ve found your ideal partner;
  • The warning signs of an emotionally abusive man;
  • The typical way that narcissistic personality disorder manifests;
  • How to plan to break up with a narcissistic partner;
  • What to do if you’re divorcing a toxic husband.

“It was a real eye-opener and I pray that people will read this book and spot the narc before they get involved." Goodreads

“The honesty of this book takes you in the right from the start." - Goodreads

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you to keep living a life of an emotionally abused woman. 

You don’t have to suffer in silence or shame anymore.

I truly believe my story can guide you on how to free yourself from this toxic codependency. 

Don’t spend another moment suffering from narcissistic abuse -it’s not worth it. 

A narcissist-free life is a life filled with peace of mind, self-love, assertiveness, and self-trust. It’s a life worth fighting for!

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Cybersecurity as a Fishing Game

Cybersecurity as a Fishing Game: 

Developing Cybersecurity in the Form of Fishing Game and What Top Management Should Understand

Cybersecurity, despite the fact that information has always been a core value in achieving competitive advantages and value in developing communication technologies has become an ever evolving phenomenon in the cyber world. Often, cybersecurity has emerged as a whole panacea to the struggle for benefits in international affairs which led states to create a network of intelligence and resolve conflicts within interstate agreements. At the same time, the rapid development of information and communication technologies has led to a break in established international rules and boundaries for the dissemination of information giving birth to the dire need of Cybersecurity. Massive access to professional data and public information has transformed from regulatory to commercial, hence, cybersecurity. Reflecting the evolution of information and communication tools and technologies via synergizing theoretical and practical skills in our book 'Cybersecurity As a Fishing Game,' we aimed to convey, in a concise manner, the importance of cybersafety in due regards to cybersecurity and the value of correct use. We hope and are confident to attract a wide range of users of the collected knowledge and experience on the relevance of cybersecurity. Moreover, the audiobook version of this Cybersecurity edition expands the possibilities of professionals, whose eyes are constantly busy working with the monitor. We honestly guess that the destiny of this audiobook version on cybersecurity will be inspiring on further research and finding answers, not only for professionals, but to motivate hackers for a positive change! 


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Always With Me


Always With Me: 

The Racing Hearts Series(Book 1) -

 A Steamy Second Chance at First Love

I was in high school, when a college guy with a thousand watt smile walks into the barn. Every girls dream, tall, golden tan, with medium blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. My stomach feels like an Olympic platform diver is doing two and half twists inside of me. He was my first kiss as well as my first and only love. I’m thankful I didn’t give him my virginity like I wanted too. In every regard, he was a gentleman with me. However, it only took a month apart for him to shred me like New Year's Eve confetti.

I ran to Ireland to escape his memory to pursue my dreams of becoming a horse trainer. But no matter what I did or where I went, my heart ached like a million needles punctured the very muscle keeping me alive. 

It’s been over a year since that horrible night when he wrecked me, but I knew there would come a day when our paths would cross once again. My dad had a horse running in the Kentucky Oaks. Brandon’s horse, Silver Lining. When I see him holding his little sister, he flashes me that boyish grin and there was no denying the seismic level of activity shifting between us but there was one problem. I don't want revenge. I want him but there is no way a gorgeous, built successful man like Brandon has waited for me. Oh, so maybe there are multiple problems.

At the time, she was considered forbidden fruit. There was no denying our physical attraction and considering my reputation, I did well to only take a small bite. I loved her, even if she doesn’t believe it. But at the first sign of trouble, I failed to trust her and believe in her. So instead of turning to her when I needed her most, I locked her out of my life.

I spent years becoming worthy of her love only to encounter new barriers. She told me once in a low and gentle voice, “Take the road that leads to me.” I’ve tried every road, every path. I’ve crossed oceans and countries trying to find that road. No obstacles were going to stand in my way. Not a boyfriend. Not an ocean. Not even my secret job. Gracie was meant for me.

Time again, horses bring us together but before we can build a solid foundation, secrets of the present and pain of the past may destroy us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Grow, Nourish, Share, Repeat

Do you need some inspiring words to start each day? Or even an awesome screensaver background? Here's what you'll find inside!
- Beautifully detailed yet simple art.
- Trippy art.
- Inspirational art.
- A cute little word hunt puzzle.
- Numerology and more!


Monday, September 20, 2021

Table Scraps


A phantasmagoric descent into realms supernatural, Daniel King plunges his readers into the inky-black recesses of the human soul, where true horror is born. This dark and deviant werewolf tale spins a web of seduction, lulling readers into its spell before clamping down its jaws with a viciousness impossible to shake loose.

Langley Craft isn’t getting any younger.

Still waiting tables two years after her high school graduation, Langley is desperate to escape her paycheck-to-paycheck grind, hoping to be accepted to an art institute in Los Angeles that would carry her far away from her small town upbringing. And, following the arrival of a mysterious woman hailing from California, it seems Langley’s wish is fated to come true. But there lurks something more sinister in the pair’s fortuitous meeting as Langley begins to realize she may be harboring powers passed on to her at birth.

What begins to emerge is more monstrous than Hell itself.

A devilish fusion of Clive Barker and William S. Burroughs, the gonzo nightmare that is Table Scraps is the audacious debut of novelist Daniel King, the most ruthless sadist to emerge onto the horror scene in decades.


What Narcissists Don't Want You To Know

What Narcissists DON’T Want You to Know: 

The Secrets of Understanding Narcissism and the Mindset of Toxic People

(Narcissists and their Secrets)

Do you need to know how to disarm that narcissist in your life?

If you have a narcissistic partner, parent, child, friend, or coworker, you’ve likely been told that you should leave them behind. But sometimes, that’s not possible or even desirable. There is a way to make your relationship work without having to suffer from narcissistic victim syndrome or end the relationship.

I was married to a narcissist, so I understand how difficult it can be to understand this condition and try to make it work. My experience with a toxic spouse is what prompted me to get a degree in psychology and write books about narcissism and recovering from narcissistic abuse. Now, 99% of the books written about narcissism will advise you to leave, and that’s what I did—but what if you can’t leave?

To deal with any adversary, you first must understand how they think and feel. It’s only in this way that you can turn the narcissistic person into your friend and start building a beneficial relationship. That’s why this book gives real stories from narcissists, their loved ones, and their psychologists to help you tame your beast.

It is designed to help you learn about just what makes a narcissist tick, and with that knowledge, you can take the appropriate steps to protect yourself without suffering from gaslighting or making trauma bonds.

This book will help you learn all about the narcissist in your life, whether you’re dealing with narcissistic parents, a narcissistic partner, a psychopath, or other toxic people. You’ll learn all about this difficult mental condition and why it can work for some people. You’ll also learn how narcissists think and how narcissism develops in the first place. What’s more, this is a unique book in that it includes real narcissists, real victims, and real psychological professionals sharing their opinions. When you have a better understanding of the condition, you can make the best decisions for what works in your life.

You’ll also learn about the following topics:

  • The causes, symptoms, and traits of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD);
  • How to identify a narcissist;
  • How the narcissist thinks;
  • Common weaknesses of the narcissist;
  • Whether a narcissist can truly love you;
  • The different kinds of narcissism, manipulations of toxic people, and much more.

If you want to learn how to live with your loved ones instead of leaving them, this is the book that can help you learn all about surviving a relationship with a narcissist.

The book will help you understand the condition and gain insight into how the narcissist thinks.You’ll become better at understanding a narcissist’s behavior if you know how they think, and you’ll be able to find some compassion for this toxic person that can help improve your interactions with them. You’ll also learn about the narcissist’s manipulative techniques and how to avoid falling prey to them.

There are ways to make it work with a narcissist, and if you’ve got one in your life, start reading this book today to figure out how best to handle your relationship!!


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Edutainment Through Gamification

This book aims at providing parents, teachers and academics, an alternative way of teaching, reinforcing, supporting, learning and helping students to learn material in a more fun way which can be applied to any subject or theme.  
In the modern world of today, a lot of parents and teachers are wondering the same question – “How come kids can learn all these technical terms and definitions of a computer game that they are playing but they simply cannot do the same for their lessons in the classroom?“ 
Well the answer to that is quite simple… it is just more entertaining to be engaged with a game -that was designed to do exactly that- rather than a boring classroom. 
But what if… we could merge those two? What if we could design a lesson to be both educational and entertaining!

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