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Earthquake: How the Ever-shifting Healthcare Model Victimizes Americans


How the Ever-shifting Healthcare

Model Victimizes Americans

Healthcare in America is littered with confusing rules and unclear systems. The discussion is oft centered on misconstrued facts and downright lies. Some politicians claim that nobody ever died from lack of access, that the Affordable Care Act is unnecessary and American healthcare isn’t cost-prohibitive. Some claim no one has lost Medicare or Medicaid coverage and pre-existing conditions don’t threaten coverage. 

One thing that can’t be denied about American healthcare is how often the average consumer is left confused. Earthquake: How the Ever-shifting Healthcare Model Victimizes Americans uses an easy-to-understand metaphor that equates the ever-shifting healthcare system with tectonic plates: just as earthquakes create victims with every shift of tectonic plates, so does the unstable American healthcare system. 

Dr. Brian Casull, a physician and physician executive of over 40 years, provides information that will help you escape to solid ground, including discussions about:

  • What drives healthcare cost and what you can do about it; 
  • What the Affordable Care Act does and doesn’t do; 
  • The on-going political assault on your healthcare including pre-existing conditions, preventive care and the 10 essential categories of care you rightfully deserve. 

Earthquake aims to give you, the average healthcare consumer, the information necessary to become informed about America’s healthcare system and understand the tectonic plates that make your healthcare shake and tremble. With this book in hand, you can stay up-to-date on America’s Healthcare in Transition.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Thank You For Making Me Better!

Dede Sooyoo was just a normal college student when she was whisked away from her home in Ghana and planted in the last place she ever expected: Maryland. There, armed with nothing but an iron will and an endless sense of optimism, she dove enthusiastically into the corporate world. Follow Dede's sometimes hilarious, sometimes harrowing journey as she endured years of bullying and prejudice, only to end up with a nightmarish boss who tried to get rid of her using everything from theft to voodoo magic. Did Dede finally abandon her joy, or was she able to maintain her sunny disposition? Laugh, cry, and be inspired by this true tale of integrity, determination, and the simple power of kindness.

while supplies last

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Forgotten Bones

An unlikely pair teams up to investigate a brutal murder in a haunting thriller that walks the line between reality and impossibility.
When small-town police officers discover the grave of a young boy, they’re quick to pin the crime on a convicted criminal who lives nearby. But when it comes to murder, Officer Susan Marlan never trusts a simple explanation, so she’s just getting started.
Meanwhile, college professor Eric Evans hallucinates a young boy in overalls: a symptom of his schizophrenia—or so he thinks. But when more bodies turn up, Eric has more visions, and they mirror details of the murder case. As the investigation continues, the police stick with their original conclusion, but Susan’s instincts tell her something is off. The higher-ups keep stonewalling her, and the FBI’s closing in.
Desperate for answers, Susan goes rogue and turns to Eric for help. Together they take an unorthodox approach to the case as the evidence keeps getting stranger. With Eric’s hallucinations intensifying and the body count rising, can the pair separate truth from illusion long enough to catch a monster?

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Alperose - Love Where You Least Expect It

If you liked the magic of "Pretty Woman" and "Notting Hill", you will just love this touching and inspiring story! "Alperose" is an ambitious romance story written by Michel F. Bolle, confirming his talent as an outstanding storyteller. Captivating from the first moment by adding surprising turnarounds and great characters, this story will nail you to your seat until the end. It is the story of Alice and Robert. Two complete opposites that meet one day somewhere lost in the middle of the swiss alps. Robert and Alice did not know that they were about to be held ransom by destiny. Would it be a kidnap or a beautiful memory to remember? It was all in their hands to decide. Or let's say almost...

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Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less

Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less:

101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb, and Untold Truths for Fathers by Any Definition

Eight years in the making, Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less: 101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb, and Untold Truths for Fathers by any Definition is a quick-hitting read, perfect for busy fathers everywhere. 
Learn the triggers that change child behavior; the rules of thumb for dessert portions; the best place to learn to ride a bike; a fun way to learn to add two numbers that equal ten; an observation for handling despondent children; what’s in a take-along survival kit for a child and more.

The advice in Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less is useful for fathers of all types including: 

  • Traditional fathers,

  • Foster and adoptive parents,

  • Big brother mentors, 

  • Single parents, 

  • Same-sex parents, 

  • Older, first-time fathers, and 

  • Anyone with a father or father figure in their life. 

Author Mark M. Welfley draws on his own experiences as a non-traditional father, touching on topics that parenting and fatherhood reference guides and books don't often mention. Concise and thought-provoking, Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less offers practical wisdom and a working knowledge of fatherhood.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Pieces, His Masterpiece

Clutch your pearls because this Preacher’s wife has laid out all of her truth on these pages. Not sugar coated, pressed, or polished, just MY truth. Before I was a Preacher’s wife, I was a “rough around the edges” schoolgirl, hiding behind the scars of a past that sometimes still haunts me today. The heartache associated with abandonment issues, molestation and rape, depression, infidelity, gun tragedy, jealousy, the birth of a child with a disability, and so much more, almost crippled me on many days. Trying to see God’s plan for my life through all these broken pieces seemed nearly impossible. But, in sharing my story of how God used all of my pieces to create a masterpiece, I pray that you too will find your strength, and embrace your journey as you learn to love yourself beyond the pain and brokenness, and walk boldly and unapologetically into your purpose. God has a plan for our pain. We are all perfectly flawed masterpieces!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Leon's Island

Leon's Island: 

A Tempestuous Romance

Is it too late to stay in paradise?

When Suzy Mitchell thinks she witnesses a murder, she runs for her life. Only to end up in the hands of the gorgeous and powerful ship’s captain Leon Leger. 

But just because Leon is the most handsome man on the planet and happens to own an island in the Caribbean, it doesn't mean that a feisty, independent young woman like Suzy is going to fall for his charms. 

Their personalities clash – spectacularly – for their entire storm-tossed sea voyage, and a sojourn on the magical Leon's Island. But could the dangerous venture that awaits them bring them together at last? Or will fate leave Suzy returning to England alone? Is it too late to stay in paradise? 

Marigold West (pseudonym of Betty Maura-Cooper) has had three 'romantic genre' books published by Robert Hale in the Rainbow Romance series - Just Dreams, Truth to Tell (also published in Italian and in Woman's Weekly Library series) and Echoes of Another Love. She has also had numerous short stories published in Woman, Best Yours, and articles in local journals.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Big Black Book of Sex Positions

From the writers who brought you The Little Black Book of Sex Positions comes a bigger and better manual than ever before. The Big Black Book of Sex Positions is your go-to guide if you feel like your sex life has gone stale. Spice things up with these tantalizing positions that will enhance your sexual experience like never before. 

Within this accessible and approachable guide, you’ll find exciting and steamy sex positions like Bottoms Up, The Joyride, The Lotus, Spread Eagle, as well as more than twenty less-frequent, but more adventurous sexual topics and positions. You’ll also discover sections about foreplay, toys, setting the mood, exercises to improve your performance and flexibility, why size only matters when it’s wrong, and many other burning topics that are often overlooked. 

Get ready to take your sex life to a whole-new level with The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.

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(Dargath Chronicles Book 1)

Information, Power. Respect.

Xelnath of the Gnarled Root—a tavern owner, information broker, healer, and guildmaster of the Blackwind Company—has found a place, far better than the forest from which he came in the magical metropolis and city-state of Lladad in the Magiian Empire.

When a simple act of kindness draws the ire of a troubled assassin, his love-stricken Archmage father and an army of magically constructed golems, Xel must scheme with vipers of the high court, mingle with royalty at the castle, blackmail drug dealers in the slums, and fight assassins and mercenaries in the streets.

He needs to lean on the support of his motley crew of a dark elf assassin, a dragon pirate, a high elf royal, and a talking dog artificer to keep him from his own inner demons and doubts.

Perfect for fans of World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Brandon Sanderson, Michael J. Sullivan, Nicholas Eames, and Scott Lynch.

Genre: Epic Fantasy/High Fantasy/Swords and Sorcery

Tinderellas and Bumblebelles: Men's Ultimate Guide to Dating A

Tinderellas and Bumblebelles: 

Men's Ultimate Guide to Dating Apps

Discover what's hindering your Tindering.     

        Tinder, Bumble, along with other dating apps provide men with much exposure to women of all calibers. Imagine dating the women of your dreams. I’m not referring to just looks, but true compatibility.

        The above could come off as an overstatement. However, I promise you that through this book, Gabe will show you the light. You will learn the most effective strategies for online dating. Gabe starts by building you a compelling profile that’s guaranteed to attract more matches. Then he teaches you how to relate to every match and start fiery conversations.   
        Whether you’re looking for a soulmate, activity partner, or just trying to get laid, Tinderellas and Bumblebelles will elevate your game. This short book is jam-packed with content that’s proven to bypass women’s attraction mechanism, so they’re subconsciously attracted to you before meeting in person. You will learn how to keep an alluring conversation flowing and build up attraction to a peak, so when you do meet for that first date, your match is already craving you.   

          Be prepared to break the psychological limitations and boundaries that you’ve imposed on yourself. You will master online dating, go on more dates than you ever thought imaginable, and most importantly, charm women in any scenario.

Bonus content includes:
-Numerous screenshots of Gabe's real conversations
-Swiping strategies
-Match classification context guide
-How to mentally and physically prepare yourself, 
-Gabe’s first date recommendations. 

This book is a sure way to turn your dating life around.

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FREE Books To Share


Sexy Challenges knows that there is not limit to the sexual energy you can experience. However, a good majority of people out there do not have any clue what products are out there to help improve their sexual experiences. That is why I put together a crack team of experts to help find the best products for your sexual satisfaction.  
Now-a-days there are millions of sexual products out there to choose from. Which means there is a lot to consider when making a selection to put more pleasure in your sex life. Not only are their choices but there are health issues to sexual items, and now many times come with warranties and options, that a person can get overwhelmed in a hurry. Sex should not be stressful nor should picking out items to assist you in your sexual escapades. 
That is why this book was created. Items to enhance your sexual experience are investments. You put out money for said items and hope they will deliver massive returns on your investments. However throwing money blindly in a sex toy store or online isn’t the best investment policy. You have to do the research. With that being said most people don’t have the time or the balls to really dive into researching sexual items. Good thing my team here at Sexy Challenges does. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Sexy Challenges.  You can find all our Issues and books at  We have issues for the Amazon Kindle as well as print books.  You can also get Sexy Challenges on any Amazon Kindle Application (iPhone etc.)

Each Morning we wake up to start our day. Many times we don't wake up in the best of moods. When we don't wake up in the best of moods we can find ourselves struggling thought the entire day. A downward spiral starts when we wake up with that bad attitude towards the day. 

This book is designed to help you break out of bad attitude routine and start your day off in the most positive of moods. Within this class you will find several tips to help you wake up and start you day in a positive manner. 

This book is the first in the efforts of The Temple of Positive Energy to start helping people become more positive and excited about life. Believe it or not but your moods are contagious and your actions impact the actions of all the others around you, starting out with the people you love the most, your family, then you take it to work and share it with your friends and co-workers. Making Little changes in the morning to start it out positive not only helps you but helps everyone you come in contact with. 

Do you have the desire to take your date nights to the next level?  If so, we are recruiting you to become one of our elite Mission Date Night Agents.  You can be single, in a new relationship, in a long-term relationship or married for years. This training mission will help you understand what other Mission Date Night Adventures are all about.  

In this mission, you and your date will be pitted against the colorless Salvadory Dolly and her plot to make relationships bland and boring.  As an agent, you will be given directives to help stop Ms. Dolly and keep color and excitement not only in your relationship but in relationships all over the world.  

Will you accept this mission from The Federation of Relationship Bliss' directors, Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex?  Will you help stop Salvadory Dolly and her evil plot against love and relationships?  We are counting on you and your partner to step up your date night game and put an end to this evil villain.  

Mission Date Night Adventures are designed to help spark many things in your relationship.  You will put more focus on your date nights and put new excitement into them.  You will get to step into character, if you like, enjoy a bit of a treasure hunt, and create lasting memories.   

Couples that become Mission Date Night Agents receive more than just the simple experience of the date night.  Their conversations flow.  They build lasting memories.  They see their friendship improve while creating opportunities for romance.  With these wonderful experiences, couples all over the world are finding the support they need to have the best relationship ever. 

When you choose to become Mission Date Night Agents you will no longer need to ask, “What do you want to do?” only to hear, “I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”  Instead, you and your sweetheart will already have a plan.  You will have a mission to complete!

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Aquaman: The Junior Novel

Aquaman: The Junior Novel

Based on the major motion picture, Aquaman: The Junior Novel retells the action-packed story of Aquaman. This book contains never-before-seen scenes and a full-color section of eye-catching art.
Home is calling. . . .
Known to most as simply Aquaman, Arthur Curry possesses incredible powers. He’s also the reluctant heir to a mysterious underwater kingdom. But Arthur wants nothing to do with the people of Atlantis, who took his mother from him many years ago.
Arthur’s destiny beckons when a vicious storm sends the warships of several world powers to shipwreck on the shores. This act is a warning from the King of Atlantis himself to the surface world: War is coming.
Aquaman will have to travel deep beneath the sea to protect the surface world from the looming threat. In order to save the only world he’s ever known, will Aquaman embrace his destiny to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Last Summer

From the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Everything series comes a new novel of love, lies, and deceit.
Lifestyle journalist Ella Skye remembers every celebrity she interviewed, every politician she charmed between the sheets, and every socialite who eyed her with envy. The chance meeting with her husband, Damien; their rapid free fall into love; and their low-key, intimate wedding are all locked in her memory. But what she can’t remember is the tragic car accident that ripped her unborn child from her. Ella can’t even recall being pregnant.
Hoping to find the memories of a lost pregnancy that’s left her husband devastated and their home empty, Ella begins delving into her past when she’s assigned an exclusive story about Nathan Donovan, a retired celebrity adventurer who seems to know more about her than she does him. To unravel the mystery of her selective memory loss, Ella follows Nathan from the snowcapped Sierra Nevada to the frozen slopes of southeast Alaska. There she discovers the people she trusts most aren’t the only ones keeping secrets from her—she’s hiding them from herself. Ella quickly learns that some truths are best left forgotten.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Green Mist Rising

Green Mist Rising

(Green Mist Chronicles Book 1)

Green Mist Rising is the first in a series of Science Fantasy books, which are set in an alternative dimension. The story focusses on the fortunes of a green mist covered country called "Celtishia," which is under threat from an advanced Egypt. A Plymouth girl called Sarah Salter finds herself caught in this dimension, when she mysteriously steps through to the City of Devonport, where everybody is green. And in the events that follow, she is encouraged to play a key role. 

2nd book will be released in July 2019