Sunday, March 31, 2019

Stuck Between Borders

Just as life got interesting, the bitter truth of change hit him. His life changed without reason, and then he found himself in the land of dreams, where the people are free to dream, where dreams and realities are made. He was quick to find a home, to find solace in his new world, but the act of terror said no, turning his – cattle, ranch to a den of lions. It was he and his family against the world. 9/11 toppled the balance in his life, just when he found a home.

Would going back to the source, the origin, be the perfect solace to his hurt heart? Would the love that was lost in another man's origin be found at his own origin? He was rejected in New York, would it be great at Islamabad? Those were the questions of his heart as he voyaged towards his birth country. No one knows, but one thing was sure; his story never remained the same, he was here, he was there, and he was still stuck between borders.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Carefree and Consequence

Carefree and Consequence

It’s 1950 and young couple, Annie May and Lewis have just left high school. A night on the beach will change their lives forever.. can they handle the consequences? Annie May is a prim young lady who now has to deal with her fall from grace and finds not everything in the world is easy especially, without money. Lewis has always been one of the guys but now it’s time for him to grow up and be a man. However, whilst under the pressure to provide for Annie May he makes a choice that could end his whole relationship. Meanwhile, their gang of friends seem to be moving on with their lives and the young couple feel trapped... can they pull through?

A romantic drama about action and consequences

Friday, March 29, 2019

An Inconvenient Shadow

This novel, inspired by adventures of the author's ancestor, is set on three continents. This is probably the only historical fictional novel by an African writer to span three continents, deal with the triangular trade, emancipation and the dynamics of mixed race families in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean in the 19th Century. In 1850, when Hans Køndo Quist decides to leave his family in Quitta, a small town on the Guinea (West) Coast of Africa, to visit his Danish father in Denmark, all hell breaks loose! He braves the discrimination and malice of his foes, herculean hurricanes and backbreaking labor aboard The Pharaoh. After all this, a beautiful, blue-eyed vixen causes him to be thrown overboard. He finds himself between the devil and the deep blue sea, when he wakes up on an island in the Caribbean, in the shanty of an exotic prostitute, Daffodil. Kø, Daffodil and some recently emancipated slaves are desperate for one thing … to leave the island. There is only one person who can help get them off the island…a red-haired Scotsman with a nefarious agenda!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Blueberry Pancakes

Writing songs for a would-be pop star is painful. When young, gay songwriter Duncan falls in love, he writes a love song. When he gets dumped, he writes a break-up song. Luckily for his songwriting career, his love life is a roller-coaster.

When his long-term boyfriend breaks up with him, Duncan finds solace in music. And pancakes, of course. With the help of his sassy diva singer and best friend Marlene, her ex-boyfriend guitarist, and a local music producer, they form a musical dream team to produce songs to pitch to agents, and for Marlene’s promising singing career.

A new guy here, a new guy there, they are delicious distractions, but this drama fuels new and better songs. And that ex? He just won’t seem to go away. But it all pays off when they have their first number one hit with a teenybopper all-girl band.

Not everything in their favorite hangout-a breakfast restaurant called Pancake Heaven-is rainbows and maple syrup. The all-girl band drops them as songwriters, and they squabble with one another over their musical future. Will they find the success they can be proud of?

Blueberry Pancakes is a contemporary gay drama about falling in and out of love, the price of success, and walking through the world with confidence.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Witch of Endor: Vampires

The Witch of Endor

Lamech was cursed for killing Cain. He turns Lilith, the witch of Endor so that they can share immortality together. But the curse has not run its course, for when a child is born to vampires their offspring are deformed. Medusa is their daughter. She is half serpent and her gaze turns mortals to stone. 

A fiery confrontation at sea separates Lamech from his family. Lilith establishes a coven in Athens. But their peace will not last, for a renegade vampire hunts them with werewolves. Maldivar alone can walk my day. Lilith, Lamech and their kind must fight or fall to the wooden stake of Maldivar, or the infected teeth and claws of his shapeshifter allies.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What Nobody Knew

My story begins aged 3, when my mother abandoned me and left me with my brutal father to raise me. Nobody knew the secrets that went on inside that house, or the journey that I travelled on after leaving it, until now. This is the story of my survival.

What do you do when no one wants you?

How many people need to destroy a child until that child wants to destroy herself?

What if social services always got told a different story?

What would you do if you were in my position?

Monday, March 25, 2019


“Dulce et Decorum est…”

Popular movies have offered viewers a glimpse into the Vietnam War, but few address the reality of being a soldier in the conflict. Pachyderms is based on the true story of a soldier’s experience during the unpopular police action.
Young and anxious for a first military assignment, Dan Coobat is shocked to discover his first duty post is one to an aviation unit in a nonexistent outfit.
With overwhelming obstacles and little formal training, Danny and brothers set about to create the 312th Aviation Company. Danny quickly discovers: “What the soldier sees (or hears) is NOT what the soldier gets.”
Eventually, Danny is faced with an even tougher battle... Coming back home to America.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Infernally Yours

Infernally Yours by Molotov Mitchell is a collection of letters, missives, and communiques discovered in a deep hole in the ground near Death Valley,California. Presumably, the hole is an opening to Hell itself and these fascinating letters cover much ground over what went on down there during theAmerican time period of the Revolutionary War. Various satanic military personnel discuss a 'Legendary' named George Washington at great length.Despite their greatest efforts to undermine him, Washington manages to escape real harm and deception at every turn. It's an amusing read to see how politics and petty one-upmanship prevails in Hell as well as on Earth. 
The letters are written with great charm (albeit evil charm), wit(malevolent wit) and wicked humor. 
MAPCIT Raven spell, I have recently read Cpt. Dillydoubt's pathetic excuse for an intelligence report and am overly displeased. Not only was his letter ridiculously long and boring, but the profiles seemed slapdash, at best. I never got a real feel for the men I was reading about, which is why I ordered the report in the first place. Worst of all, the toad had the audacity to advise me, Rustcut the Rotten! Who is this imp who speaks as if I were an equal? If I'd wanted the Captain's opinion, I would have cut it out of him with a spoon!
There are copies of an infernal newsletter (Malicious Minutes) that reported community happenings, like the successful campaign to feminize Frenchmen in that time period and other breaking news:
Satanic Subscribers, I hope you're all having an awful year. I know I am. Recently,Western Command has undergone several changes. Rumors are swirling, so for this edition of MM, I thought we'd clear the air on two red hot topics. Minute 1:After being recommissioned to India, SS Ouroboros was brought before theProgress Commission for eating Lt. Scalywick. That is correct, the rumors are true. I saw it coming and sure enough, that larded lummox ate his own lieutenant. However, because of his truly satanic record, Principalities broke with tradition and did not feed him to the Worm (as other agencies have erroneously reported). Instead, he was cast into the Pit for reeducation. He is to be replaced by Scalywick himself, once the lieutenant has reconstituted.
I found this book to be delightfully different. It's a well-written humorous look at satanic personalities with a peek into their culture. The pages are accompanied by wonderfully-drawn illustrations as well. Recommended for history buffs and horror/fantasy fans alike. It's not often that a truly original concept comes along, but this is one. I just hope there's going to be a second book soon. 
- Susan Durbec
  HUGEOrange Reviewer

Saturday, March 23, 2019

MENy Calculations

I WON primary legal & physical child custody. I WON child support. I WON our home. I DIDN'T PAY alimony. I DIDN'T PAY spousal support. My STBX (soon to be ex) paid some of MY court costs and got visitation every other weekend. She worked full-time, didn’t have a seedy past and we raised our children together for 10+ years. Still I WON. 

MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Step Into Court (Volume 1), isn’t like typical divorce books for men. It arms guys with valuable insight, help and tips for messy divorces and how to strategically win. This book delivers practical divorce help for men. All men - not just fathers seeking child custody. This book was purposely written to support an under-advised population of guys on their gravely road ahead - told the way I’d tell a buddy in need. So, let’s grab a drink, one on one, talk preparation, strategy and get you some financial help in the process. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mirrors of Illusion

An enthralling tale of love and family, heart break and betrayal, personal failure and self-discovery.

Jonathan’s deep affection for his family and Emilie are only matched by the feelings of loneliness and fear they evoke. As he works hard to provide for himself and his struggling family, he lets go by choice, the one thing that is right in his life-Emilie. 
Meeting Peter, his new belligerent boss, loving father but troubled soul with emotional baggage; he is unwittingly forced to reflect on himself, his family and Emilie while asking himself fundamental questions…

What part of them is real? What part of his life is real? 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Get Life Right

Get Life Right: Improve 70 aspects of your life today!  

Whether your life is in turmoil or you just need fresh ideas to improve in a few areas, this audiobook will provide you with the skills that help you:  

Think with more clarity, imagination, and judgment. 
Know your abilities and love how you are using them.  
Shed anxiety and take charge of your emotions.  
Visualize a more exciting future; leaving nothing out.  
Create the most direct path to your future.  
Create and accumulate value in everything you do.  
Earn more doing what you like to do best.  
Attract friends like whom you want to be.  
Enhance all of your relationships.  
Live with more meaning and purpose.  
Gain reassurance, peace of mind, and motivation.  
Broken into seven topics, each topic is jam-packed with sound advice, new perspective, and fresh inspiration. It's the culmination of hundreds of self-help books all packed into one easy listen. Smartly indexed so you can go back to topics that pertain most to your life again and again.  

Topics in Get Life Right: 

"Sharpen Your Thinking, Focus, Creativity and Purpose" 
"Plan a Really Exciting Life and Leave Nothing Out" 
"Learn, Love and Get the Most out of Your Attributes" 
"Finance the Life You Want, Doing What You Like Best" 
"Attract the People You'd Like to Be Like" 
"Improve Your Relationships and Marriage" 
"Create and Maintain a Close Family" 
Bonus topic: "Craft the Best Life Possible"

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Shoebox House

Have you tried online dating?
A Shoebox House is a memoir of actual events, infused with the author’s thoughts and emotions. Her heart-felt account of her experiences is poignant, touching and sprinkled with spice and humor. Included in the book is Lyle’s story from his perspective. This new author chose to release Book One alone to gain critical feedback. Book Two will be available later in 2019.
Rhonda Phelps delved into the world of online dating seeking companionship and romance. At 52-years old, she explored a dating world in which many of her friends were entangled. When sparks of passion started to ignite, her world was poised for pleasure. She and her internet boyfriend, Lyle, weren’t living in the past nor planning for the future; they were living for the moment. Energized by the summer sun, they were combatting loneliness and embracing life.
Rhonda’s innate ability to sense the emotions of other people told her something was not quite right. One weekend in July after seeing Lyle, she became flustered and disoriented. Suspicion battled against reason and she was beginning to doubt her rational existence. Two days later – she was nudged near madness.
Rhonda Phelps’s online dating odyssey continued as she recessed into the hollows of despair and mental anguish. Her friendships were jeopardized, and she felt like a fool. She desperately craved answers. Obsessed with redemption, she discovered the truth about Lyle as revealed through a series of emails, message logs, hand-written letters and internet research.
Would she find the redemption she desired?

It happens all the time!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Afghan Horse

In the mid-1980s, the Iran–Contra affair was a United States political scandal that happened during the Reagan administration. Senior Reagan administration officials, aided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the proceeds of which were intended to fund the Nicaraguan Contras, in defiance of the Boland Amendment which prohibited the funding of Nicaraguan government rebels. At the time, Iran was under an arms embargo by the U.S., but officials hoped that the illegal arms sales would secure the release of American hostages being held in Iran, while at the same time, allow the CIA to fund the Nicaraguan Contras surreptitiously.

To pull off this clandestine feat, the CIA conspired with the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, to sell cocaine in the United States, especially southern California. The money raised was used to covertly buy the illegal arms for the Iranian sale. One man, an investigative reporter named Gary Webb, discovered evidence of the plot and began to report on the existence of the operation in the mid-1990s. In 2004, he was found dead with two bullet holes in his skull which the coroner declared a suicide. Gary Webb apparently offed himself by shooting himself in the head… twice. Or so the coroner’s report ruled.

In 2003, the United States invaded Afghanistan, purportedly in pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. At the time of the American invasion, most of the poppy fields in Afghanistan had been destroyed by the Afghan government and the Taliban. But over a decade and a half later, Afghanistan, today, exports nearly 80 percent of the world’s heroin and opium, and poppy fields again litter the country’s landscape, guarded by U.S. troops overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency. These are facts, not fiction, and their truth is undisputed.

With this backdrop, our fictional story begins in 2016, in Tampa, Florida, where the younger brother of a U.S. Senator has overdosed on heroin. The tragic and untimely death of his brother motivates Senator Gavin Manson to write legislation to reform the antiquated drug laws in the U.S. and put an end to what he sees as the dangerous and destructive War on Drugs begun during the Nixon Administration. To that end, he hires a brilliant and beautiful researcher named Alexandra Katsaros. 

Together, Gavin and Alex begin to collect data on every facet of the drug world from big pharma to drug cartels to the heroin crisis in America. But when Alex uncovers a secret government plot to smuggle heroin into the United States from Afghanistan, a modern-day Iran-Contra operation, everything changes. Like Gary Webb, they now know too much, and the directors of the CIA’s black operation deem it imperative to silence them, forever.

If you are a fan of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown, this novel is right up your alley. The journey is a fast-paced ride halfway around the world as Gavin and Alex do their best to stay one step ahead of their determined pursuers. The novel’s seamless blend of fact and fiction will have you guessing what is real and what is made up. And all the while you’ll wonder, could this really happen? Could it actually be happening? The answer you will eventually be forced to admit is… yes. It is absolutely possible. Sometimes conspiracy theory isn’t theory at all. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Super Happy Fun Facts

The best way I could describe "Super Happy Fun Facts" is like Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" if it was done by Andrew Dice Clay.

Learn the crazy history behind Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's Day.

I explore the cultivation and eventual prohibition of Marijuana going back to the dawn of civilization. Find out which founding fathers of the United States were drug addicts.

You'll never laugh this hard while learning about the history of potatoes, the Bubonic Plague, milk, pirates, lettuce, as well as the disgusting mating rituals of animals.

Written with uniquely dark humor and more cursing than The Big Lebowski, we're making learning great again!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Please Return Kim Possible

I know I speak for a lot of KP fans when I say that we'd love a 5th season of Kim Possible with the original voice actors. A lot of the original voice actors have made it clear they'd come back for more episodes. 
There was a petition for this years ago that I had signed, and it had the amount of signatures Disney asked for, but season 5 was later scrapped for unknown reasons. 
Kim Possible was ahead of its time, and I believe the new generation would very much enjoy the cartoon. Nothing against the live action movie, but it's definitely not gonna have the same charm as the animated show.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Those Who Seek God

In Those Who Seek God, little readers will enjoy a sweet story about young animals wanting to learn more about God. Through Bible verses and conversations with loved ones, these characters discover that seeking God is simple. He wants to be found! Curious littles and big kiddos too, snuggle in close as you listen to how the swan, otter, kitten, caterpillar, and others learn more about God and what it means to seek Him.

Pre-Order for April 11, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Velvet Rose

Susan Holmes- McKagan, one of the top supermodels of the 90’s is launching her first novel, The Velvet Rose.  Susan has been married to Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver founding member and bassist Duff McKagan for over two decades.
The Velvet Rose, is her premiere novel and is a blend of Almost Famous meets Reality Bites and Spinal Tap, in this compelling and often injected-with-humor, fast paced fabulous novel. 
In the early nineties, Scarlet, a painter and high fashion model, finds herself working in some of the world’s most famous fashion capitals. As her adventure continues, she meets Johnny of The Westies, an up-and-coming band on the cusp of superstardom. What ensues is an unhinged ride of a novel following the audacious lead female protagonist as she navigates her life through fame, addiction, infidelity, and all the ups and downs of dating a legendary musician from one of the biggest rock bands in history. A riveting and heartfelt journey of figuring out one’s own path and championing that aspect to finding their dreams. 
 Rich in spirit and relatable for all those who have ever had the courage to chase their dreams and pursue an unconventional path in this glorious world. A page turner, frequently injected with laugh-out-loud humor, front row seat of fun debut that is being heralded as the earnest generation of authenticity of a nineties voyage.  You will want to pre-order this book so you can get one of the first copies when it hits bookstores in April.

Available at booksellers nationwide April 16th, 2019.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Seven Shades of Crime

Two college students meet at a college Atlanta. She is a beautiful church going Christian girl from the South who wants to remain a virgin thru her wedding night to offer her virginity to her husband. He comes from a family of doctors in Massachusetts, destined to be a doctor, aware of her wanting to remain a virgin. They only have oral sex for a year. One day, he sticks it into her. She reports it as rape. Is this rape?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Battle For Your Life

Many times in life, we seem to battle with the same debilitating issues—from negative habits, thoughts, or emotions, to fears, triggered-reactions, and other matters that adversely affect us. Is there any way to break free from the patterns that bind us, short-circuit us, or leave us in a place we really don’t want to be?

Just as God has a plan for your life and strategies to help you, Satan has also crafted specifically-targeted schemes designed just for you. 

In Battle for Your Life, Pastor Joe Warner will take you into the Word of God, exposing the enemy’s schemes and revealing the answers to the issues that keep showing up in your life. You will learn how to get to the root of those schemes, understand them, and annihilate their effects! Warner has spent three decades successfully ministering these truths to thousands of people around the world—those who were once “stuck” in life and are now free! 

As you read Battle for Your Life: Defeating the Schemes of the Enemy, you will experience the lights coming on and the darkness being dispelled in your own life. Your life can be what you always hoped—full of peace, joy, healing, resolved anger, and relationships made whole.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

An Inconvenient Shadow

This novel, inspired by adventures of the author's ancestor, is set on three continents. This is probably the only historical fictional novel by an African writer to span three continents, deal with the triangular trade, emancipation and the dynamics of mixed race families in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean in the 19th Century. In 1850, when Hans Køndo Quist decides to leave his family in Quitta, a small town on the Guinea (West) Coast of Africa, to visit his Danish father in Denmark, all hell breaks loose! He braves the discrimination and malice of his foes, herculean hurricanes and backbreaking labor aboard The Pharaoh. After all this, a beautiful, blue-eyed vixen causes him to be thrown overboard. He finds himself between the devil and the deep blue sea, when he wakes up on an island in the Caribbean, in the shanty of an exotic prostitute, Daffodil. Kø, Daffodil and some recently emancipated slaves are desperate for one thing … to leave the island. There is only one person who can help get them off the island…a red-haired Scotsman with a nefarious agenda!