Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Relic of Waeter


What happens when your fate and destiny are already chosen for you?  

At the age of ten, Aqua is awakened by the sounds of gunshots ringing through the house. Only to realize, that her mother has been shot down in cold blood.  

Abducted by the killers. Aqua finds herself being sold into the dark, dangerous world of drug runners and money launderers.  

She is plagued by a series of bizarre dreams that surround the creation of a cylindrical rod, with a priceless sapphire resting on the top.  

Aqua must now, somehow, escape from her captors, survive the dark streets of Los Angeles, figure out the meaning behind her dreams, and the strange powers that are awakening within her. All the while, battling an evil force that had been set in motion to stop her from finding the truth. The truth about who and what she is.


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