Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Cybersecurity as a Fishing Game


Cybersecurity as a Fishing Game: 

Developing Cybersecurity in the Form of Fishing Game and What Top Management Should Understand

Cybersecurity, despite the fact that information has always been a core value in achieving competitive advantages and value in developing communication technologies has become an ever evolving phenomenon in the cyber world. Often, cybersecurity has emerged as a whole panacea to the struggle for benefits in international affairs which led states to create a network of intelligence and resolve conflicts within interstate agreements. At the same time, the rapid development of information and communication technologies has led to a break in established international rules and boundaries for the dissemination of information giving birth to the dire need of Cybersecurity. Massive access to professional data and public information has transformed from regulatory to commercial, hence, cybersecurity. Reflecting the evolution of information and communication tools and technologies via synergizing theoretical and practical skills in our book 'Cybersecurity As a Fishing Game,' we aimed to convey, in a concise manner, the importance of cybersafety in due regards to cybersecurity and the value of correct use. We hope and are confident to attract a wide range of users of the collected knowledge and experience on the relevance of cybersecurity. Moreover, the audiobook version of this Cybersecurity edition expands the possibilities of professionals, whose eyes are constantly busy working with the monitor. We honestly guess that the destiny of this audiobook version on cybersecurity will be inspiring on further research and finding answers, not only for professionals, but to motivate hackers for a positive change! 


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