Sunday, December 6, 2020

Episodes in the Life of a NBA Mother


Episodes in the Life of a NBA Mother

A Non-fictional, Narrative, Inspirational Novel

As a mother, Freida Wesson Bosh, and her son, Chris Bosh drafted at the age of 19 as the fourth NBA pick going to Toronto Raptors. That was years ago. Her son was drafted to play and the years as a NBA Mother involved work. Releasing her 19 years old son into a league of seasoned professionals in every way of life like agents, marketers, dream sellers and all that. 

There are 30 NBA teams, 15 players per team, 82 games per season, with 41 home and 41 away. Plus, NBA All Star Games, Olympic World games and marketing appearances.

"My goal was my son's success and based on what I and others have experienced I get a grade of A+. Right off the cuff I had to gain NBA Mother off the court knowledge. Exposing my entire life slowly until one day it's out there, my family life as seen by the public on network TV, judged by people I have never met. Then it doesn't matter if what they hear of see is lies, anything goes!"

Read the truth!

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