Saturday, November 20, 2021

Longing for the Snow - Poetry

Longing for the Snow - POETRY 

Longing for the Snow, a therapeutic journey on the East Coast is a collection of 30 poems, celebrating the fall season on America's East Coast while at the same time some of the poems deal with Meniere's disease the author is suffering from. 

These nostalgic poems about the changing seasons, set in and around the iconic Brown University, paint a charming picture of a scholar's daily life. Whether you want to get lost in densely packed images of the campus, or to reminisce about a love for winter, you're bound to find something worth your while. The gentle touch of one man's attachments, regrets, and love of learning permeates these pages. This collection will appeal both to Ivy League graduates and to those who have only ever wondered at what life might be like beyond those great iron gates.

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