Thursday, February 28, 2019

More Than A Village

More Than a Village 

Amazon description: More Than a Village is a feel-good story about a boy's transition from boyhood into manhood. The author gives credit to one primary source which contributed to his successes in life: family values. David calls it a Family Values Recipe for Success, which if followed will not only help our youth reach attainable goals in life but also reset the moral compass for families struggling to find balance in a forever changing modern-day America. The author speaks from experience because he is an individual who succeeded despite growing up in a village where the odds were stacked against him.


“This book reminds me of my experience with my son when he was born. My whole routine changed. The writer used quite interesting narrations to captivate his readers. I was picturing the whole event as illustrated by the writer. The aspect of a personal encounter with God can only be felt individually and the experience is an awesome one. This is one amazing book I would love to have on my shelf to pass on to my family and friends. God’s love is so real.”
Pre-order Customer 
(Received advance copy of Intro and Chapter 1)

“Thanks for the sneak peek of your book! I loved it and thought it was appropriate to start the first chapter with your ‘rebirth’ because I know that this sets the stage for the rest of the book. And I'm excited that many will read about how easy it is to become saved...and I believe that many will...Hallelujah!”
Pre-order Customer 
(Received advance copy of Intro and Chapter 1)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Strangers In The Storm

Whether you're a fan of excellent written and original love stories, survival or mountaineering adventures or you simply enjoy reading something light, "Strangers in the Storm" is a must in your collection!

Written with an easy-to-read, authentic and entertaining style, "Strangers in the Storm" tells the amazing tale of Jared Rund and Diane McKenney, two strangers who are put to a major survival test during a climb on Mount Rainier. Caught by a massive storm which makes it impossible to find the way back, they would soon learn that in order to stay alive, they will first and foremost need each other's support. This close call experience creates an amazing bond between the two characters, introducing the reader to a lesson of love and survival like no other

"Strangers In The Storm: Love And Survival On Mount Rainier" manages to capture your attention from the very first pages by going beyond the classic love novel and exploring the limits of the human endurance. Order it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a book-loving friend and you'll surely win their appreciation!

Lost On The Highway

A compelling "coming out of the closet" narrative, entwined in a possessive love story, unfolding in Istanbul.

Alaz, an undergraduate student, falls in love with another man, named Batu, and gets pulled into an enticing and exciting gay scene in Istanbul. As he is breaking away from the taboos of his conservative upbringing forced upon him and shaped by the traditional middle eastern mentality , he enters into Istanbul's underground queer world which is filled with promises of enlightenment, sexual exploration, and self-discovery.

Yet, there is a problem: Batu is too much for a young and inexperienced gay man to handle; he is emotionally manipulative, temperamental, and unpredictable. Alaz becomes obsessed with Batu, and as the complications arise from pursuing happiness while trying to untangle Batu's web of passion and dealing with his deceitful behavior, Alaz and his friends will all learn the same lesson:

Love is a highway where people get lost, and they are all try finding their way home in the dark.

'Author's note'

When someone is in love with someone else it's like entering a one sided highway. Such an endless road that doesn't go anywhere, where there's nothing other than the darkness around it. Many of us have travelled on this highway for a long time but never reach the target. The important thing is not the destination but the road lies ahead.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Against All Odds | Entrepreneur Tools for Success

The objective in this book is to inspire you by sharing my life lessons. Hopefully, this book will help you create another revenue stream. This book will uplift your mental attitude and bring you into better awareness of yourself.

If you are selling a product or developing a brand, this book is for you. If you want to move the culture forward, get a better business deal, or close a current deal, this book is for you. The information in this book is targeted to independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, go-getters, minorities of the earth's population, and not the majority. 

Through this book, l will help to motivate all of you who desire to succeed. This will help them start over a more positive life and prosperous business. Are you confused, fearful, depressed, skeptical, feeling trapped, or just want to make a difference? This book will help you on your journey to WIN.

Now is the time to step up and assume the responsibility. Accept the challenge and take the risk of going after your dreams. Life is a gamble and it’s time to bet on yourself. What you think matters, and what you do can change the world. Your identity is vital. It’s time to speak up and be a voice in today’s culture. 

Monday, February 25, 2019


“Dulce et Decorum est…”

Popular movies have offered viewers a glimpse into the Vietnam War, but few address the reality of being a soldier in the conflict. Pachyderms is based on the true story of a soldier’s experience during the unpopular police action.
Young and anxious for a first military assignment, Dan Coobat is shocked to discover his first duty post is one to an aviation unit in a nonexistent outfit.
With overwhelming obstacles and little formal training, Danny and brothers set about to create the 312th Aviation Company. Danny quickly discovers: “What the soldier sees (or hears) is NOT what the soldier gets.”
Eventually, Danny is faced with an even tougher battle... Coming back home to America.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Infernally Yours

Infernally Yours by Molotov Mitchell is a collection of letters, missives, and communiques discovered in a deep hole in the ground near Death Valley,California. Presumably, the hole is an opening to Hell itself and these fascinating letters cover much ground over what went on down there during theAmerican time period of the Revolutionary War. Various satanic military personnel discuss a 'Legendary' named George Washington at great length.Despite their greatest efforts to undermine him, Washington manages to escape real harm and deception at every turn. It's an amusing read to see how politics and petty one-upmanship prevails in Hell as well as on Earth. 
The letters are written with great charm (albeit evil charm), wit(malevolent wit) and wicked humor. 
MAPCIT Raven spell, I have recently read Cpt. Dillydoubt's pathetic excuse for an intelligence report and am overly displeased. Not only was his letter ridiculously long and boring, but the profiles seemed slapdash, at best. I never got a real feel for the men I was reading about, which is why I ordered the report in the first place. Worst of all, the toad had the audacity to advise me, Rustcut the Rotten! Who is this imp who speaks as if I were an equal? If I'd wanted the Captain's opinion, I would have cut it out of him with a spoon!
There are copies of an infernal newsletter (Malicious Minutes) that reported community happenings, like the successful campaign to feminize Frenchmen in that time period and other breaking news:
Satanic Subscribers, I hope you're all having an awful year. I know I am. Recently,Western Command has undergone several changes. Rumors are swirling, so for this edition of MM, I thought we'd clear the air on two red hot topics. Minute 1:After being recommissioned to India, SS Ouroboros was brought before theProgress Commission for eating Lt. Scalywick. That is correct, the rumors are true. I saw it coming and sure enough, that larded lummox ate his own lieutenant. However, because of his truly satanic record, Principalities broke with tradition and did not feed him to the Worm (as other agencies have erroneously reported). Instead, he was cast into the Pit for reeducation. He is to be replaced by Scalywick himself, once the lieutenant has reconstituted.
I found this book to be delightfully different. It's a well-written humorous look at satanic personalities with a peek into their culture. The pages are accompanied by wonderfully-drawn illustrations as well. Recommended for history buffs and horror/fantasy fans alike. It's not often that a truly original concept comes along, but this is one. I just hope there's going to be a second book soon. 
- Susan Durbec
  HUGEOrange Reviewer

Saturday, February 23, 2019

MENy Calculations

I WON primary legal & physical child custody. I WON child support. I WON our home. I DIDN'T PAY alimony. I DIDN'T PAY spousal support. My STBX (soon to be ex) paid some of MY court costs and got visitation every other weekend. She worked full-time, didn’t have a seedy past and we raised our children together for 10+ years. Still I WON. 

MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Step Into Court (Volume 1), isn’t like typical divorce books for men. It arms guys with valuable insight, help and tips for messy divorces and how to strategically win. This book delivers practical divorce help for men. All men - not just fathers seeking child custody. This book was purposely written to support an under-advised population of guys on their gravely road ahead - told the way I’d tell a buddy in need. So, let’s grab a drink, one on one, talk preparation, strategy and get you some financial help in the process. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Pre Online Course

Pre Online Course: 

Basic Knowledge About The Most Profitable Information Product Of All Time 

Do you want to start your online business? 
Do you want to build a solid base for your success?
Do you want to learn how to teach?
Do you want to stop selling your lifetime for money anymore?
Do you search a book specifically about online video courses?

Hello, my name is Richard and I am in the online business for more than two and a half years.

This eBook is about your online education business foundation.
It will teach you everything you need to know about the principles of the video course business. 
It is the bedrock of your teaching business.

This book has no date of 2019 in the title, because you can use this information at any time.

You can use this book, if you want to upload your course on a platform and if you want to build your own website.

This book is for every beginner, who wants to start from scratch and for professionals, who want to expand their expertise.

The content is not just about the course business principles, but also about the different and detailed teaching techniques, the camera + audio equipment you need, the creation process of your personal masterplan and much more.

You don’t need a business background!
You don’t need to be an entrepreneur!
You don’t need any academical background or a degree!
You don’t need any social media presence!
You don’t need to be a tech pro!
You don’t need fancy skills!
You don’t need to be a mystical being!

The only thing you really need to start, is the willpower to do it. Nothing else!

About The Author
1. Are Information Products Dead?
2. The Definition Of Online Courses
3. What Makes It Successful?
4. Why People Buy Free Stuff
5. Do You Need To Be An Expert?
6. Why Lifestyle Beats Passion
7. Make Dreams To Goals
8. Why Niches?
9. How To Find A Niche Where The Money Is
10. The Equipment
11. Are Online Courses The Only Products To Create?
12. Thank You

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Her Viking Heart

After losing both parents, Anna Miller is alone. With no other family and a dismal dating history, loneliness and depression overwhelm her. As she struggles to cope with the loss, she comes across a shocking family secret that changes her future. Finding new purpose after discovering her father’s hidden research, Anna begins a journey to unravel the family mystery buried in four generations of deceit. Determined to complete what her father had started, she follows the clues, and along the way opens herself up to love and a new sense of belonging. But is it real? The answer she searches for may reveal her true heritage but might also threaten her own chance at happiness and a new life. A novel of emotional growth, family, and acceptance.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Get Life Right

Get Life Right: Improve 70 aspects of your life today!  

Whether your life is in turmoil or you just need fresh ideas to improve in a few areas, this audiobook will provide you with the skills that help you:  

Think with more clarity, imagination, and judgment. 
Know your abilities and love how you are using them.  
Shed anxiety and take charge of your emotions.  
Visualize a more exciting future; leaving nothing out.  
Create the most direct path to your future.  
Create and accumulate value in everything you do.  
Earn more doing what you like to do best.  
Attract friends like whom you want to be.  
Enhance all of your relationships.  
Live with more meaning and purpose.  
Gain reassurance, peace of mind, and motivation.  
Broken into seven topics, each topic is jam-packed with sound advice, new perspective, and fresh inspiration. It's the culmination of hundreds of self-help books all packed into one easy listen. Smartly indexed so you can go back to topics that pertain most to your life again and again.  

Topics in Get Life Right: 

"Sharpen Your Thinking, Focus, Creativity and Purpose" 
"Plan a Really Exciting Life and Leave Nothing Out" 
"Learn, Love and Get the Most out of Your Attributes" 
"Finance the Life You Want, Doing What You Like Best" 
"Attract the People You'd Like to Be Like" 
"Improve Your Relationships and Marriage" 
"Create and Maintain a Close Family" 
Bonus topic: "Craft the Best Life Possible"

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Imagine a perfect future...

Artificial brains and genetically improved animals allow humans a comfortable existence but also to degenerate and wither. 

Nola is a city-born girl that dedicated her life to the service of the whole. Unfortunately, Nola's death is nearing. The egg layer of her cluster is about to die and per the covenant that signals Nola's coming end.

Factors unimaginable to Nola step in and make her an offer. 
She may be spared, but at what cost?

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mirrors of Illusion

An enthralling tale of love and family, heart break and betrayal, personal failure and self-discovery.

Jonathan’s deep affection for his family and Emilie are only matched by the feelings of loneliness and fear they evoke. As he works hard to provide for himself and his struggling family, he lets go by choice, the one thing that is right in his life-Emilie. 
Meeting Peter, his new belligerent boss, loving father but troubled soul with emotional baggage; he is unwittingly forced to reflect on himself, his family and Emilie while asking himself fundamental questions…

What part of them is real? What part of his life is real? 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The 7 Figure Juice Bar Business Master Class

The 7 Figure Juice Bar Business Master Class:

Key mistakes to avoid / start and grow a successful juice bar without prior experience with this blueprint

Over the last few years, I went from literally not knowing anything about the juice industry to running a Juice Business that become a juice bar, vegan cafĂ© and wellness studio then quickly expanding to rehabbing more buildings to expand the juice bar to make it into a big wellness center. I have worked as a consultant to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of making it big and now you can too benefit from my experience. I have made a lot of mistakes and have negotiated great deals. Now its your turn to dream big and implement implement implement! Please keep in mind this is not a book to read for pleasure. This book is just compilation of info, mistakes, advice from my personal experience of how to open a juice bar and grow it quickly beyond your dreams – don’t read searching for grammar and sentence composition errors etc because you’ll find them instead focus on the advice and how to apply it because I promise you I’ve spent a lot of money by making big mistakes and now you can simply learn from me to save money and earn money very quickly.

Saturday, February 16, 2019



The search for the biggest secret on earth has begun 

Aldaraia is the next, must have title in the conspiracy theory category. Running alongside works like The Da Vinci Code, Aldaraia is filling an ever-growing demand for intellectual fiction. 
The story begins with intrigue as ancient documents of monumental importance surface at an auction. Before the truth of them could be discovered, the new owner passed away and left them with his daughter, Jenifer. 
The inquisitive girl that she is, and feeling the need to connect to her deceased father after years of secrecy on his dealings, Jenifer unites with Professor Bishop to learn the secrets of the box left to her.
In a mystery filled adventure that has the pair traveling the world things get darker. Soon the ground shaking discovery of a murdered priest sets the tone for their puzzling quest. This death, however, becomes a mere fragment in the web of occult and conspiracy chapters that lay ahead. 
The pair must work with skill and speed and are soon led to rummaging the archives with legendary historian Monroe, but time is of the essence. As if dealing with decoding the ancient code wasn’t bad enough, the group soon realize they are dealing with multiple ancient orders: some of which are hot on their tails. 
And the biggest threat is yet to surface...
Aldaraia is an intellectual tale that prompts questioning at every turn and guarantees the reader a new look at what they thought they knew, both in fiction and reality. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Magical Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

The Magical Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Jimmy Crikey is a boy with an unusual appearance. He is endowed with a bright red mop of unruly hair, big blue eyes, a small snub nose, pointed ears and ee-nor-mous feet. Because he is ridiculed and bullied by the neighbourhood children, Jimmy decides to run away. He wants to search for answers and he needs to find his place in a world where he can fit in.In his midnight escape through the moonlit forest, he stumbles over hidden tree roots and tumbles into a deep, dark shaft. Jimmy emerges from the dark into a bright, new, underground world.Jimmy cannot resist the urge to explore. He discovers and rescues the town of Roombelow from the curse of a sleeping spell. The miserable witch, Matilda, had forgotten how to laugh. The town’s mayor, Mr McDonald, is so grateful he offers Jimmy a home and adopts him into his family. Gemma, the tiny lady who Jimmy saved from a life trapped at the bottom of the well, becomes his closest friend, along with Matilda the witch who lives in the house on the hill. Jimmy now has the prospect of a new life and vows to prove his worth to the people of Roombelow.And so begins a series of extraordinary adventures involving magic, mystery, monsters and mayhem in the subterranean world of Roombelow - before Jimmy eventually finds the answers he has been looking for.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Fainting Cure

The Simple Method to Prevent Fainting For Sufferers of Anxiety and Blood-Injury-Injection Phobia 

(Anxiety Support Book 1)

Do you struggle with fainting spells caused by anxiety?

If so, then this guide is for you! We'll be covering the following details:

*The one thing you MUST do if you feel you are about to faint (it’s not putting your head between your knees).

*How to short-circuit the fainting process with a simple mental trick.

*The surprising origins of your fainting problem. 

*How to treat your condition without drugs.

You CAN rid yourself of fainting spells with the information contained within this short guide. Grab this book today and learn the method I use to make fainting a thing of the past!

Don't forget to follow the link at the end of the guide to grab your FREE e-book on how to overcome social anxiety.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Harley's Return

Have you ever had a love so profound it altered your life? Such is the love of Mari and Harley. He was her everything. She was his reason for being. He fell in deeply love the moment he first laid eyes on her.

He was a biker who made his money customizing and creating accessories for a variety of motorcycles. He loved Steppenwolf, riding his Harley hog, and most of all, he loved Mari. He was her angel and he was her devil and their love would never fade over time.

Memories of a sweet love lost. How do you know when you have found the love of your life? Does the longing for a lost love ever go away?

Mari would give almost anything to have Harley with her. To have his arms encircle her and hold her close, to feel his hands massage her back and shoulders. To smell the Irish Spring soap on his skin and sun-kissed hair, to gaze into his smoldering eyes, to feel the gentle caresses of his lips brushing hers, just one more caress to last a thousand lifetimes, one last time to feel the sweet agony of his love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Poquito - Unpacking The Memory Jar

Poquito: is indeed a collection of bits of many things cramped together inside a memory jar. Through small fragments and short, personal narratives, the author invites you to step into her childhood of clear-water playas, savor the joys and heartaches of motherhood, and celebrate the bravery of facing sorrow and despair. The author adds flavor to the writing by weaving English and Spanish throughout the stories.

Monday, February 11, 2019


“Dulce et Decorum est…”

Popular movies have offered viewers a glimpse into the Vietnam War, but few address the reality of being a soldier in the conflict. Pachyderms is based on the true story of a soldier’s experience during the unpopular police action.
Young and anxious for a first military assignment, Dan Coobat is shocked to discover his first duty post is one to an aviation unit in a nonexistent outfit.
With overwhelming obstacles and little formal training, Danny and brothers set about to create the 312th Aviation Company. Danny quickly discovers: “What the soldier sees (or hears) is NOT what the soldier gets.”
Eventually, Danny is faced with an even tougher battle... Coming back home to America.