Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gingerbread Men and Toad's Wart

Gingerbread Men and Toad’s Wart 

Life isn't easy for a witch who bakes cookies instead of brews potions. It's a lot harder for a single witch living with a cranky basilisk. But Cresella's life is upended when a new client, Walter, comes looking for a batch of gingerbread men—and asks her to a Christmas party he's throwing. He's handsome, charming, sweet, but oh so human. Their worlds don't mesh, so a relationship between a human and a witch is foolish. She's also had bad luck in love, and with her floundering cookie business, does she have time for a romance that seems doomed from the start? But Walter offers her a tempting new world she finds hard to resist…


The Ball Bounced Backward

When Doug Elliot found an envelope of old photographs in the garage, memories flooded back of his time coaching son, Travis, and a fourth-grade basketball team. It all seems so distant now.

Doug’s memories of those days 25 years ago remain warm…mostly. More so in reflection than at the time. He remembers the cacophony of shrill, laughing young voices and the hollow sound of bouncing basketballs; spirited kids, running up and down the court, playing as hard as they could; jubilant boys, shoveling down pizza, and wearing big grins. And, the games his team won.

But Doug also remembers a situation more complicated than teaching young boys a game. He does not so warmly recall the demands of parents blowing hot and cold, a mysterious figure at work intent on exploiting his kids to satisfy a personal agenda, opposing coaches ranging from fatherly to abusive, a nun serving as school principal and disciplinarian, players too self-centered to worry about the team, and his own competitive instincts that were not always gratified. And, he recalls facing the trade-off between winning games and giving every team member extended playing opportunities. When eventually forced to address that trade-off, Doug wonders if coaching his son’s team was worth the stress.

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Relic of Waeter


What happens when your fate and destiny are already chosen for you?  

At the age of ten, Aqua is awakened by the sounds of gunshots ringing through the house. Only to realize, that her mother has been shot down in cold blood.  

Abducted by the killers. Aqua finds herself being sold into the dark, dangerous world of drug runners and money launderers.  

She is plagued by a series of bizarre dreams that surround the creation of a cylindrical rod, with a priceless sapphire resting on the top.  

Aqua must now, somehow, escape from her captors, survive the dark streets of Los Angeles, figure out the meaning behind her dreams, and the strange powers that are awakening within her. All the while, battling an evil force that had been set in motion to stop her from finding the truth. The truth about who and what she is.


Friday, October 29, 2021

Spanish Roots


Is there a dark secret that Mireya’s family had been hiding from her? 
Is her father alive or dead and can she unlock the mystery of her troubled past and find out the truth?  

When Mireya’s adopted parents die in a car crash, she inherits a hacienda in Spain and finds some letters that suggest her real birth parents could be alive and her father, who had been in prison, was possibly a murderer. Grieving with unsettling dreams and unable to motivate herself her best friend Gemma comes to stay and pushes Mireya to set out to Spain on holiday to claim her inheritance and find some answers to why she was adopted.

Thinking that her parents would be at the hacienda they find the property empty. That’s when the attractive Sandro walks into her life and she immediately feels tingling going along her spine like she has been plugged into an electric socket. Mireya loves the sunshine, eats tapas, drinks wine and with Gemma, she begins to laugh again. However, she becomes plagued with strange feelings about the past that escalates when she meets with her feuding Spanish relatives. 

As Mireya’s memories start to increase, she experiences a ghostly vision of her father each day and realizes that her dreams can mislead as well as bring back hidden emotions and thinks he has probably died. As secrets past, start to unravel she wonders whom she can trust. Can she trust Sandro? Is it love or hot sex? Will her passion and romance with him override her common sense. Will there be a conflict between them as she is determined to find the true reason of the mystery that led her to be adopted? Within her mind, she is at war and silently screaming…..


Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Self-Care Journey

Self-Care is often viewed as a luxury not many people can partake in. However, self-care is actually quite attainable and necessary. It needs to occur at all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social & Spiritual, for true balance. This journey aims to take you through all these aspects of your wellbeing and help you become your best self! It even contains worksheets that can help you along your journey!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Exceptional Life R-Evolution


A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities. 

Will you join the Exceptional Life R-Evolution?
What will you say when you look back on your life?
Will you think, “I lived an exceptional life?”

Who doesn’t want to live an exceptional life? I know I want to be like my 90-year-old grandma who told me, with a smile and tears in her eyes, “I truly feel I lived an exceptional life.” My life’s purpose is to help people live their best life— an exceptional life—and this book is meant to help more people! This book is a practical guide to creating exceptional work and life experiences so you can one day echo my grandma’s words. 
To do so, we must first understand why evolving our performance is needed to reach peak performance and climb our performance mountain. Next, we apply the lessons learned from our experiences, especially during challenges like those faced in 2020. Then, we will use the four keys to peak performance as a guide: expectations, feedback, development, and accountability. Finally, we will apply these keys to the roles we serve in our workplaces, homes, and communities. Everyone can live an exceptional life, and the resources in this book are your guide. As we learn, grow, and evolve our performance, sharing the success of our experiences along the way, we will ignite the Exceptional Life R-Evolution! 


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Lethal Control


Lethal Control: A Doctor Nora Kelly Mystery 

A MYSTERIOUS BLUE PATIENT IS ABANDONED AT OAKLAND CITY HOSPITAL. Doctor Nora Kelly must outwit a powerful corporate adversary to diagnose her patient’s illness and safeguard her community.

An anonymous blue patient is abandoned at the doorstep of Oakland City Hospital and cries out for her young daughter before passing out. Doctor Nora Kelly must struggle against the clock to diagnose her patient’s life-threatening illness and mysterious discoloration. The task becomes more difficult when the patient awakens but refuses to speak with anyone on staff, fearing reprisals from immigration and child-protection authorities.

Nora suspects that her patient’s illness is caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, and she worries that others in the community may be endangered as well. But the patient remains silent. Only after learning that Nora saved her life does she agree to answer Nora’s burning questions—still, for a price. In return, Nora must deliver a confidential message to her daughter.

Nora’s end of that bargain is the beginning of a perilous journey that leads to a homeless encampment at a decrepit local stadium site. With the help of her colleagues, she desperately searches for the daughter as she also discovers that other encampment residents have succumbed to toxic exposures. Her insistent attempts to prove the site’s environmental contamination come up against powerful systemic forces and trigger dangerous personal consequences.

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Editorial Reviews

"Scannell lifts the veil on the life-and-death struggles taking place both inside and around the edges of an urban hospital. A fast-paced drama of overlapping lives, conflicting emotions, and the threats posed by immigration, human trafficking, and environmental degradation."
--Leslie Larson, author of Breaking Out of Bedlam
"With Lethal Control, Kate Scannell crafts a mystery threaded with social activism and environmental justice.
In present-day Oakland, California, Nora Kelly is a doctor in a community hospital. When a number of desperately ill homeless people are brought into her care, Kelly is pulled into a web of intrigue surrounding the redevelopment of a local stadium site where her patients camp.

With the aid of her colleagues, Kelly investigates the site's potential contamination. As the novel races toward its conclusion, she uncovers a decades-old conspiracy that interweaves many of Oakland's most pressing social problems, including homelessness, environmental racism and gentrification.

Scannell excels at characterization, bringing a vibrancy to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from debutantes to homeless individuals. For example, Red, who plays a critical role in the plot as a guard at the stadium site, displays a poignant tenderness beneath a rough demeanor shaped by his own years on the streets.
The plot is taut and engaging... Scannell's authorial gaze is remarkably compassionate, especially to those who have been discarded by society at large. In addition to being an intriguing mystery, the novel is a cry for social activism..."
--BlueInk Review
Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5
Lethal Control is a physician-led mystery with a strong social message...This series title includes characters from a previous volume; their introductions here are light, but their personalities are still made apparent... And the book’s mystery elements are punctuated with scenes of medical drama...These varying stories connect in the high-energy resolution, in which Nora's fears-and her willingness to push through them-are validated...
--Foreword Clarion Reviews


Monday, October 25, 2021

Ancient Astronauts


Ancient Astronauts

- The search for humanity's hidden ancestors, ancient cave paintings going back tens of thousands of years, stone carvings buried for ages now revealed, unexplained depictions in ancient manuscripts.

Dwayne Buckle brings you the most intriguing conspiracy theories in “Ancient Astronauts”. The book focuses on the idea that not only do aliens exist, but it takes this belief a step ahead. It is suggested that aliens visited the earth thousands of years ago and shared their advanced technology with mankind. The book emphasizes this idea by taking a look at multiple unresolved mysteries. The Pyramids of Giza, for example, are truly a wonder to mankind. How is it possible that those heavy stones were carried without modern machinery? Especially considering that some of those stones weighed more than 2 tons. More importantly, how were the pyramids constructed to align with the Orion Belt stars? The precise astronomical alignment of the pyramids certainly cannot be attributed to humans.
Similar to this theory, Dwayne Buckle has gathered many other theories from different areas, languages, and religions. The information in the book is complete yet precise. Only the most relevant facts regarding these theories are added. Another notable aspect is the variety of content. The book includes information regarding the Wheel of Ezekiel, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, along with various mysterious phenomena from different parts of the world. The same fact emphasized by many different stories and myths adds an air of authenticity. Just the fact that so many mysteries from all over the world point to the same conclusion seems surreal.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

I Only Want French Fries!

Khalid doesn't know about all of the delicious foods he's missing out on because he ONLY likes French fries. This doesn't please Mom or Dad because they know that kids need to eat lots of healthy foods in order to grow big and strong. Will Khalid learn to try new foods to grow strong and healthy or will he forever say "I only want French fries"?


Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Silly Food Misdeeds of Tooty Frooty:

This is the story of Tooty and Frooty,
Neither are they big, Nor are they mighty.
All they weigh is just grams Eighty-Eighty,
But believe me friends...They are very very naughty.

Tooty Frooty are two cute and lovable but naughty kittens who are fond of eating Fish and Chips, Ice Creams and Egg Cheeseburgers every day. 

Panic strikes them when they hear that these items are not going to be available in the market. But not ones to be easily defeated, they try their brilliant(?) tactics to ensure that their favourite foods are always available. 

But their silly misdeeds always end up in unexpected results...

A funny illustrated children's rhyme book for ages 3 to 9 which will make kids laugh and also convey to them an important and useful lesson.

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Disciple of Vengeance


Betrayed and left for dead, rage is the only force keeping Janis alive. Rage at the enemies who slaughtered his family, at the wizard who sold them out, but most of all at himself for letting it happen.

Yet now it's too late to do anything about it.

His body spasms. His memories leak away. In his final moments, a presence approaches him. Alien but powerful, driven by a hunger he's never known. "Give me life within you," the nameless one offers, "and I will give you your vengeance."

Janis will go from prince assassin to fugitive sorcerer as he hunts the people who killed his family. He'll battle mercenaries, cultists, gods and wizards in a magic devastated world as he unravels a conspiracy that goes far beyond the treachery of one wizard.

He fuels his success with a diabolical power that will force him to ask what he sold his soul to, and to wonder what it really wants.

All he knows for sure is that there’s no going back.

Vengeance is only the beginning.

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I'm Still Alive


Don’t cry.
Just get away.

All Azalea remembers from before on that deserted London road are the pouring rain and the agonizing pain inflicted by a single bite. Forced to learn of her traumatic past through vivid nightmares, this new vampire tries to piece together the truth as she navigates a world no mortal knows exists. When romance and hope start to blossom, several barriers are cast towards her, including the wrath of one who is not prepared to share her. As circumstances turn violent, any chance at a normal life is vanquished. Enlisting the aid of creatures she once believed to be a myth, Azalea begins to fight, but how can she thrive in a world where her own darkness surrounds her and she finds herself constantly haunted by the colour RED?

Follow Azalea through book one of the trilogy, where fantasy mixes with mystery, a forbidden romance, and darkness.

Just get away.
Don’t cry.

*There are TRIGGER WARNINGS listed at the beginning.*


Don’t cry.
Just get away.

All Azalea remembers from before on that deserted London road are the pouring rain and the agonizing pain inflicted by a single bite. Forced to learn of her traumatic past through vivid nightmares, this new vampire tries to piece together the truth as she navigates a world no mortal knows exists. When romance and hope start to blossom, several barriers are cast towards her, including the wrath of one who is not prepared to share her. As circumstances turn violent, any chance at a normal life is vanquished. Enlisting the aid of creatures she once believed to be a myth, Azalea begins to fight, but how can she thrive in a world where her own darkness surrounds her and she finds herself constantly haunted by the colour RED?

Follow Azalea through book one of the trilogy, where fantasy mixes with mystery, a forbidden romance, and darkness.

Just get away.
Don’t cry.

*There are TRIGGER WARNINGS listed at the beginning.*


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Moon Girl 1 - Moon Rise


Moon Girl 1: Moon Rise

Ever since the turn of the millennium people have been developing powers. 15 years later these people have taken up masks and the age of heroes and villains has begun. Dreda is just trying to get a job and get somewhere with her life. But it doesn't take much to stumble upon a villain's plan. It just took being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or in Dreda's case, hand a job application to the wrong person. In a superhero world that isn't all it seems, Dreda finds her way to a job she never expected. Follow Dreda's path to becoming Moon Girl.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Stock Market Terminology for Beginners

Stock Market Terminology for Beginners : 

A Complete Guide to Learning the Stock Market Lingo

Read on and Start Investing within Reading the First 20 Pages! 

Imagine waking up one day and realizing you can halve your working hours and spend most of your time with your loved ones. 

Instead of rushing to go to work, you can have a slow morning cup of coffee on a sunny balcony on a Wednesday afternoon. 

You wouldn’t be the first one to achieve this with the help of a few smart stock market investments. 

Yes, it’s completely normal if you have no clue where to begin even thinking about investing. 

If you are like most stock market beginners, words like ‘bull’, ‘bear’, ‘dividend,’ and ‘IPO’ confuse you. No worries! These precise definitions with examples can get you to earning passive income!

Ask any big stock market investor - they started with learning stock market terms, concepts, and golden rules of how it works.

If you learn stock market terms now, they will make your investing experience easy, enjoyable, and profitable!

This book will teach you how to invest the right way so that when it comes time for you to buy stocks, your money doesn’t go down the drain.

You will see for yourself how simple it is to gain profit with the right approach!  

Here is what you get inside this blueprint:

  • Learn all the necessary terms to get going in the stock market fast!
  • Get started with investing immediately and effortlessly make passive income safely!
  • Build your skills now and start investing while reading! 
  • And much, much more!

Instead of letting inflation eat up years' worth of savings, investing in stocks is the most popular, tested, and profitable way of earning more money at home. 

This book makes sure you play safe and start learning how to earn income with the right terminology.

You're not risking anything by starting small!

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The Bath Beside the Still Waters

Are you facing life with a loved one with Alzheimer’s?

Are you struggling with the emotional toll that it is taking?

Do you want to find some way of keeping the flame of their life going?

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease that robs those who have it of precious memories and abilities that they once took for granted. Not only that but it leaves a trail of destruction for family members, partners, wives, husband and children that there can seem to be no answer to. But there is always hope, and it can often be found in circumstances where it seems most unlikely.

In this book, The Path Beside the Still Waters, Shaun Lennon describes how he and his wife fought back against Alzheimer’s, to snatch back small fragments of her life and offer hope to others who face similar conditions.

Faced with a bleak future, Shaun set about creating a new life for her, where she could enjoy long walks, caf├ęs, conversations with friends and strangers alike, and find renewed joy and laughter at an unlikely crossroad of her life.

It is a book written to appeal to those who face similar anguish, who are interested in the struggle for life and the immense importance of keeping its purpose, joy and hope alive in spite of an illness that only threatens to rob and destroy.

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Knowing Jesus in the Broken Place


Knowing Jesus in the Broken Place:

Wounds Healed by His Scars

At the age of 8 years old, I tried to commit suicide. From 12-14 years old, I ran away from my father, who abused me physically, mentally, and emotionally; eventually, I became homeless. I was raped at the age of 14 by a person who claimed to be a relative of mine. I became pregnant, and when I told them, no one believed me. I needed a way of escape. In the early 1980s, I became addicted to drugs.

Abused by my father, abandoned by my mother, and rejected by those I felt were supposed to love me. I know what PAIN is. I understand what it means to be alone with no one to turn to. But then I found out that the Lord was going to deliver me. He told me that I belonged to him and would be healed by him when I allowed him into my broken areas.

“Knowing Jesus in the Broken Places: Wounds Healed by His Scars” is a prophetic book that has been given to me by the Holy Spirit. I hope that it will help people understand that the Lord is with them even in the broken areas of their life.