Monday, November 1, 2021

I Love to Dillydally


I Love to Dillydally: 

Reflections of the Fine Art of Killing Time

Procrastinators, Social Media and Couch Zombies Arise from your trance!! Help is on the way.

Do you find yourself killing time by doing absolutely nothing? Have you often persuaded yourself to put something off in favor of doing something less productive? Would you like to make better use of your time? Many of us while away the day and can’t even remember what we did. It’s easy to get distracted these days; social media, hundreds of TV channels, blogs, YouTube, the internet, mobile phones, the list of potential diversions is endless. So the question is, what would you be doing if you weren’t wasting your time?

In this book, I Love to DillydallyReflections on the Fine Art of Killing Time, we will examine these questions and provide some answers to how you can become more productive, with chapters that cover things like:

  • Rediscovering your motivation
  • Finding something you are passionate about
  • Making the time you have precious
  • The ways we waste time
  • The reasons why you shouldn’t schedule every minute of your day
  • How to avoid common distractions
  • Making the most of your commute
  • And more…
This book is not designed to be a know-it-all, this-is-how-to succeed, preachy sort of book. It recognizes that we all suffer from low to no motivation, leading to procrastination and seeks to help you understand where all that time goes and how to squeeze all the value out of it before lettting it escape. With your copy of I Love to Dillydally you could find new ways to improve your productivity and maybe spend less time watching TV or arguing with people you never met online.

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