Thursday, November 26, 2020

Dark Psychology and Manipulation


Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 

We all have this potentiality and also using knowingly and unknowingly. It's a game of mind where we play with other people's thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc. to satisfy ourselves by gaining desired goals. For example, we can say that a salesman is very passionate about selling his products to the customer and using dark psychology to manipulate the customers. He is doing this knowingly. On the other hand, a selfish one is playing the game with others' minds to fulfill desires unknowingly. Dark psychology applying can be very harmful cause it can hurt other's feelings deeply. It's also not good to apply on other knowingly. 

I know there are situations when you feel you can read your peers' minds and maybe manipulate your way to success or get manipulated. You must know the techniques used in manipulation to develop you into a mastermind of deception, which you can use on other individuals.

This book explores deeply dark psychology and manipulation by discovering the best mind control and persuasion techniques and secrets to emotional manipulation.

You'll learn:
Dark Psychology
Persuasion Techniques
Emotional Manipulation
Mind Control
Seduction Techniques
Non-verbal Communication Techniques

What makes this book special?

This book will help you to understand the dark side of psychology, manipulation, and persuasion, whatever your aim and context.

 What's more?

This book covers areas relevant to the secrets of emotional manipulation and seduction. The book doesn't characterize dark psychology and persuasion as entirely wrong practices, despite its negative traces.

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