Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vanishing Girls

Wow this book blew my mind!... Utterly fantastic, I loved it, this is your worst nightmare come true! An explosive start to a new series. This book was scary, dark and twisted and kept me hanging on the edge of my seat unable to put it down. A huge 5 stars for this.’ Bonnie’s Book Talk, 5 stars

When Isabelle Coleman, a blonde, beautiful young girl goes missing, everyone from the small town of Denton joins the search. They can find no trace of the town’s darling, but Detective Josie Quinn finds another girl they didn’t even know was missing. 

Mute and unresponsive, it’s clear this mysterious girl has been damaged beyond repair. All Josie can get from her is the name of a third girl and a flash of a neon tongue piercing that matches Isabelle’s.

The race is on to find Isabelle alive, and Josie fears there may be other girls in terrible danger. When the trail leads her to a cold case labelled a hoax by authorities, Josie begins to wonder is there anyone left she can trust?

Someone in this close-knit town is committing unspeakable crimes. Can Josie catch the killer before another victim loses their life?

Utterly gripping crime for readers who adored Angela Marsons, Helen Fields and Robert Dugoni. You will be sleeping with the lights on once you discover the first in this unputdownable new crime thriller series. 

What readers are saying about USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Vanishing Girls:

Brilliant just absolutely brilliant!! From the minute you turn the first page you're hooked!! Such twists and turns that keep on coming right to the last page!!! Definitely a must read!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘Anyone who knows me gets that I really like a strong, female, kickass main character and that’s exactly what I got in Josie Quinn… The plot motors along at breakneck speed often leaving me holding my breath. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next instalment.’ Angela Marsons, no. 1 bestselling author of Silent Scream

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cracking The Code To Marital Bliss

A real couple reveals the Secrets to solving all your marriage problems by teaching you how to fall back in love with each other.

This book is about experiencing life, love, and sexuality at a level of intensity and fulfillment most never thought possible. No matter your age, sex, religion, income level, education, occupation or walk of life, YOU can have a relationship that is passionate, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. All it takes is a shift in your thinking and the application of just a few profound principles. 

Cracking the CODE is about getting the most out of yourself, your relationship, and your life. Do you want more quality time with each other? Do you want to increase the passion? Do you long for meaningful conversation? Do you want to collaborate on your life together? Do you want your needs met at a higher level? Do you want to take cheating and divorce completely off the table? Do you just want to feel alive again? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this is the book you’ve been looking for.

Monday, October 29, 2018

My Heartbeats

We often don't tell our loved ones, especially the children in our lives, how we feel about them. I wanted to let a few of my heartbeats know their effect on me. These children have affected my life and I am forever grateful to their parents for allowing me in. 

This book is dedicated to all of the children who have been a part of my life. For those who will enter, I can't wait to meet you. You are all special to me.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

100 Top Intimate Items for Lovers - FREE Book

Sex is amazing, Sex is Fun, Sexy is out of this world

However, it can always get better!

Sexy Challenges knows that there is not limit to the sexual energy you can experience. However, a good majority of people out there do not have any clue what products are out there to help improve their sexual experiences. That is why I put together a crack team of experts to help find the best products for your sexual satisfaction. 
Now-a-days there are millions of sexual products out there to choose from. Which means there is a lot to consider when making a selection to put more pleasure in your sex life. Not only are their choices but there are health issues to sexual items, and now many times come with warranties and options, that a person can get overwhelmed in a hurry. Sex should not be stressful nor should picking out items to assist you in your sexual escapades. 

That is why this book was created. Items to enhance your sexual experience are investments. You put out money for said items and hope they will deliver massive returns on your investments. However throwing money blindly in a sex toy store or online isn’t the best investment policy. You have to do the research. With that being said most people don’t have the time or the balls to really dive into researching sexual items. Good thing my team here at Sexy Challenges does.  

We want to take as much of the guess work out of the process as possible. This book was designed to share our top picks with you so that instead of having millions of items to choose from you will have 100 or a few more of the best of the best. High quality, best price, longest lasting items to keep your libido active and excited. Together we will help you build a arsenal of sexual items to keep things new and evolving in your bedroom, and outside of it also.
We are not just talking about sex toys such as vibrators. There is an entire world out there of amazing products that when used in the correct fashion will help turn you on and up to a new level of sexual excitement. The list is so long believe me it was a daunting task narrowing this book down to 100 items. Sure there will be sex toys in the list but there will also be games, beverages, items to cleaning up, storage, and a lot more areas that you might not have through about. That is why I brought in the experts.
The goal here is to update this book twice a year to help keep it fresh and up to date on all the advancements in the sexuality felid. Part of our process is listening to our readers, so if you have a suggestion for a product to be in our next edition by all means sent the information to me. You will be able to find my contact information at the end of this book. Also if you have any question you can send them to me and if I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it from our team or a different source. 
My suggestion for using this book is as follows. Go through the book all the way before you decide on anything to add to your play time. After you have finished mark down a few items you would like to try and have your partner do the same. If you are single and not dating you can skip that last step. Now compare lists and if any items are the same on both lists don’t hesitate pick those up right away. Next set a plan on what Item or items you want to try next and start a budget for your sexual pleasure items. Understand that everything in these pages might not be for you and the is okay we all are different and unique so embrace that fact. So if something doesn’t appeal to you don’t just pick it up cause it is in the book! Trust your feelings use the sexual force.  

Making your list out of the items in the pages and sharing it with your lover is a great way to help during gift giving times, such as the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, as well as weddings and bridal showers, and bachelor parties.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Dark Heart

A chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets, love gone wrong, and a cold case that refused to stay buried…
In late summer of 2012, millionaire landowner Göran Lundblad went missing from his farm in Sweden. When a search yielded nothing, and all physical evidence had seemingly disappeared, authorities had little to go on—except a disturbing phone call five weeks later from Göran’s daughter Maria. She was sure that her sister, Sara, was somehow involved. At the heart of the alleged crime: Sara’s greed, her father’s land holdings, and his bitter feud with Sara’s idler boyfriend. 
With no body, there was no crime—and the case went as cold and dark as the forests of southern Sweden. But not for Therese Tang. For two years, this case was her obsession.
A hard-working ex-model, mother of three, and Missing People investigator, Therese was willing to put her own safety at risk in order to uncover the truth. What she found was a nest of depraved secrets, lies, and betrayal. All she had to do now, in her relentless and dangerous pursuit of justice, was prove that it led to murder.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Open Her

Open Her teaches a man how to embody 7 Masculine Archetypes to engage his woman in a deeper, more passionate dance of love. Each archetype brings a power and a gift, a secret key to his woman’s love and desire.
Open Her will inspire a man to love his masculinity and to know the power it holds to open a woman to ever deepening states of pleasure and love.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Are you tired of your job? Looking for something more rewarding and profitable? Have you ever thought, or been told, "You should write a book, or start a business!"

Well, it's time to give it a shot.

Jesse has self-published two books, which are both #1 bestsellers on track to generate $30,000 per year in passive income. Beyond book sales, Jesse has leveraged his books to build a business that earned over six figures in its first year.

Other part-time authors are doing far better, earning six, or even seven figures per year. Many have leveraged their books to build multimillion-dollar business ventures. This wasn't possible ten years ago, but the publishing industry has changed. People are finding unparalleled freedom and wealth through writing, and you can too. Authorpreneur will show you how.

Inside Authorpreneur, you’ll learn:
Why writing a book is the new PhD
How a book can make you rich, credible, and immortal
The three critical traits to succeed as a writer
Why everyone is a salesman
The 50% Rule
The three approaches to finding a marketable topic to write about
How to find contractors for quality book production
How to choose a title that doesn’t suck
How to get reviews before launching
When to launch, and what to do AFTER it’s over so much more.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to write your book.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Stepping Lightly Through Times of Great Change

This is a very short, fun, interactive book. HEADPHONES are recommended. 

Music is in all the right places…to up-lift you.

Science is now revealing the underlying principles of the universe and of OUR EXISTENCE.
They are now in agreement. 

If you feel even a bit of the chaos happening around you, know that it’s because
we are being asked to EVOLVE, to shift, to embrace a far larger view of ourselves and our place in the universe. At our core, we are more powerful and peaceful than we know.
We must go inward and Onward. To a higher consciousness. A new earth. 

Who are you really?... Experience these pages…

Voodoo Love Doll

Voodoo Dolls are not really what you might think. This Sexy Challenge will help you transform your concept of Voodoo into a passionate and loving experience. Create and share a voodoo love doll with your sweetheart while discovering a unique and powerful connection between your souls. 

Monday, October 22, 2018


For seventeen-year-old Evan, graduation means the freedom to leave behind her small-town life and find where she belongs. She never expected it to be in a different world.

Across time and space, deep in a mysterious jungle, Evan discovers the hidden heritage of her mother's people and her own legacy. She becomes their elemental, a protector gifted with the power to control nature. The role has its challenges, but the biggest is the inexplicable connection with her scarred bodyguard, Ren. Frustrated and fascinated by him, Evan resists the magnetic pull after realizing there's 
more to it than simple attraction.

Claiming her birthright reignites the wrath of a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. To protect her new family, Evan will need to call on her formidable power. But embracing it could cause her to lose herself and the man who holds her heart.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Awakening

Exiled from Earth thousands of years ago, Sar is hiding and waiting in our Galaxy. 
Manipulating the dark side of humanity and controlling many government leaders, he has now found the way back in. 
But, what does he really want? 

"A complex tale of cosmic evil featuring a glamorous, well-developed ensemble." - Kirkus Reviews

Saturday, October 20, 2018


We see only what we focus on.
Although what we don´t focus on can change our lives.

Six people. Six stories. And all of them strongly connected. 

- An owner of a newspaper stall, who is drowning in troubles.
- A millionaire who has it all but the one thing he wants the most. 
- A careerist with a dilemma.

- A womanizer who only looks at the world through money and sex.
- An overweight publisher looking for a bestseller.
- A young widow trying to save her son´s life. 

Can these lives be connected as they are happening in different places all around the world?
What if they can't exist without each other?
Is everyone looking for their own "Goodpoint"?

You may have missed a bus, or somebody cancelled a scheduled meeting.
You may have just not greeted someone on the street, or intentionally not pick up the phone.
You may have pushed someone by accident, or your car broke at the most inconvenient time.

Do you think these things are insignificant in life and do not mean anything? What if it is just the opposite?
What if life consists of seemingly insignificant things? 

More about author:

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Silver and the Green

(The Chronicles of Tonath Book 2)

Three people struggle to find their Pathway in a wild province of their world.  One is a Seeker of knowledge and old legends. One seeks the family wealth, and one seeks a way to ease the sufferings she has seen. One will become the new Teacher for all of Tonath, one will start to rescue the older, destitute women on the planet, and one will give his life to save the others. In the course of their journey, there are fights, wars, raids, and a fight for survival in a wild land.  The legacy of Loren Donald, the True Man of long-a-go prophesy, lives on in the body of a child called Marika.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Trouble On The High Seas

The Mission Date Night Adventures series is a fun and exciting way for couples to spend quality time together. Unlike most normal date nights, Mission Date Night Adventures give you many different tasks to complete during your evening out. You get to combine your date night experience with playing the role of spy while taking on a mission.

Each Mission is constructed to throw you into the role of secret agents working together to foil the plot of an evil villain, and along the way you will create a date night that you will not forget.

The first adventure released, Trouble On The High Seas, will have you working against Dr. Stagnant and his nautical efforts to keep relationships boring and dull. With your help the Federation of Relationship Bliss (FRB) can show couples all over the world just how fun and exciting date nights can be. Setting sail in this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete the assignments from the FRB, and you will be rewarded with an exercise to build your relationship as well as an intimate exercise to connect the two of you like never before.

This mission, should you choose to accept it, will help keep your relationship from just floating along. It will put you in the driver's seat of a relationship speed boat hurling through the sea of date night excitement.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sensational Motivation

Now Sexy Challenges shows you how to use your sensuality to motivate yourself and your parter!

Motivation is described as the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. This e-book asks if you are allowing yourself to be motivated in your intimate life. Most people feel or think that sex will just take care of itself. But, how many things in your world just fix themselves? Not many. Sensual Motivation is designed to let you take control of what motivates you in your passionate relationship with your partner.  

This book gives you the self-adjusting tools to bring power not only to your love life but, to your world as a whole. Most motivational coaches will give you a step-by-step list to reach your outcome. Yet, aren’t they overlooking that you are not like everyone else? Do they really think that one size fits all when it comes to motivation? We, at Sexy Challenges, want to honor your individuality and allow you to personalize your experience.  

Within Sensual Motivation you will learn how to blend your energy and motivation with your partner. Then, you will find ways to use that energy in all aspects of your life. Instead of us pumping you up with popular music and a bunch of cheesy words, we help you find ways within to motivate yourself. This motivation will come out in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual confidence. Sensual Motivation will allow you to be a more sensual person and experience a fuller life and relationship.  

Sensually speaking the motivation is inside you, learning to pull it out will make you a better lover, a more caring lover and a lover that your partner adores.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Trust. Such a small word for such a big thing. Like love, or hope. Dan Sheldon and Silke Stellianova share a craving for filthy sex combined with pain. But Silke’s tastes may prove too extreme even for a seasoned masochist like Dan. And when her dangerous past catches up with her again, it threatens to tear them apart. Some hurts just can’t be undone.

Silke. Her name tasted like sex in my mouth. I pushed my arousal to the back of my mind, willing my cock to behave, as I watched her writhing under the weight of the blows. She only came to the club to play in the dungeon and she had reputation for relishing the most extreme torture that we allowed. Silke’s pale, skinny look, and her humorless intensity were not attributes I would normally go for, so why did I find myself groaning and thrusting into my hand when I finally got to bed, remembering the sight of her writhing under the lash? 

I knew who Dan Sheldon was. I was a bit embarrassed that he was the one to be attending to my aftercare. I liked to stay under the radar, for more reasons than one. But damn he was gorgeous, tall and slim with brown hair and eyes, and he looked really fit and strong. I shivered under his touch, and he apologized for hurting me. But I didn’t shiver from pain. I shivered because the touch of his hands on my skin aroused me. I wanted him. I always wanted release after a whipping.

Pinned is the second standalone novel in the Checkmate series by Ellen K. Bennett. It contains adult themes and content, including hot sex, flogging, bondage and all kinds of other delicious kink. No cliff hanger and a HFN.

WARNING: Pinned contains descriptions of non-consensual sex and abuse that some readers may find triggering. If you are sensitive to such descriptions then please be aware of its inclusion.

Pin(ned) - a tactical move designed to trap and hold an enemy pawn or piece on its square, unable to move because it is guarding a higher-value piece immediately behind it. Source: Glossary of Chess Terms

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Monday, October 15, 2018


In a world where everyone’s biometric profiles are on record, a young policewoman turns up the impossible: an unidentifiable corpse. Jen's hands are full: small kid in tow, obnoxious partner and stepson, incessant office politics, her Yellow ranking to maintain, and a demanding search-and-rescue job. So the last thing ylo-Jen needs is a mystery murder victim. Worse, the case is linked to a flourishing drugs ring. And both the Priesthood and her own hierarchy are holding things back. No wonder she's got issues...

This beautifully crafted novel in a dry and laconic style is a crossover between literary, sci-fi and thriller. The characters are realistic, flawed people struggling to cope with families, drugs, sexuality, religious beliefs, death and the Afterlife, and above all the rat-race... in a thoroughly unpleasant but all too believable far-future society (that yields some uncomfortable reflections on our own). Imagery and characters perhaps reminiscent of the Handmaid's Tale, Black Mirror and The Bridge: the dystopian, the discomforting and the dysfunctional.


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Right Now

A riveting page turner about a bored assistant's struggle to withdraw from her own self-importance as she finds herself observing unbelievable events.

Lilly Aldern finds herself without a job,so she is hired to work as a secretary for her brother and his partner. When investigating the workings of an aerospace company, Legacy Towers, they come across a strange man named Joe that should have his own knowledge of their workings; yet his memory of the past has somehow been almost completely taken away.

Strangely, this seems to have enabled a brief glimpse of the future for him.