Monday, August 30, 2021

Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses

Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses:

A Novel

 One of POPSUGAR's Best YA Books of April

Kids’ Indie Next List Pick for Spring 2021
A SIBA Read This Next Selection for Spring 2021

Teen Wolf meets Emergency Contact in this sharply observed, hilarious, and heartwarming debut young adult novel about friendship, chronic illness, and . . . werewolves.

Priya worked hard to pursue her premed dreams at Stanford, but a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease during her sophomore year sends her back to her loving family in New Jersey—and leaves her wondering if she’ll ever be able to return to the way things were.

Thankfully she has her online pen pal, Brigid, and the rest of the members of “oof ouch my bones,” a virtual support group that meets on Discord to crack jokes and vent about their own chronic illnesses.

When Brigid suddenly goes offline, Priya does something out of character: she steals the family car and drives to Pennsylvania to check on Brigid. Priya isn’t sure what to expect, but it isn’t the horrifying creature that's shut in the basement.

With Brigid nowhere to be found, Priya begins to puzzle together an impossible but obvious truth: the creature might be a werewolf—and the werewolf might be Brigid. 

As Brigid's unique condition worsens, their friendship will be deepened and challenged in unexpected ways, forcing them to reckon with their own ideas of what it means to be normal. As Pryia and Brigid learn to navigate the realities of their chronic illnesses they experience joy of friendship and some hilarious antics. Things heat up when Spencer, the handsome and kind animal control officer, joins in to help Brigid and Priya. 

The Smartest Person in the Room

The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity

Cyberattack—an ominous word that strikes fear in the hearts of nearly everyone, especially business owners, CEOs, and executives. With cyberattacks resulting in often devastating results, it’s no wonder executives hire the best and brightest of the IT world for protection. But are you doing enough? Do you understand your risks? What if the brightest aren’t always the best choice for your company?

In The Smartest Person in the Room, Christian Espinosa shows you how to leverage your company’s smartest minds to your benefit and theirs. Learn from Christian’s own journey from cybersecurity engineer to company CEO. He describes why a high IQ is a lost superpower when effective communication, true intelligence, and self-confidence are not embraced. With his seven-step methodology and stories from the field, Christian helps you develop your team’s technical minds so they become better humans and strong leaders who excel in every role. This book provides you with an enlightening perspective of how to turn your biggest unknown weakness into your strongest defense.


Sunday, August 29, 2021




A jack of all trades, 

but a master of thyself; Tap in

The way you think, move, and operate are characteristics showcased in society. Particular lingo, gestures, and habitual acts are studied before being identified; where you from? When saying you from or tapped into the Chi, that's powerful. Being tapped into the chi means you are intune with the life energy force, you are inherited in everything, Deep, right? I'm just breaking down some light codes that came to me. In any environment its negatives and positives. So I encourage you to tap into self, become that force, align your mind, body, and soul with the universe. Activate your Merkabah, Turn a negative into a positive, and be Chipolar.

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hands: The Story of Art in a Story About Art


"Hands" is a unique work of fiction loosely based on the classic, "Don Quixote." The reader is invited to follow the flawed logic of a goof, Benny Fisher. Like so many people right now, Benny finds himself out of a job. As he struggles to find his next step, he falls in love with Margo. In an attempt to mask his unemployment, he pretends to be a famous artist. As Benny learns art, in order to become the artist he claims to be, so does the audience. 

Comedy, especially while simaltaneously teaching an art lesson, is very difficult to capture in writing. Z.B. Sanders does an excellent job keeping the reader entertained through the rotating perspectives of a whimsical cast of colorful characters. It is no surprise she has rave reviews for this delightful book. "Hands" is the perfect gift for the young adult reader, artists, and creative individuals looking to explore the world of art in a comprehensive way. This book answers many questions about the meaning of art, life and love. Books like "Hands", have the potential to become modern classics, such as, "Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory." Just like the classics mentioned, it would be no surprise if this book turns into a film in the future. The mixture of quirky characters, humor, deeper wisdom woven into comedic events, and illustrations turn the book into a "work of art" in its own right. Be sure to order a copy!


Friday, August 27, 2021

Cybersecurity Basics

Are you confident in your safety in cyberspace? Take this chance to learn about cybersecurity, because the criminals hiding behind the screen are ready to strike—and you won’t see them coming! If you have felt exposed online, then this book is for you. In this book, I take you on a journey and show you how you are exposed in the cyberworld. Together, we will learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity and discover the tools that hackers use to invade your privacy, steal your information, and hold you at ransom. In this book, you will learn how hackers use malicious software to monitor your activity online and exploit vulnerabilities to gain unwanted access to your computers. This book is meant for the ordinary person who wants to know how they can protect themselves online. By using examples of:

People who have been victims of phishing attacks,
People who have been victims of ransomware attacks, and
People who have recovered from cyber attacks

you will learn about the measures you can take to protect yourself online. Specifically, we discuss how to be safe when browsing the internet, how to protect your data from unauthorized access and modification, as well as how to keep your networks secure. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, a working parent, a business person, or a senior citizen. Everyone is at risk, but anyone can be cyber secure. Finally, in this book you will learn how to be cyber-resilient and recover from cyberattacks. You have the power to protect yourself, so grab the chance now and begin your journey toward cybersecurity.


Thursday, August 26, 2021

There Really is a City in My House!


In her first instalment, Elsie Tendai Porter writes There Really is a City in My House! with charismatic imagination, connecting and enthusing all ages to come on an awe-inspiring journey, by sharing her love for adventure and respect for all creatures great and small.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How To Get The Most Out Of Marketing


How To Get The Most Out Of Marketing:

An Action Plan For Small Business Owners

Are you missing critical marketing steps that can help your business grow?

Marketing is simpler than you think. Take control of your marketing, increase sales, and keep your existing customers by implementing street-smart actionable steps. 

WARNING: But first a warning, this book is not for everyone. This isn't one of those readily available "secret tips and hacks that double or triple your sales" books.

Do you wish that someone (with real marketing and small business experience) would finally tell you how to get your money’s worth out of marketing? Author and seasoned professional Zev Asch was once where you are now. In his latest book, he walks you through critically overlooked marketing essentials, gives his street-smart advice and shares simple steps that business owners can take right away to get a return on their marketing investment, increase sales and boost customer retention.

Asch, a successful corporate marketing executive and entrepreneur, has spent the last forty years learning what failing, stuck, and break-even businesses have in common. From start-ups to home-based and established businesses, including nonprofit organizations, Asch's simple insights will impact not only marketing but sales and customer service.

How to Get the Most out of Marketing is a jargon-free, actionable road map.

In How To Get The Most Out Of Marketing you'll discover:
  • Why having a written marketing plan is critical for any business
  • How to control your marketing budget instead of having your marketing budget control you
  • The reasons why you must get tangible, measurable results in your marketing
  • Why a strategy for consistent, measurable growth should replace your typical, roller-coaster sales ride
  • How a "Walk In Stupid Every Morning" cultural shift will dramatically improve your ability to compete and grow
  • What are the Three Engines of Growth and why they determine the fate of your business
  • The most untapped sales potential in your business
  • Three words that will boost your customer service delivery to "exceptional"

This book may be the best investment you've made in yourself and your business, and it can make a profound impact on the future of your business.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Prince of Pot

Follow one man’s extraordinary journey as the Prince of Pot. Building an empire in two shades of green—weed and money—this intelligent kid who refused to touch drugs grew into a man looking to move up in life. What better way to move up than on a mountain of drugs and stacks of cash?

But when those closest to him wind up hurt by the same things he is dealing in, he wonders if he made the wrong choice.

On the run from the law, facing multiple tragedies, and struggling with family woes, he quickly finds himself in a tight spot. Will he turn his life around before it’s too late? Or can he beat the system and continue living a life on the wrong side of the law?

Monday, August 23, 2021



I had everything I ever wanted.

Everything but him.

I had everything I thought I ever wanted.

I had a successful husband who spoiled me with the finer things in life.

I had the best son anyone could ask for. 

I had a thriving business of my own, fancy cars, a nice home.

What I didn't have was him.

I thought I could pretend.

I thought if I made everyone around me believe I was happy, I actually would be.

I was wrong.

I've lived the last eighteen years of my life on a stage, making sure my mask never slipped and revealed the truth.

But then, everything came crashing down around me, my perfect world no longer perfect.

When my past walked through the door of my bakery, I knew everything was destined to change.

He's not like the rest of my audience.

He pushed me to feel, to explore, to drop the act I've kept up for far too long.

And when everything else is stripped away, only the truth remains.

Will we get our happy ending or is the truth too much to overcome?

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The Making of Sophie Schultz


SNP I, Book One

Taking advantage of a free medical Sophie Schultz had no idea that twelve months later she would be a key figure in a war like no other. Doctor Halse was from Mylin, a planet two hundred light years from Earth. He and many others like him had been scouring the Earth in search of one special individual, He had tested Sophie with intricate instruments that indicated, that below a fa├žade of insecurity, was a passive but powerful human being. Knowing that he had found what he was looking for, he set about bringing those qualities to the surface in order to save some of humanity from the carnage that lay ahead.  

A science fiction adventure brimming with action, humour and humanity.



Sunday, August 22, 2021

Julio the Alpaca's Slippery Situation!

Julio the Alpaca’s Slippery Situation! 

An exciting and unique picture book, Julio the Alpaca’s Slippery Situation! introduces us to Julio, a talented young soccer-playing alpaca based in the Andean mountains, where the reader is introduced to delicious indigenous Bolivian food while reiterating the critical importance of washing your hands in this day in age.


The Haunting of Northumberland Manor


He was born with a gift. But it felt like a curse to him. He's already witnessed the violent death of one of his siblings. And it's been haunting him for years.

He learned at a young age that his powers come with a deadly price. All he wanted is the right to live his life.

But he came from a family of psychics and didn't get to choose. He had to learn the trade. His father was very clear about it. Deep down, he knew it was not going to end well.

This book tells a story about psychics fulfilling their destinies for generations. And the one who's been dreaming to have a shot at the normal life. But he was raised to respect the wishes of his parents even if he disagreed.
When the new customer came asking for help with a cursed castle, he felt something was off. But couldn't put the finger on it. She told them the haunted house story he's heard so many times before. He knew the drill.

But this time, it was different. His little sister was coming along.

The new job turned into horror with a tragic accident. But he didn't see it coming. He prepared to deal with the evil ghosts, not the human madness.
Is there a way out?


Saturday, August 21, 2021

New Moon Astrology


New Moon Astrology :

Lunar Cycle Mastery, How to Say "I Told You So" & Spiritual Energy Meditations 

Are you fascinated by the moon & its potential power but don’t know how to harness its secrets?

Want to easily understand the different moon phases & the way each of them affects your life?

Do you finally want to stop wasting time & see what actually works for you?

If so, then it’s no coincidence that you stumbled upon these words.

You see, using the moon phases to your advantage doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you feel like you’ve tried every other book & video already.

In fact, it’s easier than you think.

The moment you fully comprehend the way the moon works with the rest of the cosmos, you will be able to unfold those mystical secrets of the universe & use them to your advantage for amazing results.

In a 1982 study, it was reported that more traffic accidents happened on a full moon than on any other night. If the moon is powerful enough to affect traffic, think about how it can affect your life.

Here is just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • Your morning coffee on steroids: How to literally drink lunar energy for breakfast

  • What spikes inside you during a full moon & why you need to know

  • The powerful breathing & mudra combo to supercharge your waxing moon manifestations

  • The secret chant aimed to conquer the moons unique energy & find a gateway to your very existence

  • The 1 min secret to finding out just how old you really are

  • The unheard-of item that you must place in your room for explosive manifesting

  • The right time to get into receiving mode & how to avoid fatal mistakes everyone else is making

  • The secrets to turbo-charging your intuition & getting to say “I told you so” to friends & family

  • The “pizza-cutter” trick for rapidly mastering the lunar phases

  • How to easily grasp the magnitude of Astrology with these chart reading secrets

  • Moon journal methods to track your goal-setting manifestations the right way

  • The correct way to project your desires and the exact words to say to materialize your true love

  • Spiritual purging secrets to make room for higher vibrations (including the items no one is using & the mantras no one told you to chant)

  • The chakra secret to showering yourself with the moons magnificent energy

  • The secret movements to channel divine feminine energy

  • A done-for-you 30 min daily lunar mastery ritual to skyrocket your existence

  • A *Bonus* Manifesting Toolkit Download Inside

And much, much more…

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you can effortlessly conjure the moon’s power to recreate your outer reality.

This shocking guide may work for you, even if you have failed time & time again to work with the phases of the moon.

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Blinded by Songs of Starlight


Blinded By Songs of Starlight

From aliens to ghosts,
and everything in between.

An autobiography by someone with many labels:
CSA survivor
Identical Twin
and injuries so strange they are hard to prove.

I invite you to join me from wherever you are,
thank you for everything you did today.
We wouldn't have all of our human treasures without your hard work, too.

Please accept this slice of my heart,
with sympathy sprinkled on it.

I'll see ya on the other side of space and time,
or wherever you find yourself landing,
I'm thankful the future will have you in it.


Gross Potions

Gross Potions

We meet eight-year-old Ethan Gross on the day those who wanted magic lost their patience and stole the scientist who refused to make more - his Grandma. Two years later, he discovers she left a trail, and the rescue begins. The mission teams Ethan with his brother Gavin and his famous rock star Grandpa. They’ll also need Lizzie, a shapeshifting 12-year-old with the power to become anything but a teenager. Ethan has one week to convince his family Grandma’s alive, find her formulas, travel three continents to collect the rarest ingredients without Mom finding out they’ve even left the country. The journey grows more dangerous, and they’ll either change the world or ruin their summer. 

Join the Gross Family on their scientific quest to find magic and rescue Grandma.