Friday, July 31, 2020

How To Deal With The Police

How to Deal with the Police: 

A Blunt Tutorial on How to Avoid Getting in 

Trouble with the Police


This book is for you if you’ve been getting in trouble with the police and you’re hungry for knowledge on how to stop that. This book is for you if you’re a parent that’s often worried that your child could be the next victim of police brutality and would want your children to read this for their own sake, and for your own peace of mind. You’re a high school teacher and you would want to recommend this book to your students. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that life the way it is (police brutality does exist) must be handled in a way that you do not become a victim of police brutality too. If you were waiting for the utopian future of no police brutality anywhere, you would not be reading this book.

Before I proceed further, I must let you know that I don’t pretend to hold all the answers and or to have all the knowledge about how to avoid getting in trouble with the police. Most of the knowledge shared in this book are from my experiences during my several encounters with the police. All my personal encounters with the police in America and abroad have resulted in zero arrests and zero detentions. I have also observed and read about the encounters of others who have gotten in trouble with the police. I have learned from their mistakes as well. I have also learned a lot from reading books. 

However, you do not need to hold degrees in the social sciences in order to learn the techniques and or ideas that have worked for me. All you need is to have an open mind and the willingness to learn. Also, you need to let go of all your basic assumptions and all the conventional wisdom that you possess. Conventional wisdom, by the way, is not wisdom. Conventional wisdom is what everybody knows. This book is not about what everybody knows.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Toot and Tut: With Nuttin’ in Kommon

Toot and Tut: With Nuttin’ in Kommon

Long ago, Toot, Tut, and Mum were just like you and me. They laughed, cried, sneezed, and passed gas just like the rest of us. Then, something terrible happened: they died. Their father tried to bring them back with the help of an underachieving alchemist, but the alchemist bungled it and made them immortal instead!

Now, they laugh, cry, sneeze, and pass gas while wrapped in old, thick bandages. They’re 100 percent authentic mummies. For thousands of years, they have roamed quietly, only escaping their sarcophagi in the cover of night. Still, it isn’t all bad for the mummified family. They get to see the world—one museum at a time—and learn everything they never had time to learn before they died. Plus, they’re together. But, when Tut, the serious one, and Toot, the mischievous one, get into trouble in their new museum home, the mummies learn more about today’s world than they ever thought they would. And it might just ruin their best-kept secret.

What Mum, Toot, and Tut thought was just another temporary home turned into the mummies’ worst nightmare. After having their identities discovered, they have to put their trust in a couple of nighttime security guards and the museum’s curator to find their way out of this mess before things go too far!

Invite Page -


Following a painful divorce Dr. Dorothy Jarrod, archaic language specialist, has accepted a secondary position in a far away, minor community college in order to escape her embarrassment at the betrayal of her ex-husband in her North Carolina hometown.

She is surprised as an invitation to join an archeological dig in Scotland presents itself just as life seems to be beating her down. Her old graduate school professor needs her language skills to try and decode some stone tablets, at least that is what he says.

She gets on the plane to a new life and adventure. She makes a friend in Jim Buchanan from Edinburgh. He is a civil engineer, yet there is more below the surface of his role in this new experience.

Along the way, people and events from the past start to appear in her dreams. The closer she gets to the meaning of the tablets, the more visions of the past intrude on her present life, sapping her strength.

Soon all will be revealed as Dorothy steps into power and control as the state of good and evil hangs in the balance.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

January Tenth: Finding Our Power of Purpose in the United State of Addiction

January Tenth: Finding Our Power of Purpose in the United State of Addiction

Finding our path of purpose will often be revealed to us after we decide which paths not to take or get beat into submission by the paths we've already chosen. Regardless, our greatest obstacle to achieving our purpose has become the worst four-letter word in history: EASY. For profit industries have helped us create a life-style opposed to anything that removes us from our ever-shrinking comfort zone. In exchange for easy lives, we give up our one and only gift to the world, our purpose, for someone or something else that lives to their purpose. This is not a judgement of industries; used correctly, these industries are essential and provide outstanding products for daily growth. January Tenth provides readers with the necessity to exchange the values of industry projections for internal values of self worth and self confidence. The result will be a journey for our purpose!

Mercy: The Devil is in the Details...

Mercy: The Devil is in the Details...

Anthony Banna remembers the day the demon first came for him. It had been at the age of eight, when his grandfather’s corpse had grabbed him from its coffin, eyes blazing, speaking in a voice that was not his own . . .

Years have passed. The demon comes and goes, never staying away for long, never giving Anthony the normal life he craves. Now a student at Rutgers University, Anthony decides, finally, that enough is enough.

Under the guidance of celebrated academic and demonologist James Gilligan, Anthony begins to delve into the supernatural, eventually discovering among the old, dusty tomes, the story of one Mercedes Engle, a 17th Century Dutch colonist who, legend claimed, had been visited by the Archangel Raphael. Anthony can’t help but wonder: could Mercedes’ descendants still live in New York? Could they hold the key to defeating the demon once and for all?

Mercy is the thrilling, romantic, and sometimes comic tale of an Italian-American boy who, coming at last into adulthood, is forced to face his demons head-on—literally

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Songwriter: Following the sound of love

If you like the TV-Series "Nashville" or the blockbuster "A star is born", the music novel "The Songwriter" is for you!

The Swiss musician and book author Chris Regez released the English version of his success music novel, «The Songwriter». It was first published in German in Europe. 

But why would a Swiss come up with the idea of writing a music novel that takes place in Nashville? The simple reason for this is: Chris Regez knows the music scene in Nashville very well, because he himself recorded three CDs with his original songs in Nashville’s studios.

Why is the story a «music novel»
Unfortunately, the genre «music novel» does not yet exist in this explicit definition. Not yet! This is unfortunate given there have long been movies that depict the music scene (e.g. Lady Gaga: A Star Is Born; Elton John: Rocketman or the successful TV series Nashville).
«The Songwriter» depicts the music business in Nashville in great detail and immerses the reader in a fast-paced story comprising love, integrity, friendship, resilience, hope and disappointment. In the carefully researched and authentic love and music story, readers learn how record companies, producers and publishers pull the strings in the background, how recording sessions in the studio are performed and what problems the music industry has to deal with on a daily basis. It also serves as a kind of travel guide with «top» insider tips from the author for anyone seeking music clubs, bars and restaurants in Nashville.

Can the loser make his dreams come true?
In this fictional «music novel», the author shows how Joe Baker, the main character of the book, gets back on his feet following many negative experiences, leaves everything behind and heads straight to Nashville to try his luck as a professional songwriter. The book takes readers into the world of a songwriter who refuses to give up and overcomes hardships to make his dreams become reality.
But for Joe, success does not come without a price. The author places many obstacles in the way of his protagonist: Joe’s endeavor for professional recognition in Music City is repeatedly marked by continuous rejections on behalf of music publishers and record companies…until one day, he is informed that one of his songs has been selected to be recorded on the debut CD of an aspiring singer. And suddenly, things change dramatically…
Of course, what would a novel be without the presence of women: Joe Baker's ex-girlfriend and his new crush – a beautiful, awe inspiring female country singer – provide all the suspense needed to rock Joe's emotional life.

Monday, July 27, 2020

"Roller Coasters & Bliss" 9 rides to more happiness

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster ride and it can get pretty bumpy along the way.

It takes you up and down. It might even make you turn left and right or it throws you into endless loop wholes so that your mind is so twisted you can´t seem to think straight anymore. Just like a ride on the coaster it can get scary too. 

Even though many things could be easy they are often not recognized and therewith we get hopeless and frustrated. 

But life is supposed to be fun and so I wanted to share with you a few "rides" that might help unwind and get back on track. Finding your motivation, inspiration and hopefully lots of fun and new experiences along the way. Often all the things we already know are the ones we forget in times of struggle. Then all it takes is a small reminder and new perspective to let go and with that enjoy the magical ride of life again.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Justice Without Mercy

Author: R. L. Burgess

Seek Justice Love Mercy
A new terrorist threat has emerged in a society already troubled by constant conflict between two main factions at opposite ideological extremes. To stay in power and control the people, the current ruling party has outlawed emotional attachments and family units, and replaced natural conception with a selective genetic reproduction program. They sought to engineer the perfect society, but instead, they created a police state, where Enforcers keep order while the few profit from the oppression of the many. But even the elite are susceptible to disillusionment and temptation. As one of the Enforcers, Agent Mercy has a comfortable life until she meets Agent Justice, someone who challenges everything she has been taught about relationships. For Mercy and Justice to be together, they would have to break the laws they are sworn to uphold. Ultimately, she must make a choice between love and loyalty to the only way of life she has ever known.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

A Simple Book For A Simple Life (Travel Book) An Oracle from the Himalayan Sages

A Simple Book For A Simple Life (Travel Book) An Oracle from the Himalayan Sages

A Simple Book For A Simple Life written by Anne Haack is a daily oracle. It contains 66 messages to come back to your heart and make choices in alignment with your True Self. Open the book at any page and receive the answer you need to hear right now! The messages came about in meditation in a cave in the Himalayas over two years.

Friday, July 24, 2020

More Than Enough

(Love Series Book 1)

Justin Manning, an independent individual, goes through high school smoothly. It was time for college, which is what he’s been waiting for. It was the last step towards his pursing his career in logistics.

Everything starts okay; classes are great and he’s a star quarterback with the cheerleading captain, Riley Scott, by his side. That is, until everything went downhill.

Riley soon became set on getting our lives started right away, not wanting to wait any longer. She became the one with the pants on, setting direction and making decisions on what she wanted.

It affected Justin in ways he never thought was possible, until it became possible.

Thursday, July 23, 2020


On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to ascend as an angel.

Rescued by Donovan, a passing vagrant who claims to be an angel capable of leading him through ascension, Joel yields to his guidance.

Joel welcomes Donovan into his home, where tensions build with his wife, Sarah, who believes her husband is having a psychotic breakdown.

Donovan insists Joel must put his life in his hands and helps him achieve three near-death experiences where he visits broken, incomplete souls in Purgatory. Each visit diminishes Joel’s physical and mental capacity, bringing him closer to a state of being “less,” which is essential for ascension.

After Joel’s final visit to Purgatory, Sarah physically intervenes trying to wrestle Joel out of Donovan's grip.

Joel and Donovan get out and race to Philadelphia to fulfill Joel's destiny. They arrive at the Pyramid Club, a site used across the millennia for those ascending. But little does Joel know that his destiny has been written for centuries, and not everything—or everyone—in his life is what it seems to be.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Healing of the Heart Sufi Musings During Covid19 - A Return to God

Covid19 came to decimate our lives and forced us to reboot and re-prioritize our lives. Born into a spiritual family, I decided to return to my roots and search deep within my soul for the questions I have had for many years.I pondered, I mused and then one night, when the fear was consuming me, I returned to God, the Almighty. Lying helpless, feeling the despair, I introspected. I opened up the third eye within my soul and searched for God. I looked back at my life. And I wrote on pieces of paper. It seemed the words and emotions were welling from bosom, as if they had been trapped for decades. Now, I share them with you. My inspiration is my family and my guide are the Sufis who show is that the way to the Divine is through the heart. I present to you, the musings from my heart. Anila

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A Farewell To Welfare: 25 Strategies To Freedom, Independence And Prosperities

Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Psychology and Success, Elease A. Wiggins, promises that if you properly apply her, “A Farewell to Welfare”, method, it can lead to game changing results. 

Les Brown Speaks about this book.  

A Farewell to Welfare: 25 Strategies to Freedom, Independence and Prosperity, chronicles Professor Elease A. Wiggins’ personal story of having it all – wealth, family, and success, to unavoidably losing it all. In this book, Professor Wiggins shares intimate details, about how she managed to overcome her challenges, by accepting responsibility for her participation in her own demise and choosing to make better choices for the safety and stability of her family. 

In A Farewell to Welfare, Professor Wiggins speaks directly to you—as the valuable and talented person you are. With penetrating insights and personal anecdotes, this book helps the reader create a personalized system of planning and motivational techniques from 25 practical and proven strategies.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Short Stories and Assorted Nightmares

Short Stories and Assorted Nightmares 

It is August 1943 in Benghazi, Libya. Ed Mayfield, part of a B-24 Liberator bomber crew, is awakened from a nightmare, and assigned to a major air campaign that is no less terrifying.
Frank is a lonely, almost desperate man, due to an unexpected new-found freedom. In an old bookstore, he finds finds an unlikely companion—a parrot—a curious creature that takes Frank under its wing(s). 
It is 2048 and a spacecraft speeds toward Mars. Inside is Specialist J. Murphy Cameron, preparing to live out his life-long dream of excavating an ancient civilization on another planet. He digs up more than expected.
Ken, his brother, and their wives think they’re off on a voyage to spread the ashes of the Ken’s father but instead have set sail into the steamy and turbulent waters of stormy relations and dark secrets.
David is ready to put an end to it all and check out—for good. Unfortunately, he has no idea who is waiting for him on the other side.
In Short Stories and Assorted Nightmares, Mark A. Snyder leads others on a journey from the everyday to the extraordinary. This collection of nine deliciously wicked tales and curiosities piques the imagination, conjures stirrings in the darkest corners of the mind and will appeal to fans of horror and science fiction alike.

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Perfect Witch

Nakhti is a witch in a world where magic is forbidden. She lives a simple, perfect life, where she follows all the rules, but something is missing. Why does she feel so stifled? So alone? Her friend, June, takes her on a journey of friendship, self-acceptance, and discovery. This story asks the question, "How far would you go to be yourself in a world that does not accept you?"

The "CON" in Contracting

The "Con" in Contracting

A Step by Step Guide for the Homeowner

A comprehensive guide for the homeowner and the home renovator alike. With over 30 years of experience in the contracting business, this book is intended to help the consumer with choosing the right contractor. This information will help to eliminate the confusion and ensure you, the homeowner, get the finished project you deserve!

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The "Con" in Contracting

Excellent Read! Everyone should read it from homeowners, renovators and contractors alike!