Monday, November 30, 2020

No Accounting For Desire


No Accounting For Desire: 

A Lesbian Medical Romance Story (Heart The Nurse Book 2)

s keeping a family together always
the right answer, or could the route
to happiness be wilder and more

Alexa Bernstein has almost forgotten what it feels like to be
happy. With two teenagers to support and a busy life as a nurse,
she could use her husband’s help. But Adam isn’t the man she
married, and his insistence on following an old dream is greater
than his interest in supporting his family.

Alexa is resigned to a life of endless work and dissatisfaction.
That is, until she meets Liz.

As a major donor to the Marshal Bower Hospital, Lizbeth Skop is
no stranger to hospital life. But when her son, Eli, falls ill, she finds
herself spending more time there… and there’s one nurse who’s
got her attention.

Alexa and Liz are from two different worlds, and Liz has serious
money behind her. Money doesn’t solve everything though, and
it’s clear to Alexa that this beautiful stranger has her own ghosts
lurking in the shadows.

The two women are drawn to each other from the first moment
they meet. Is it possible that they could find in each other the
happiness they long for, or will Alexa’s worry about her family
keep her trapped in a life of misery?

Striking Her Chords is a consuming tale of courage and love.
There’s an undeniable chemistry between Alexa and Liz… but
with two families to support, will they be brave enough to take
the leap?

Lose yourself in a passionate
fight for happiness--sometimes
the right person is where you
least expect to find them.



Relive: A Time Travel Adventure 

(The Journeyer Series Book 1) 

The perfect blend of Back to the Future and The Shawshank Redemption.


Gerald Holstrom is serving his life sentence trying not to think of the crime that led him to 47 years inside. His hands hurt, his back aches, he waits to die. 

Death comes swiftly at the end of a sharp piece of metal. 

Gerald fades, his regrets flood him. He wishes only to see the sky without barbed wire blocking his vision. 

He fades out…

Then back in. 

The sky is clear, his hands don’t shake, his body doesn’t ache. 

He’s 19 again, is his future set? His Journey is just beginning!

KJ Nelson’s fast-paced debut novel “Relive” is the first in the Journeyer Series. 

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

A College Story


Emerging author Paul G. Wright celebrates the bonds of friendship and significant life lessons shared by a group of students on the campus of Brookewood College. In this coming-of-age story set in 1989, Mark Bishop and his friends navigate the controlled insanity of college life. Sleeping in a car with a bat. An impromptu midnight wedding. Trying to siphon gasoline Halloween night. A disappearing roommate. Broken hearts. Love in unexpected places. Discovering who you are. And in the process, Mark & Company learn more about life than anything offered in the classroom. They discover that, despite their best efforts, things do not stay the same. The freshman who walks into that first class will be very different from the senior who finally receives a diploma. One year can be a lifetime.

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Life As A Woman


My Life As A Woman: 

My Life As A Woman Project: World Edition is a motivational and inspiring book full of wisdom, exploring the knowledge of generations upon generations of women throughout the world, of all ages, and from every country. Join the adventure and learn about culture, family, government, and be given a look into the daily lives of women around the world. 

The My Life As A Woman Project initiative is not just a book, but a movement of women helping women, exposing the good and bad of life in every country from the perspective of women. This is not a book that hates or downplays men's roles in women's lives, but one that explores and celebrates the life of women and their meaning to us.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Dark Psychology and Manipulation


Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 

We all have this potentiality and also using knowingly and unknowingly. It's a game of mind where we play with other people's thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc. to satisfy ourselves by gaining desired goals. For example, we can say that a salesman is very passionate about selling his products to the customer and using dark psychology to manipulate the customers. He is doing this knowingly. On the other hand, a selfish one is playing the game with others' minds to fulfill desires unknowingly. Dark psychology applying can be very harmful cause it can hurt other's feelings deeply. It's also not good to apply on other knowingly. 

I know there are situations when you feel you can read your peers' minds and maybe manipulate your way to success or get manipulated. You must know the techniques used in manipulation to develop you into a mastermind of deception, which you can use on other individuals.

This book explores deeply dark psychology and manipulation by discovering the best mind control and persuasion techniques and secrets to emotional manipulation.

You'll learn:
Dark Psychology
Persuasion Techniques
Emotional Manipulation
Mind Control
Seduction Techniques
Non-verbal Communication Techniques

What makes this book special?

This book will help you to understand the dark side of psychology, manipulation, and persuasion, whatever your aim and context.

 What's more?

This book covers areas relevant to the secrets of emotional manipulation and seduction. The book doesn't characterize dark psychology and persuasion as entirely wrong practices, despite its negative traces.

Are you ready to explore the Techniques of Persuasion that will influence people into Emotional Manipulation and Seduction, Increase your Mind Reading and Mind Control Techniques? Press the "BUY NOW' Button Now and Get Started Right Away

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Help Sharing Your Books


This is the service we use all the time to share our books, so we wanted to share it with you as well.  Check out all the great features and help this offers you and your book.  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Magick from Chaos to Clarity


Magick is all around us all the time!
This book is about bringing your magickal knowledge out of chaos and into the clarity, to make sure you know how to use it to the full potential.

Before you start telling me that I spelled Magick wrong, don’t. When you spell Magick with a “k” on the end you speak about magick in the actual correct way. Magic without the “k” refers to acts of illusion, like pulling a rabbit out fo a house or making a car disappear. Magick with a “k” is about creating good in our world and universe.  

Inside the book you will learn how to create, direct, and share magick. You will learn how you can work with magick individually, in small groups, large groups and the possibility of using in a world setting.  

You will learn the connection between love and magick as well as how intelligent magick actually is in our universe. You will tap into the power of magick and how the billions of people on this planet are creating magick all the time and are unaware they are doing.  

After consuming the information in this book your outlook on the energy of magick will be drastically changed. Magick is the most unlimited resource in our world. There is no limit to the magick we as humans can create and with this knowledge you will learn the ease in which you can create it.  

Are you ready to take a journey into the world of Magick? In all history you will find tales of Magickal feats many of which are considered myths. After reading this book you might have a different opinion on those myths.  

As a bonus for getting this book you will also gain access to a free class on creating Happiness Notes. A class showing you how you can brighten the day of the other human beings on this planet one person at a time.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Mediocre Miracle


The Mediocre Miracle

A book 37 years in the making to help those understand and gain clarity on where they are, who they are and ultimately, to help establish where you want to go and who you need to become to get there

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What They Don't Tell You About Menopause


What They Don’t Tell You About Menopause: 

A Gynecologist’s Unofficial Guide to Premenopausal, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Life 

Women have always struggled with the idea of how much better life would be if they had a better body, a better exercise routine, a better life. This can make it difficult for women to grasp that aging is both a normal and natural part of life. With over 40 years of experience working as an obstetrician gynecologist (OBGYN), Dr. Heather Johnson is equipped with the knowledge to help women of all ages mature gracefully

. In What They Don’t Tell You About Menopause, Dr. Johnson discusses the various stages of menopause and what to expect throughout this natural aspect of life for women. From perimenopause to postmenopause, and everything in between, this book will be your guide through this daunting period of womanhood.

Author: Dr. Heather L. Johnson
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 

About the Author: Dr. Heather Johnson is a senior partner at Reiter, Hill, Johnson and Nevin, with offices in Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase, Maryland, and Falls Church, Virginia, where she has been since 2001. Dr. Johnson is an actively practicing gynecologist and retired obstetrician after delivering babies for 40 years.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Big Black Book of Sex Positions



The hottest gift to give your lover this holiday season.  Get yours before they run out and enjoy the passion of the holiday season all year long.  

The book includes so much more than the amazing and fun positions to try.  You get 12 New Sexy Challenges, tips to make your love life more fun, articles to help you improve as a love and more.  

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Where Were You? Ten Terrifying Tales


What would you do if the government made a mistake? A mistake that unleashes a deadly disease across the country turning people violent, cannibalistic and gifting them with super human strength. What would you do if it happened right now, as you are reading this? Maybe you are at home, maybe you are at work. Maybe you are with your loved ones, maybe you are far away. Would you stay at home and follow the government’s advice? Would you panic buy, would you hide, would you gather weapons and go on the attack? Would you attempt to reach loved ones or just try and survive?

Ten Terrifying Tales are ten short stories set in this very world. Taken at various time points during the outbreak, they tell the tales of ordinary people in ordinary situations and the battles that take place in this ‘new normal’.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

There is Still Hope


Find hope in trying times.

We’re living through extraordinary times. Everyday brings new, once unfathomable strain. Living with that stress takes a toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Learning to not only survive these trying times can feel so overwhelming you don’t know where to begin. Thriving despite the turmoil sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not impossible if you know where to begin.

There is Still Hope” is a timely book of insightful poems and meaningful words of encouragement aims to guide through the inevitable difficult days ahead and to inspire you to be a changemaker for yourself and those around you with simple gestures, moments of much-needed joy, and reflection that inspires action.

If you like peace and happiness is not an option during difficult days or you need inspiration to help you endure whatever you may be experiencing or you want motivation to make a difference in someone else’s life, “There is Still Hope” will move you to take action, find solutions, and embrace the good that still exists in this world, and most especially, in your life.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Billionaires Secret


Until now, only the wealthiest knew the secret how to make money with preferred shares. Learn this life changing secret and make money forever...
It's convenient but never easy to leave your hard-earned savings in the hands of a financial adviser who will invest it for you.

Every market fluctuation makes you cringe and worry, and you never really know what's happening with your assets. After all, what do they have to lose? They have no skin in the game.

What if I told you that you can change all that, make a steady return on your investment, and sleep like a baby despite market volatility?

Here's the question: Do you think that you CANNOT earn 5%, 10% or 15% safely in today's zero rate marketplace? If you said YES, then you need me to let you in on the secret.
My name is Herb, and The Billionaires Secret is my true story.

I was a retired investment banker when I met an under-the-radar billionaire. I had done really well for myself, but this chance meeting and eventual friendship changed my financial roadmap, and life, forever.

This tale of camaraderie and wealth building serves as an easy-to-understand, step-by-step handbook to playing the field of preferred securities.

I will reveal the real secrets billionaires actually use to earn a 10+% yearly return by investing in boring but strong dividend and interest paying companies that are too necessary to fail.

Do you think this sounds too good to be true? Well, it is all possible once you know the secret.

You be the judge and let The Billionaires Secret change your life just like it did mine.

Stop worrying about the stock market and your future. Take control of your investments and earn a healthy yearly return without losing a wink of sleep.
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Friday, November 13, 2020

Sonnet Rhythm: A Collection of Thoughts & Poems


Sonnet Rhythm: 

A Collection of Thoughts & Poems

In C.T. Meginord's debut poetry collection, she partakes the reader through four different perspectives. A journey filled with black inquires, free expressions, love, and spirituality. Sonnet Rhythm is design to enlighten, capture and impel words to come to life through the honesty of ones thoughts.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rise of Thera


Rise of Thera 

Armageddon, Ragnarok, or Yawm ad din? Different names for ‘Day of Judgement’ and when the final battle, led by the devil, against God will take place. Every holy book name this event, but no one ever tells you what happens afterward. Thera, a child raised by an angel and a devil, born in a world where the aftermath of this battle plays out. The ancient humans destroyed, the supernatural scattered through the world, and heavenly beings joining forces with hell... left to pick up where their leaders failed. Learn how this new world will function through Thera’s eyes! Can you handle the truth?

You can also describe the book as a diary of an immortal, who survived the Apocalypse and now has her own adventures in this new undiscovered world and the friends an enemies she makes. Unlike the perfect, grammar correct books usually published, my book has mistakes in it on purpose as it is meant to partially be a diary, well also like a collection of events put together from a first viewer point.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Deceptive Gods

Deceptive Gods: 

Confronting the Divine and Demonic

An eye-opening investigation that challenges everything you know about the Unseen World.

Inside this thought-provoking guide, you’ll join mystic, paranormal expert, and seasoned empath Lorne J. Therrien Sr., as he delves into the deepest secrets of the unseen, bringing to light the true nature of its mysterious inhabitants. 

On the mystical path, Therrien experienced the comforting embrace of angels, received visions, and was graced with life-changing spiritual experiences. At the same time, Therrien battled darker-than-night hooded shadows that would attack without mercy and seductive succubi that wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

But when his empathic ability detected dishonesty in what appeared divine and he recognized a similarity in the emotional energy of the angels, demons, and the presence posing as God, a red flag was raised. Could Angels and Demons be two sides of the same coin? What other roles can these beings play? Therrien confronts and converses with the divine, the demonic, and the dead to expose the truth. 

This book will also teach you:

  • Why angels, demons, and gods do not like to reveal their true form.
  • Favorite tactics of the dark forces, such as the love and light con, the needy spirit trick, the genie trap, flattery, and more.
  • How angels explain the illuminated heart and impart angelic laws.
  • The long-held secrets and forbidden knowledge revealed by demons.
  • What is effective in spiritual warfare and how exorcisms can fail.
  • Why these jealous gods are attracted to humans and how they seduce, fall in love, feed, and destroy our relationships.
  • How the unseen transmit negative thoughts, visions, dreams, and memories to dominate your consciousness.
  • Who the Watchers really are. 

You need never again fear the forces of darkness because Deceptive Gods will show you what it takes to calm them, repel them, or move through their obstacles to obtain spiritual growth. 

Equally gritty and enlightening, this book is a must-read for those seeking personal transformation.