Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Workhouse Mysteries: The Tale of the Depressed Man

Holly enjoys her days waitressing and managing the front of house in her mum's restaurant, The Workhouse. She is a beautiful and popular teen living an idyllic life with a handsome footballer for a boyfriend. The restaurant is always busy and she enjoys chatting to the customers, although she may wish she had not shown interest in a weary, depressed looking man sitting alone at the bar one evening. A robbery at the local bank appears to have gone horribly wrong with car chases through country lanes and the getaway driver getting more than he bargained for. If only Holly knew that there was a chance the two things were linked and that life was going to become very frightening in a hurry. Can her Grandfather, the local Chief Inspector get to the bottom of things? Or will he rely on her dashing boyfriend, Samuel, for his brawn and brains to save the day?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Blighted City

 (The Fractured Tapestry Book 1)

“To challenge the gods is to invite their wrath.”
So it is written of Lachyla, the Blighted City, in the Codex of the Ages. But who reads codices? And who really believes the tall stories of the Taleweavers? Dagra does. He was raised on such tales, and if it’s anything to do with the gods – even a dead god – he believes every word.

When his team of sellswords are offered a contract to cross the Deadlands in search of Lachyla, he wants no part of it. 

His companions aren’t so daunted by the city’s grim legend. To them, it’s superstitious nonsense. Obtaining the burial jewel from the crypt of their client’s ancestor could earn them the bounty of a lifetime and give their failing guild the reputation it desperately needs. They’re going, with or without him. Torn between the tenets of his faith and the prospect of losing his friends on the perilous journey, he reluctantly agrees to venture to a place the gods have long since forsaken.

In the Blighted City, the laws of nature are cast into the Pit, blurring the divide between the living and the dead. Dagra’s long-held beliefs are strained to breaking point as he confronts the ghastly truth – that Lachyla’s foul seed is much darker than its legend.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Alight: The Witches Rede

Alight is a steamy, adult romp through the old west where cattle rustlers are king, prostitutes are plentiful, and the fantastical is no longer fictional.

Maeve lives a charmed life in the small desert town of Redington in Arizona Territory-where spousal prospects are sorely lacking, career choices are shamefully limited to the saloon, and Death himself has a vendetta against her. All Maeve wants is her independence but 1883 society has decidedly different expectations for her.

Enter Shadow Wolf: notorious for his dark reputation and grotesque mechanical arm. The gunslinger, a suspiciously werewolf-esque man whose social situation bears some obnoxious similarities to Maeve's, has found his place among the masses by walking on the wrong side of the law. 

When Maeve stumbles upon Shadow Wolf's scheme to rob a stagecoach, he forces her to choose between her life or breaking the witches' Golden Rule. Despite certain karmic retribution, Maeve relies on her wit and a sprinkling of magic to survive the heist. When nothing goes according to plan, she finds herself not just on the ride of a lifetime, but also roped into an unanticipated romance with a sexy bandit at the reins.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Latino Muslims / Songs to New York / 12 Simple Steps to Succeeding & Thriving in Spite of a Bullying Boss

12 Simple Steps to Succeeding and Thriving in Spite of a Bullying Boss 

(Whether Your Boss Likes It or Not)

Have you ever tried to “deal with” your bullying manager only to fail? Have you ever tried to figure out how to please your abusive boss only to have the rules change every day? Have you ever gone above and beyond to try to impress your bullying boss only to be criticized for whatever you do? Have you ever tried to make yourself an invaluable asset to your toxic supervisor’s team only to have your cruel supervisor dismiss you as worthless? Have you ever tried to calm your angry boss only to have their fury escalate? Have you ever felt that your workplace success was hampered by how much you hate your boss? And have you ever gotten frustrated or discouraged by your lack of success in improving your employer-employee relationship?

I have. And I’ve learned that, unfortunately, more often than not, trying to please, calm, or “deal with” a bullying boss is a pointless waste of time. Simply put, these types of mean managers are jerks who enjoy making you feel worthless and miserable and enjoy destroying your self-esteem, so nothing you do is going to impress or change them. And even though they’re wrong about you, nothing you do will ever convince them otherwise.

However, you can still win this game! Even though your boss is a jerk, you don’t have to let your bad boss destroy you. In fact, if you know what to do, you can even use your current awful situation to improve your career success! Your terrible boss thinks they have the upper hand, but they really don’t. If you use the right techniques, you can succeed in your career despite a bullying supervisor! And this book will teach you how.

Instead of trying to teach you how to “deal with” or please your abusive manager, this book will focus on your personal employment success. This book is geared toward teaching you how to use your current terrible situation to your advantage so that you can ultimately succeed and thrive professionally, despite your bullying boss trying to tear you down and make you fail.

You’ll learn:
* How to manage the stress of working under an abusive supervisor.
* How to gain the emotional strength to use your current horrible workplace situation to advance your career.
* Why working for a mean supervisor who you justifiably hate can actually be an incredibly valuable experience.
* How to use your current unbearable workplace to develop your employability skills.
* How to use your awful workplace to learn about yourself, gain personal strength, and improve self-confidence.
* How to not only survive in difficult workplace conditions, but also thrive.

And, as someone who has worked for more than my share of cruel managers, I don’t blame you one bit if you hate your boss!

You can triumph over your bullying boss! You can succeed and build a great career for yourself despite your terrible boss wanting to destroy you. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

A benevolent woman of quiet mystery who smiles in welcome greeting each time one visits her; whose distinct perfume is remembered long after one’s departure:
Author Myrtle Brooks’ love affair with the Big Apple served in ten allegorical slices depicting everyday people experiencing miraculous events throughout the five boroughs. “The Sanctity of the Mails:” observed in Heaven via the Brooklyn Post Office. A Staten Island-raised engineer who escapes city living, only to find the city within himself. A mysterious floor in a Queens apartment building reachable through attainment alone.
Songs to New York crosses the threshold between impossible and occurrence: “Only in New York.”

Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam is a collection of stories about people's personal journeys to the truth. It is about their struggles, discoveries and revelations during this journey, and about finally finding their peace within Islam. You can learn more at 
“Here is a book that will fill your ears with a chorus of voices you may never have heard so clearly. What I love about this carefully introduced, large collection of testimonial essays is its variety, its unsettledness, its openness, its range...Our Journeys is a collection of actual, living human voices reveling in the beauty of discovery but also grappling with the stresses and strains of a decision that may easily confuse neighbors and even, perhaps especially, close relations. Get ready for the sort of wild ride that only truth-tellers take you on. Sometimes religion can get in the way of truth-telling. Not in this case.” - Michael Wolfe, the author of The Hadj: An American’s Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Edge of the Forest / Control Freakz / Searching for Gertrude

On a day long ago, two best friends decided to go on a journey. Like a lot of youngsters, they were curious about the world they lived in, so they decided to go on an adventure. Their week seemed to be ordinary, like any other week, until one best friend got an idea. His buddy just wasn't quite sure if he should join along in his friend's curiosity, but of course, they were best friends, so he decided, why not? Be with them when they go about their day, doing things that little ones do and go to the places that they go. See the amazing sights that they see all around their town. Go to the shops in the town that they live in and experience magic that follows you everywhere. See what mischief these two get into! What would you do if you were them?

Alone. Abandoned. Threatened. Natalie has lost all hope for a better future. Everything she’s known and everyone she’s ever loved is gone, and it’s up to her to get her old life back. In Michael Evans’s first novel, Control Freakz, Natalie’s journey toward a better life begins. 

When Protocol 00 is enacted, Natalie’s family is taken by the government, along with the families of her two best friends, Ethan and Hunter. With nothing to lose, and the threat of government hitmen kidnapping them at any moment, the three must battle to survive in a horrid, post-apocalyptic world run by President Ash and his invasive government. They want answers. And they’re willing to jeopardize everything in desperate pursuit.

Risking ruthless leaders, attempted mind control, and her very existence on the planet, Natalie, along with Hunter and Ethan, will stop at nothing in their quest to regain everything they’ve ever known. Her spirits crushed and her will to live destroyed, Natalie knows everything is dead and gone, and soon she will be, too. 

Memories connect us to the past, and can often cause us to long for a better future, but they can drive our minds into a state of hell if a better future is unattainable. Nevertheless, Natalie’s hope for a better a future remains.

While growing up in Germany in the 1930s, Rudolf falls in love with the girl next door, Gertrude. He doesn’t care what religion Gertrude practices but the Nazis do. When the first antisemitic laws are enacted by the Nazi government, Gertrude’s father loses his job at the local university. Unable to find employment in Germany, he accepts a position at Istanbul University and moves the family to Turkey. Rudolf, desperate to follow Gertrude, takes a position working at the consulate in Istanbul with the very government which caused her exile. With Rudolf finally living in the same city as Gertrude, their reunion should be inevitable, but he can’t find her. During his search for Gertrude, he stumbles upon Rosalyn, an American Jew working as a nanny in the city. Upon hearing his heartbreaking story, she immediately agrees to help him search for his lost love. Willing to do anything in their search for Gertrude, they agree to work for a British intelligence officer who promises his assistance, but his demands endanger Rudolf and Rosalyn. As the danger increases and the search for Gertrude stretches on, Rudolf and Rosalyn grow close, but Rudolf gave his heart away long ago.  

How far would you go to find the woman you love? 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Finding Faith / Fidelity / Other Side of Paradise

Amazing Books to Love

Faith is the ability to treat the things outside our reality as though we already possess them...If all we know and trust is within us to rebuild, rekindle and surpass all we know...Take the journey...begin Finding Faith!

Blake Underwood is a hopeless romantic turned accidental alcoholic trying to put the pieces together despite losing more each day. In a desperate attempt to recover from lost love, a series of unsuspecting romances and drunken mishaps lead Blake far off the beaten track. After stumbling into a lucky job and releasing an album, Blake finds himself topping up his hangovers with more booze and knocking boots with enough women to give Charlie Sheen a reality check. From one bar to another, with a few beds inbetween, Fidelity is a coming-of-age tale guaranteed to make you laugh through the tears.

Human being, by nature, regards his or her place of birth as paradise. Pemba, a Sherpa and the protagonist of Other Side of Paradise, too regards Nepal as his paradise. But when he moves to America after a lot of struggle achieved “American Dream”. He becomes deeply aware of the inevitable cultural shock, hybridization of food, language and social circumstances. 
Like Pemba, an entire generation of Nepali youths believes that America is the ‘other side of paradise’ want to migrate and live. Linda, from California, on the other hand, has strong conviction Nepal is other side of paradise, after her Mount Everest area trekking. 
Pemba, working as a trekking help, falls in love with gorgeous, articulate, educated and unusually attractive Linda during the trekking. Pemba moves to America on a fiancĂ©e visa, gets married to Linda and enjoys a European honeymoon trip. 
Almost immediately after the honeymoon, Pemba is shocked to receive a divorce paper from Linda. The revelation traumatizes and shatters Pemba. He falls into a spell of deep depression, and as per guardian angel vision, takes refuge in an Amish Community 
The Western find it strange that Eastern marriages, arranged and executed between two unknown people without dates last lifelong, compared to the Western marriages with long dating culture’ and a divorce—a fact that pandemics American society reaching its divorce rate to near fifty percent. 
People seek to move to higher levels of consciousness and look for celestial, spiritual peace in life. The book analyzes several international characters while simultaneously taking reader on a wild ride through the mountains of Nepal and across many continents. The author prose and sensitivity allow his character to come alive.
Author unexplored cultures: the virtually unknown Amish Community in America that has a perception and lifestyle like Buddhist, and the other Nepali Community that has deep connections and striking similarities with Greek and Hindu pantheon. This comprehensive expanse of the book and its philosophical engagements create deep sense of inquisition in the mind of the reader and keep them glued to the development of the subject. They will find the book written with passion, blending powerful language and lofty imagination.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reflections of a Whispering Dove: Entangled in a Simmons Serenade

Reflections of a Whispering Dove:

Entangled in a Simmons Serenade

When the romance is over and all you have left are the words he wrote you...

A collection of Sultry, Seductive Love Poems penned with the intent of luring an elusive butterfly.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Treasure lies deep in the Superstition Mountains, but is it worth the price…

Mateo Two Moons’ family has guarded dark secrets and unspeakable horrors for centuries. His Apache Blood Clan is dhampyre—half human, half vampire. But he will risk revealing the truth concealed in The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, exposing his entire family, and even his own existence to claim his human mate and change the perilous fate of his clan.

Dawn Malone’s move to Arizona to teach middle school has expanded her horizons. Meeting new people, hiking the desert wilderness, and the lure of gold fever in the old mine is exactly what she needs. The handsome Apache she encounters seems almost too good to be true. Mateo Two Moons’ sexy, dangerous air draws her in, seducing her heart and soul. But her intrigue concerning the secrets he keeps turns to confusion and horror as she begins to realize the man she’s falling for could be something she didn’t even believe existed…

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Misadventures of a Dating Delia

Delia has a bit of a problem.
You see, in college, in a moment fueled by youth and tequila, she made a pact with a guy. One that said if neither were married by a certain age, they'd marry each other.

Delia's now a successful career woman, one who's desperate to keep from marrying a stranger. Especially one just so happens to be an unemployed gaming nerd living in his mother's basement.

So Delia's best friend comes up with a plan for Delia to try every type of dating imaginable. Group dates, blind dates, online dating, speed dating. It's all part of the official Delia's Dating plan to find Mr. Right. But the plan quickly falls apart as each date bombs more hilariously than the last, leaving Delia to run for her sanity.

Will Delia find Mr. Right before it's too late, or will she end up as Mrs. Mortimer P. Floyd after all?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Ten Sheep To Sleep

Sammy Jo counts ten sheep to put her to sleep, but tonight, ten more sheep appear. The new sheep are creating a ruckus. Sammy Jo has to find a way to calm the sheep down, count twenty sheep, and ensure everyone is happy so they can get a good night's sleep.
Suggested age range for readers: 5-8

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fragile Warrirors

P.O.W.E.R. Struggle Book 1: 

Fragile Warriors (Volume 1)

Most heroes only have one weakness. These heroes only have one strength. But that’s all they’ll need. Fragile Warriors is the first of the P.O.W.E.R. Struggle series, which has six planned installments. It’s the story of two warring races of aliens, one of which calls upon a handful of humans to help when they are at their most desperate. We follow Janet, Orion, Hunter, and Jessie as they train for a complex and action-packed mission into the heart of an alien city to retrieve the rarest item in the galaxy: The Perpetual Orb With Electronic Return.

Become an Award Winning Authors

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Life goes from bad to worse for Lyla Langston. When she was just a baby, dark creatures invaded, killing most of the world's population and forcing the rest into hiding. Her mother was killed in the process, so she was raised by her grandparents. Now, her grandmother is dead, her grandfather has been taken, and her supposedly dead father shows up at her door, revealing the most irrational secret of all time. She is a witch from the realm of Armoria.

Coping with her situation becomes easier when she meets Thomas, the love of her life, but this also complicates matters, as he unintentionally distracts her from what is truly important. With the help of her twin sister, Lilly, she is refocused, and ready to defeat Damien, who sits on his throne and wishes to rule not only the realm of Armoria, but earth as well.

In the meantime, Lyla's nightmares of her mother's death become increasingly strange as Damien intervenes to mess with her head. Soon enough, she finds out that her nightmares may just be the key to saving them all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Halim, a Shakti warrior initiate, lives with his family in Harappa, a fortified city in the Indus River Valley in 4518 BCE. His father is injured, so the task falls to Halim to find a cure for his mother, who has fallen prey to a mysterious, debilitating disease.

Sanjit, a seasoned Shakti, agrees to accompany Halim to the Kunlun Mountains in search of a sacred medicine from an ancient monastery. Halim’s impulsive sister, Taja, insists on joining them too. When the three travellers confront the Ignogai, a barbaric tribe with a bloodthirsty shaman, they must flee across hazardous and unfamiliar terrain to avoid being captured and persecuted for their Shakti Prana.

With a little bit of magic, determination, and some help from unicorns and a few extraordinary people, the trio must fight for their lives to make it back home in time to save Halim's mother from certain demise

Monday, February 12, 2018

A Sinner's Circle

They told her that God was the one who had her mother. She understood that in order to see her again, she would have to make his acquaintance. So she went to the first place she expected he would be—church. However, what she found there was anything but God. Lies poured out to her from the pulpit that sounded so much like scripture the preachers even fooled themselves. Souls were being ministered to by fueling their bloodstreams with the kind of faith that took them so high they needed detox to come down. The choir director and the musicians asked her to sing songs in A minor while their hands were around her throat, choking the notes from her. It was said that her body was a temple not to be defiled while they used it for their own personal trash receptacles. She was told she was loved as they watched tears fall from her eyes because of the pain they were inflicting. All the while, the pastor lay in wait, preying on whomever he chose to devour. No . . . church was not where Karen found God. Church was where she learned to sin professionally. Round and round, she went spiraling into darkness. The God represented in church could not be the one she was in search of. He had to be bigger and better than this.

Sojourn with Karen as she relives her story. But know God’s voice and his Word for yourself so that you are never found caught up in A Sinner’s Circle.

A Time to Heal

Arlene Cameron never wanted kids, yet she gave birth to four. Who does that? The government handing out checks per child must have made those labor pains a little easier. She was a Christian woman who treated her children like the enemy. Could attempted murder, abuse, neglect, and mental illness all happen in one family? Why, yes . . . yes, it could. Because in Arlene’s family, that’s exactly what happened! However, when she found Jesus for real, she decided she needed to make things right with them.
But it was too late. They hated her! Well, not Jesus, just the kids. She wanted a family reunion with children who didn’t feel they had a family. She would have to create one in order to reunite it. Her youngest ran away at seventeen never to return. Her only son just wants to know who he is. Her oldest wants answers, and her prized child has a secret that everyone knows but her!
Pain caused by jealousy, deceit, and betrayal had torn them apart, and the one person who could bring them back together is missing. It is known that there is a time for everything. Arlene had already used up her time to tear down and to kill when she destroyed her family. Now, however delusional it might be, she’s hoping it will be a time to build up and “a time to heal.”

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Meandering Muse

Step inside the mind of a writer obsessed with the workings of the Universe and crazed with the spirit of creativity.
This collection of delightful and thought-provoking essays, poems, CNF, and short fiction by award-winning author Katherine Mayfield will make readers laugh as they ponder the infinitely enigmatic workings of the Universe.
Ranging wildly from subjects such as multitasking, schizophrenia, shopaholism, money, and the government to the woes of a homeowner forced to use bananas and daffodils to humanely remove wasps from her living room, these unique and inventive Dave Barry-esque mini-symphonies of words will widen readers' perspectives on life, nature, and human beings.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


The past has a way of coming back to live in the present . . . 
Jake’s Father is an archeologist who is in Israel to complete a dig on King Solomon’s Temple. As an eighteen-year-old American, Jake is unwelcome by the people in the territory. Defending himself against the townspeople is a constant torment.

Through a map Jake finds on his Father’s desk, he and his friend Avner decide to explore a newly discovered chamber. At the end of a dark and deserted tunnel, Jake uncovers the treasure of King Solomon’s Power ring. He puts it on his finger and feels his life changing.

Jake passes off the ring as a replica, but he starts to hear a voice that belongs to Smith. Smith provides him guidance on how to deal with his newfound powers. Jake wants to learn all he can about his new secret ring. Smith encourages him to sharpen his fighting skills by joining the Army.

Is Smith leading Jake to a newfound life where he can become a hero? Or will the decision to join the military endanger his life? Will Jake find out the ring he wears is good or will it be of evil intent? And who keeps trying to steal the ring?