Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Talk Power


Talk Power: 

The Mind-Body Way to Speak Without Fear

Talkpower, A Mind Body Way To Speak Without Fear is very easy to read, and follow. In addition to the Talkpower training program this book is written in a conversational style with interesting stories and anecdotes, not at all like a text book. It is completely different from the standard public speaking books that are based upon lectures, theories, tips, hints and suggestions, proven to be ineffective because they are superficial and do not offer serious solutions that work.

With practical step by step instructions, Talkpower training involves a series of simple easy to do original physical exercises, drills and routines, based upon the most recent scientific findings that you can do at home. In this way, you will follow a systematic progression of training that leads to the complete elimination your fear and anxiety when having to speak in front an audience. This series of original physical exercises drills and routines will effect your brain, so that your fearful response is remodeled with new performance skills. As a result, when you speak in front of an audience, anxiety and loss of concentration will no longer plague you. This book is based upon my panic clinic for public speaking workshops, where students who previously could not speak in front an audience developed the ability to speak and think clearly, in all high intensity situations in front of an audience.

Included in this book, which is a virtual encyclopedia of public speaking, are original templates that will help you to organize your information into a tight engaging presentation that a listening audience will find interesting. This in contrast to the boring reports for a reading audience you previously learned to write in school. Also these templates will give you the tools to eliminate your thought blocking, making speech writing easier and less time consuming. This book exactly follows the step by step Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking Workshop program. The book even has a modified section for eliminating Stuttering, and special templates that can be filled in for toasts, eulogies, meetings, christenings, birthdays, and many other public speaking situations.


I am Natalie H. Rogers MSW,CSW, Actress, Psychotherapist ,author and Founder of "Talkpower A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking. Workshop's" internationally recognized as an expert in the area of public speaking phobia. I have devoted thirty five years of my professional life developing “Talkpower.”


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