Saturday, November 13, 2021

Ghosts of Perry House

Ghosts live here; . . . they walk the halls and haunt the rooms of the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, one of Arkansas' most famous vacation destinations. Nicole and her two friends arrive at the hotel on a stormy summer night and check into room 310. They soon learn the hotel, built on the ashes of the old Perry House, has long been the source of eerie tales and unusual paranormal activity.

A late-night guided tour of the historical hotel reveals guests repeatedly report sightings of the ghostly figure of a cowboy in a white canvas duster, with a six-shooter strapped to his hip prowling the halls of the third floor. Determined to discover an explanation for the unexplainable, an investigation into the dark history of the hotel spells trouble for the three amateur ghost hunters. The trio soon becomes entangled in a century-old mystery filled with ghosts, hauntings, and terrifying secrets.



  1. If you are looking to get entangled in history, the paranormal and lost in the pages of a story — this book is for you. There are so many dynamics to unwind throughout this book, and the spookiness of the ghost story is made even creepier knowing it is all based on an actual hotel! Thrilling.

  2. If this book isn't on your to read this list, add it now! Full of spooky twists and turns and the characters are relatable and fun. I found myself wanting to know more about them which kept me turning pages. You'll be wanting a sequel too after reading this book!